Neerja 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update : Moushmi cut all ties with Abeer


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Moushmi slaps Abeer and says to Neerja stop this drama, we are facing this disgrace just because of you. Kaushik starts his drama and says I tried hard to save our reputation but I can’t anymore. Moushmi’s friends walk in and start insulting her for lying to them and allowing a Sonagachi’s girl to be her bride. Moushmi gets a bowl of water and says you have ruined my and this family’s reputation and we see you don’t care about us and so why should we care about you and today you did the final rites of your mother in law so do your mothers too today and end our relationship. Abeer asks Moushmi why she is behaving this way. Moushmi says to Abeer, here kill us, your mother, father, your elder brother and burn the whole house and live happily with this dirt. Moushmi loses her calm and faints due to shock.

The doctor checks Moushmi and says she fainted from stress. The doctor advises the family to keep her away from stress. Moushmi wakes up, and Abeer asks how she is. Moushmi believes Abeer doesn’t need her anymore because he has Neerja. Abeer denies it, but Bijoy gets a call and steps away to talk. Ignoring Abeer, Moushmi asks to be taken to her room.

Trisha tries to take Moushmi upstairs, but Abeer stops her, holding her saree pallu, and pleads with Moushmi to talk to him, setting aside her anger. Moushmi asks Abeer to stop calling her mom until he accepts Neerja as his wife. Kaushik stops Abeer from talking to Moushmi, remembering the doctor’s advice. Moushmi cuts ties with Abeer, giving Kaushik the rights for her last rites after her death, leaving Abeer shocked.

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Kaushik pretends to be upset, urging Moushmi not to talk about death, especially with her birthday approaching. He claims to care for her when Abeer doesn’t. Abeer tries to speak with Moushmi, but Kaushik stops him and leads Moushmi upstairs. Meanwhile, Didun asks the girls who want to marry like Neerja to step forward. Some girls smile and step up.

Didun frightens one girl to intimidate the others dreaming of marriage. The girl cries, and Didun makes the others dance. Chakri apologizes to Didun on behalf of the crying girl and promises they won’t try to escape marriage. Didun threatens anyone thinking of leaving, declaring they’ll stay and perish there. She vows to bring Neerja back.

Kaushik and Munmun use the money given by Bijoy to stop the media from broadcasting Abeer and Neerja’s wedding. Kaushik plans to use a small portion for this and keep the rest for themselves. He aims to take all the rights from Abeer, making Munmun happy about becoming the head of the house. Neerja finds Abeer feeling sad, remembering Moushmi. Abeer confesses his fear of losing Moushmi and regrets breaking her trust. Neerja understands his feelings and admires his love for his mother. She reassures Abeer that things will get better soon.

Pre cap: Trisha tries to attack Neerja. Neerja rushes to Abeer. Abeer gets angry at Trisha and asks her to leave the room. Trisha says to Abeer, you can be mine or else no ones and stabs Abeer.