Neerja 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update : Neerja decides to quit school.

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Neerja comes to school and school authorities tell her that, a meeting is arranged at the school, where all the fathers attend. A guardian requests Neerja to bring her father, but she explains that she doesn’t have a father and lives in Sonagachi. Despite the principal’s instruction for Neerja to go inside, she is questioned about her background.

Offended, the guardian finds it hard to believe that a pr*stitute’s daughter can study alongside their children. Another guardian protests and drives Neerja away from the school. She no longer wants to attend school.

The principal asks them to be quiet, but they disregard Neerja and the principal’s words. They force her to leave the school permanently. Neerja, with tears in her eyes, runs back home and questions her mother about her father. She emphatically asks her mother where her father is and why Sonagachi is not considered a normal place. She also questions why they defamed her mother, Pratima, as a bad person. Neerja doesn’t want to go to school, but Pratima shows her the Durga Pratima, a symbol of strength and protection.

Pratima explains that there is no difference between a single parent and a father. Pratima is advised not to send Neerja to that school anymore, considering the insult they faced. Pratima promises to find a new school for Neerja, but Neerja refuses to let her mother send her to school. Later, Neerja mentions that Chakri is learning dance from Didun. Didun passionately teaches Chakri, and seeing her dance, Neerja starts following the steps. Didun encourages her to dance, and Neerja dances passionately as well.

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Didun dreams that one day Neerja will bring a bright future to the brothel. Meanwhile, Pratima contemplates how she can send Neerja to school and tries to find some solutions. She buys books that will motivate Neerja for her education. Upon returning from the market, she notices Neerja dancing in front of the other pr*stitutes. Overwhelmed by emotions, Pratima rushes to scold her daughter, questioning why she was dancing. While awaiting an answer, Pratima trembles with anger. However, Didun protests and asks Pratima to take care of her child, assuring her that she will wait for the day when Neerja will pursue a different path.

Feeling down, Pratima is unsure about what to do with her daughter and how to protect her from the judgmental eyes of society. She considers spoiling Neerja’s appearance by using ashes, but Shyamli intervenes, urging her to control herself. Shyamli advises against fighting with Didun, as it would be futile. She also instills hope that Goddess Durga will always protect her daughter. In the night, Pratima attempts to communicate with Neerja, but Neerja remains silent out of anger. Pratima goes about her duties, but Didun warns her that someday Neerja will have to join their business.

Precap: A stranger visits the brothel and offers money in exchange for a child. Didun asks Neerja if she is willing to go, and Neerja nods in agreement. Didun decides to send Neerja with the stranger. Later, Pratima searches for Neerja everywhere but can’t find her. She confronts Didun about Neerja’s whereabouts, and Didun reveals that she has sold Neerja.