Neerja 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja leaves Bagchi house.


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Kaushik asks Neerja how does she know Bappan, I mean how do you know his name is Bappan. Neerja says Bappan is a goon and stays near my orphanage and he told me he was paid a lot for this. Kaushik says to Bijoy, she knows Bappan and so she knows all the details, how much money do you need? Bijoy asks Neerja why didn’t she complain in the police station and why wasn;t he scared of her. Neerja says we were childhood friends but departed after he choose the wrong means. Neerja tells how Bappan was behind her and Abir and says how Bappan knew all details. Bijoy asks why didn’t you tell me this right away, you were sent to take care of Abir, my son could be killed. Neerja tries to explain. Kaushik diverts the topic and blames Neerja that Bappan is her past love and so he was behind her. Kaushik puts all blame on Neerja. Munmun says you are a risk to our family get out right away. Abir walks to them and asks why should she leave.

Abir says if Neerja was behind all this, why would she tell us about all this, she took courage to tell us the truth and I think we should thank Neerja. Abir asks Bijoy to call police and investigate the matter. Neerja leaving the room hears Abir talk to Munmun. Abir says to Munmun, that Neerja is a very honest girl and asks her to stop ill-treating Neerja.

Protima threatens the agent and asks him to give her passport, she says she isn’t scared of police. Agent remembers Didun threatening him and says go to police, Didun will kill me if I help you. Protima says don’t be scared of Didun, help my daughter. Agent pushes Protima and she sees Kallu standing infront of her. Kallu calls Didun and he tells her Agent denied passport. Didun asks Protima to come to Sonagachi. Protima scared for Neerja.

Kaushik says to Munmun he will break his phone and asks to use some senses because of her stupidness, Neerja is now telling the truth and we will land in jail. Munmun says I will handle Neerja but will you handle Abir?
Abir walks in and asks Kaushik, did he hear the right thing, the file says Ganguly has sent us material on his approval but the deal is of low quality. Kaushik says its my deal and I will handle it. Abir says teh company is Baba’s and this deal will hamper his reputation and leaves.

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Kaushik says I won’t let my rights go in Abir’s hand, I have a plan you just follow.

Kallu throws Protima in front of Didun. Didun mocks her and asks where are you sending your daughter on vacation. Didun says don’t worry I am making passport for Neerja look at this photo, she is so pretty and this beauty should be shown off and so Neerja will not be traded only in India but all across the world. Didun asks Protima the truth everyone is hiding. Protima says nothing has changed you know everything. Didun says if I find any hidden truth I will forget all kindness. Didun asks Shabbo to get Protima in a room.

Shabbo pushes Protima into a dark empty room. Didun says to Protima she will stay here until she spits the truth. Protima begs for forgiveness. Didun says the door will open only when I find the truth. Protima gets worried for Neerja and prays to God to show her a path to save her daughter.

Neerja lights diya in her room and prays. Munmun and Moushmi walk in, Munmun insults Neerja’s character, asking her to list her past lovers on a piece of paper. They want this list to protect Abir from potential threats. Neerja defends herself, saying Bappan was just a childhood friend and refuses to be questioned by Munmun.
Munmun continues to humiliate Neerja, asking why she’s still in the house.Neerja says to Moushmi does she thinks same. Moushmi says to Neerja, all she knows is her friend was threat for her son and leaves. Munmun asks Neerja to leave if she has even a little self respect left.

Neerja writes a letter to Abir, apologies for the trouble that is caused by her and thanks Abir for his help.
Munmun walks to Kaushik and shows him Neerja leaving the house. Kaushik happy to see Neerja leave. Munmun says I know how to deal with low class people.

Pre cap: Doctor tells Neerja, Protima isnt here.
Bappan chases Neerja. Bappan says no one will save you today.