Neerja 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update : Trisha’s next move.


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Abeer says to Neerja that it may be dark now but soon we will have light in our life. Abeer kisses Neerja Good Night and leaves the room.

Abeer heard Trisha crying and knocks the door. Trisha asks him does he have some work. Abeer tells her he is here to ask her how she is doing. Trisha calls Abeer inside and says I said I will accept you relationship but it’s difficult, it will take time but I will fine. Abeer says to her, I am here for you. Trisha says to him, thankyou for taking out time for your friend and promise me you will always stay my best friend and Trisha rests her head on Abeer’s shoulder and thinks Neerja this is my game and you may have married him but he will be near me.

Neerja gets ready and about to apply sindoor and Abeer walks in and says allow me. Abeer pulls Neerja close.  Neerja requests Abeer to apply sindoor on her forehead, to which he gladly agrees. Embracing her from behind, Abeer admires Neerja’s beauty. She informs Abeer about the ritual for her first cooking and asks him to accompany her to scatter Protima’s ashes. Abeer assures her he would have taken her without asking, then goes to freshen up.

At Sonagachi, Chakri worries about Shyamli’s disappearance and confronts Shabbo Rani, who scolds her. Didun arrives with Shyamli, claiming she could have faced the same fate as Protima. Chakri, in tears, questions Shyamli, but Didun deceitfully explains that Shyamli lost her voice due to an accident, stunning Chakri.

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Didun ponders over Shyamli’s condition, contemplating whether to keep her as a servant since she cannot communicate or hold her as a queen. Her man suggests leaving Shyamli with Chakri, thinking Shyamli could convey the truth through writing. Didun signals that Shyamli cannot write.

Abeer and Neerja join the breakfast table and find Trisha preparing kheer for the first rasoi ritual. Abeer queries Trisha’s involvement in the ritual when they aren’t married. Trisha mentions Abeer’s visit to her room last night. Abeer clarifies that he was consoling a distressed Trisha and asserts Neerja’s right as his wife to perform the first rasoi. However, Moushmi opposes this. Neerja stops Abeer from arguing and respects Moushmi’s decision.

Abeer continues the ritual by pouring milk into a glass, asking Neerja to feed it to him. Neerja complies. Later, Abeer encourages Neerja to drink the remaining milk. Kaushik and Munmun mock Abeer’s actions, while Munmun wishes Bijoy would expel Abeer and Neerja from the house. Abeer assures Neerja of his unwavering support and promises to stay by her side as they head to scatter Protima’s ashes.

Pre cap: Moushmi introduces Trisha as her daughter in law to her friends. Neerja feels bad.