Neerja 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja dances for an event

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As Pratima walks along the road, memories of hurtful comments made about Neeria fill her mind, evoking strong emotions within her. Overwhelmed, she breaks down. Inside the brothel, Neeria worries for Pratima and places a wet cloth on her forehead as she has a fever. Neeria prays to God, pleading, “Please, God, I won’t complain about her. Just make her okay. I won’t let her feel sad. I will do everything she likes. Just make her better.” Neeria’s tears flow uncontrollably as she throws her hair clips and accessories, vowing to remain as Pratima likes her, without getting ready.

Neerja notices Pratima waking up, and she immediately goes to her, embracing her and saying, “I will never get ready. Please get well.” Pratima feels happiness wash over her as she sees Neerja by her side. Neerja helps her back to sleep and sings a lullaby.

A servant arrives and announces a grand event at the palace where they can earn a lot of money. Didun initially refuses, but when they insist, she starts contemplating the profit. Eventually, Didun agrees and they request the presence of five young and talented dancers. Didun ponders who to send, considering those who know how to dance. Didun mentions Chamili, Meenu, and Chika, but they still need to find the fourth dancer. Shyamili suggests they arrange for someone, and that’s when Neeria approaches her, explaining that Pratima is unwell and cannot work that day. Didun reassures her, saying, “Do I look evil? Obviously, Pratima won’t go. Don’t worry.”

As the topic of Pratima’s school admission denial due to her unknown father arises, Neeria becomes curious and asks about other family members. Didun mentions various relatives like chacha, chachi, and dadi. Neerja expresses her excitement, exclaiming, “Wow!” Didun sympathizes with Neerja and arranges a secret outing to a family gathering, urging her not to tell Pratima to avoid hurting her feelings. Neerja agrees, and Shyamili takes the children to prepare them and do their makeup. Didun instructs everyone in the brothel not to disclose Neerja’s whereabouts to Pratima, threatening them to keep it a secret.

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Neeria and the children embark on their adventure, enjoying the sights and discussing the beauty of the city and its monuments. Neeria remarks, “The weather makes the city even more beautiful,” and they all burst into laughter. Shyamili advises them to be well-behaved and not talk too much as they approach a grand mansion. Inside, they are warmly welcomed, and preparations for a religious ceremony, including a puja, are underway. When the children arrive, Pisi Maa comments sarcastically on their attire, reminding them that it’s a puja event, not a birthday party. Pisi Maa takes them to change into sarees. Neerja is captivated by the presence of so many people in a large family. She wonders, “Are families always this big? Why don’t I have one?” She observes the love and care shared among them, feeling a pang of longing for such a family of her own.

Neerja comments on Pisi Maa’s loving nature, but a servant reveals that her affection is reserved solely for her own children, while others perceive her as strict. Neerja is puzzled. Pisi Maa urges them to get ready quickly and prepare for the dance, which worries Neerja as she recalls Pratima’s disapproval of her dancing.

Meanwhile, Pratima wakes up and anxiously searches for Neerja, but she is nowhere to be found. Didun, engrossed in dancing, ignores Pratima’s pleas for the truth. Pratima bursts into tears, demanding an explanation. Didun halts her dance and cruelly reveals that today Neerja’s reputation will be destroyed. Pratima expresses her disbelief, questioning Didun’s broken promise not to send Neerja anywhere until she turns 20. Didun laughs wickedly and taunts her. Neeria, feeling helpless, insists she can’t dance. Shyamili, aware of the situation, refrains from scolding her in front of everyone, allowing Neeria to take advantage. The urgency to start the dance grows, and the others urge them to bring the girls quickly.

Meanwhile, Neerja explores the mansion, awestruck by the grand rooms and lavish gifts. Pratima’s worries for Neerja intensify.

Precap: Neerja is coerced into dancing while Pratima anxiously wonders where she can find Neerja.