Neerja 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bappan says he will pay Neerja’s debt

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Neerja waiting for Pratima and says I should find a way to get out of this situation. Neerja sees Sonagachi is raided by police.
Meanwhile, Pratima and Shyamli trying to gather money and Partima breaks down in tears as she worries about Neerja’s fate, fearing she might be sold out.

Neerja decides to seek help from the police, but before she can make any complaint, Didun shows up, revealing her good relationship with the police. Didun takes the opportunity to complain about Pratima borrowing money and not returning it, prompting the police to ask Didun to file a formal complaint. Didun says to polic enot yet, I will try to get money silently if that doesn’t work we will reach out to you.

Bijay appears very tense about the family business and is unsure about what to do. Pishima suggests consulting with a psychologist, but Munmun interrupts their conversation, leading to a scolding from Pishima. Munmun says to Pishima I was just saying, Abir needs God’s blessings more than a doctor. Pishima says toher, in that case you will fast for 3 days for Abir’s health. Munmun is then asked to serve the food and changes the topic to avoid further trouble. The situation becomes more complicated as Bappa, Munmun’s son, informs everyone that Abir has climbed onto the roof and is in a troubling condition. Abir on parapet playing mouth organ. Abir expresses his desire to be with his beloved, Trisha, and his parents beg him to come inside. Pishima promises to bring Trisha to Abir, and he keeps uttering Trisha’s name repeatedly.

Back in the brothel, Didun threatens Neerja and brings up her mother’s name to intimidate her. Fearing the consequences, Neerja decides not to complain against Didun and returns to the brothel. Pratima, on the other hand, cries beneath Didun’s feet, reminded of the debt they must pay off. Didun demands that Pratima pays the debt promptly. Didun says she won’t melt at Pratima’s tears and also how dare her daughter talk to police. Pratima says to Didun, she is a kid please forgive her. Didun says to Pratima you have 15lakhs loan but I am a kind hearted and so I will forgive you. Didun threatens Pratima and Neerja and says you have to pay my money by tomorrow or else she will be sold. Bappan walks in and says I will pay Neerja’s debt.

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Sarthak, Abir’s brother, advises him to prepare a song for Trisha to speed up the process of bringing her back. Abir gets down and says I made a beautiful song for Trisha. Sarthak says I will surely listen to it, lets have your favorite coffee with it.

Pishima says to Bijay that he should look after himself too in all this problems. Bijay thanks Pishima for always taking care of everyone in this house. Bijay tells Pishima he is worried for Abir and now he is tried looking after everything alone, he has three sons but no one is there to help him, Kaushik almost finished the business, Abir is facing mental issues and Sarthak I am not able to give him what he deserves. Kaushik walks in and says Sarthak doesn’t deserve anything. Kaushik says to Bijay, everyone except me is close to you right.

Neerja thanks Bappan for standing for her. Neerja asks him what can she do in return. Bappan says just say I love you to me, Neerja gets confused. Bappan says to Neerja, I loved you since our childhoof and still do. Shyamli and Pratima shocked seeing Bappan’s behaviour. Shymali slaps Bappan. Bappan says Neerja is anyone going to be sold so how does it matter if its me or someone else. Bappan asks Neerja that doesn’t she think he deserves her. Pratima asks Bappan to leave. Bappan says now you will see how I foght to get Neerja and leaves.

Pre cap: Abir sees Neerja in office and says never leave me and puts dupatta on her head and says our hearts are together no one will separate us.
Bappan tells Bijay that Neerja, lives in Sonagachi.