Neerja 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Pratima gives birth to baby girl

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Didun, who is warmly received by the other pr*stitutes, requests Shyamli to fetch Pratima. Shyamli goes to check on Pratima’s health.

A man visits the house to collect some soil but is insulted by Didun, who instructs him to wait.

The Rathyatra puja commences, and everyone worships Shri Jagannath with devotion. Pratima is pregnant, and Shyamli comes to check on her well-being. Didun proudly mentions the significance of the ritual, stating that Durga Puja cannot begin without the soil from the area where the pr*stitutes reside. Didun blesses Pratima, hoping she will give birth to a precious child. Overwhelmed with thoughts about the baby’s future, Didun becomes fearful and lets out a loud cry.

Didun plays the Sankha (conch shell) to celebrate the arrival of a baby girl. Alongside the other pr*stitutes, she begins dancing. Meanwhile, Pratima struggles with labor pains. Others consider taking her to the hospital, but Didun strictly prohibits them from doing so. Instead, she brings a doctor who is instructed to provide the best possible care to Pratima. When the doctor prepares for surgery, the female doctor is asked to terminate the baby if it’s a girl. However, the doctor offers a glimmer of hope, assuring them that Pratima will find a way to protect the child, and God will provide assistance.

After giving birth to a baby girl, Pratima cradles the child in her arms and promises to find a way to conceal her gender. Misinformed that Pratima has given birth to a boy, Didun becomes upset and visits Pratima to confirm the baby’s gender. She requests Pratima to hand over the child. Filled with fear, Pratima trembles at the thought of giving her newborn to Didun. As soon as Didun attempts to hold the baby, the baby cries. Pratima makes a personal vow to do everything in her power to hide the baby’s biological s*x.

Pratima contacts a man named Ranjit and asks him to take the baby to an orphanage, where the child can lead a normal life. Although Ranjit is fearful of taking the child discreetly, Pratima pleads with him for the sake of her child’s life. Falling to her knees, she implores him to help her.

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Finally, Ranjit agrees, instructing Pratima to place the baby in a bag. Tearfully, Pratima holds the baby one last time. When Ranjit takes the bag, he is caught in the act and commanded to hand it over. However, Didun seizes the opportunity to keep the baby for herself. She realizes that Pratima has betrayed her and understands that Pratima has given birth to a baby girl. She urges the other pr*stitutes to celebrate this joyful news.

Pratima pleads with Didun to spare the child, but Didun firmly states that the rules cannot be changed by anyone. Pratima has no rights to the child since she has sold the baby.

Once again, Didun walks away with the child. Pratima struggles desperately to hold onto her child, but she is forcibly thrown outside and mourns her loss. She goes to the temple and questions the almighty as to why she was given a girl child. Suddenly, Didun arrives and observes the scene, showcasing her own power and wicked nature.

With folded hands, Pratima pleads for the life of her baby. Didun grants her permission to keep the baby but demands that Pratima pay 5 lakhs rupees every year. Pratima is left speechless upon hearing this condition. Pratima asserts that she also has a condition: for the next 20 years, the baby will not learn the truth about her mother or this place.

Didun asks Pratima how she intends to present herself. Pratima seeks the assistance of Didun and the other pr*stitutes in raising the child, as she wishes to be able to see her. However, Didun makes it clear that after twenty years, the baby will follow her rules. After the others depart, Pratima prays to the almighty, seeking help in raising her child. The goddess blesses the child and mother with a flower. Pratima names her Neerja, signifying that she will be sweeter and softer than the flower itself.

Precap: Didun dresses up Neerja and asks her to dance in front of everyone. Neerja happily dances, but Pratima arrives with anger, demanding that Didun stop the charade. Didun admires Neerja’s beauty, while Pratima protests. In an act of defiance, Pratima cuts Neerja’s hair to make her look unattractive.