Namah 20th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Narayan’s Hayagriv Avatar


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Devi Parvathi assures Devi Laxmi not to worry as Mahadev has promised to bring Narayan. Laxmi feels guilty for fighting with Parvathi. Parvathi asks to forget the past as Mahadev must be coming with Narayan soon. Mahadev enters with Narayan’s head. Devi Laxmi thinks Mahadev also has sacrificed a lot without Narayan. Mahadev says Narayan should get his body to fight with Hayagriv. Narayan’s head engrasps his weapons’ powers. Mahadev also picks Narayan’s gadha and goes to help Narayan whee he sees both Naryan and Hayagriv as replicas. They both say they are Narayan. Mahadev says his friend Narayan would have him in his heart. Narayan spreads his chest and shows Mahadev’s image in it. Mahadev says he is real Narayan and throws weapon towards him. Both Narayan and Hayagriv jump to pick weapon, but Narayan picks weapon and hits Hayagriv. Hayagriv falls down injured and apologizes Narayan for his mistake. Kali tries to catch ahankar alankar and fails.

Mahadev returns with Narayan’s Hayagriv avatar and turns him back to his original form. Disciples chant prabhu Narayan ki jai. Narayan thanks Mahadev to getting him back to normal. Devi Laxmi apologizes Narayan for her mistake. Narayan says sometimes they need to separate to know each other’s value. After sometime, Laxmi with Varuni feeds food to fishes when Narayan walks to them. Seeing Devi Laxmi sad, he explains her how once Rishi Bhrigu came to Vaikunta and hit him on his chest. Varuni asks how dare rishi Bhrigu was, didn’t Narayan punish him. Narayan says he politely asks rishi Bhrigu if he is hurt. Varuni says he did right. Laxmi says no. Varuni says devi Laxmi must have got angry. Narayan says Laxmi was angry, but she should understand the real value of love and explains that go away for a bit makes one get closer, how should share each other’s sorrows and happiness, fight for each other, etc.

Mahadev sees Gauri/Parvathi why she looks tensed. Parvathi says she is here as his disciple. Mahadev says she wards off all the problems, then what made her come like a disciple. Parvathi says she is stuck in a problem and showing mandar mala which Mahadev gifted her says she wants to return it to him, but gifted item shouldn’t be returned; thi mandar mala is a symbol of their love and it also is inflicted with moh/infatuation, so she wants to get rid of moh. Mahadev destroys moh from Mandar mala and returns it to Parvathi.

Shristi tells Brahmadev that Devi Laxmi helps Narayan maintain balance in the university. Brahmadev says until Kalyug arrives. Shristi asks if Laxmi Narayan will protect her if Kalyug arrives. Brahmadev asks her to ask Laxmi Narayan itself. Shristi prays Laxmi Narayan. They both arrive. She thanks them both for arriving on her request and asks if they will protect her whenever Kalyug comes. Laxmi and Naryan say there will be injustice and lies in the world, they will protect Shristi and everyone during that time. Their moral gyaan continues.

Precap: No precap.