Neerja 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja receives the best prize for her dedication

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Neerja panics when she can’t find her mother and sees the dark room, causing her to cry a lot. Pratima apologizes to her daughter as Neerja is being punished.

Neerja peaks under the door and sees Pratima’s face. Pratima breaks down in tears upon seeing Neerja’s distressed condition. Pratima asks Neerja to follow Didun’s advice and makes her to promise that she will continue her studies, even though she can’t go to school. Neerja promises to Pratima that she will study hard. Pratima says to Neerja, to work hard and show the world her abilities.

Pratima motivates Neerja in every way she can. She knows her daughter well. After twelve years in the dark brothel, Neerja follows her promise to Pratima, Neerja turns twenty. Neerja asks for the blessings of the sun, as today is her special day.
Neerja can’t wait any longer to meet her mother. In a temple, Bijay Bagchi, a politician who supports impoverished students, inaugurates a prize distribution program. Neerja receives the best prize for her dedication to education without formal schooling.

Neerja gives a heartfelt speech about her mother, Pratima, and promises to fulfill her dreams. She describes her fight against the world and her desire to reach for the moon. Bijay blesses Neerja for her ambitions. Neerja touches Pratima’s feet and dedicates her prize to her. Bappan arrives at the temple and celebrates Neerja’s achievement.

Didun has been waiting for Neerja for twenty years. She wants to employ Neerja as a call girl in a hotel. Pratima gives Neerja a train ticket to Delhi and urges her to leave town as soon as possible. Neerja doesn’t want to go without her mother, but Pratima insists that she escape before Didun finds out.

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Neerja is reluctant to go to Delhi, especially without her mother. Pratima motivates her to leave town quickly, warning about the danger Didun poses to both of them. Babban arrives and tries to stop Neerja from going anywhere. He can’t accept the idea.

Babban and Kalu try to prevent Neerja from leaving. Chakri bids her farewell. Evil forces are chasing Neerja and Pratima as they leave town. Meanwhile, Vijay’s wife and son get stuck in traffic. Vijay’s son notices Neerja and tries to hide her from the evildoers.

Pratima tells Neerja to board a boat and reach Howrah Station. She motivates Neerja and assures her that she will find her future husband soon. Avir also arrives and feels the presence of his future beloved.

Boarding on a boat, Neerja bids adieu to her mother Pratima. She leaves the city Kolkata and reaches to Delhi. Here, returning in the brothel, Pratima is shocked to see the wrath of Didun as she didn’t get Neerja on her own way. Pratima doubts whether Neerja is caught red handed by Didun.