Neerja 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update : Pratima gives Neerja hope


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Moushmi sees Neerja and Abir’s framed photo and asks Laltu to get a garbage bag and throws in it, she scolds Laltu for not being careful. Laltu goes outside to throw the photo. Neerja thinks, she can’t go to Sonagachi neither she can stay here. Neerja sees Laltu throw the photo in the garbage, she rushes and gets the photo out of the frame and remembers how Abir had surprised her and says this photo means nothing to everyone but for me, its a beautiful memory and I will keep it safe.

Pratima tells Shyamli she has to go see Neerja. Shyamli asks how will you go. Pratima hears Didun talk to Rani from the salon for her beauty treatment. Shabbo asks everyone not to trouble Didun for 2 hours. Pratima says to Shyamli this is the right time to go meet Neerja, she sounded very scared and in pain. Shyamli says what if Didun finds it. Pratima says don’t worry she won’t and even Kallu isnt home so this is the right time. Shyamli says okay.

Neerja looks at the picture in her room, she hears Abir’s voice and hides it under the blanket. Abir asks Neerja how is she and did she take medicines. Neerja says I will in sometime. Abir says you should tale care of yourself and walks to the table to give her medicine. Neerja stops him in fear that he shouldn’t look at the picture and says Abir I had my medicines. Abir says good, I will see you in the evening and leaves.

Kallu sees Pratima leaving and follows her. Kallu calls Didun and says you were right Pratima has left. Didun says I kenw it this is why I did this salon drama. Shabbo asks what is your plan. Didun says Bijoy is avoiding my calls and Pratima is getting Neerja’s passport and these two are related and I will find out.

Neerja says Abir has forgotten me still has made sure I have everything around, no one can ever be as kind as Abir is. Moushmi walks to Neerja and asks is she doing fine? Neerja says yes and says don’t worry, I will get better soon and I will leave. Moushmi says I am not asking because I want you to leave. Moushmi says I am helpless in sending you away, because of you my son has cured and I am very grateful but I am daughter-in-law and have some responsibilities against this family and I want to bless you the best in your life, have a family and settle down. Moushmi says go out and get some fresh air, you will feel better.

Pratima sees Bijoy leave the house. Kallu informs Didun that Bijoy has left for office and Pratima is entering the house. Didun says keep an eye on her.
Security asks Pratima to leave, Pratima says she wants to meet Moushmi. He asks her to wait and goes to talk to Moushmi. Moushmi on call with Pishi Maa asking her how is her stay in Banaras.
Pratima waiting outside thinks Moushmi doesn’t want to meet her but she has to for Neerja and goes inside. Neerja pulls Pratima aside. Pratima asks Neerja is she fine. Neerja hugs Pratima. Pratima says to her, you couldn’t live without me even for a minute, and look now you are dealing with all struggles alone.
Didun asks CHotu to take her to Bijoy’s office.
Pratima asks Neerja, what is happening in the house. Neerja tells Pratima that she will stay here for 7 days because Abir wants me to get well before I leave and he doesn’t remember me but still is so kind to me. Pratima says I knew Abir is very kind but you don’t be scared we have 7 days, I am getting your passport and will send you away. Neerja says only passport is not enough, its very difficult to survive in unknown country. Pratima says don’t loose hope we have to fight. And you are my strong daughter, I have to keep you away from Didun and Sonagachi, I will manage money.
Moushmi asks security why he is here. Security tells her someone is here to see you.

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Neerja tells Pratima that Bijoy tried to pay her a lot but she didn’t feel it right to take money and if she had accepted there won’t be any difference between her and Didun. Pratima proud of Neerja and says look you can earn money by any means good or bad but reputation is all you have and you can loose in seconds and will never return.

Moushmi sees Neerja is with someone and goes to check. Moushmi says Neerja standing alone and in tears. Moushmi asks you are alone here, I thought someone is with you. Neerja says she is alone. Moushmi leaves and asks her to come inside.
Neerja asks Pratima to leave and says all have changed here after knowing I am from Sonagachi and says Moushmi even doesn’t want to touch me and I don’t want anyone to insult you, so please leave. Pratima says just promise me you won’t return to Sonagachi, we will pray and God will help us.
Pratima leaves, Neerja thinks about how Pratima has always been the source of her hope.

Pre cap: Bijoy asks Neerja, why didn’t she tell him someone tried to drown Abir. Neerja says she knows the culprit and says his name is Bappan and the strange thing is he knew everything about us, every detail about us. Abir says in that case we need to lodge a complaint and get this invested. Kaushik panics.