Nakuul Mehta Takes on Daddy Duties Post ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’

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Nakuul Mehta Takes on Daddy Duties Post ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’

Nakuul Mehta has embraced the role of a hands-on father after concluding his TV show, ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.’ In a heartfelt note, his wife, Jankee, shared her aspirations for their son, Sufi, to develop a strong and unbreakable bond with his father. To achieve this, Jankee encouraged Nakuul to take care of all of Sufi’s needs in her absence, allowing their father-son relationship to flourish.

From the moment Sufi wakes up to brushing his teeth and putting him to sleep, Nakuul has been fully engaged in his role as a dedicated father. Jankee eloquently documented the details of the growing father-son bond, expressing her immense satisfaction at witnessing their relationship blossom.

In her touching note, Jankee explained her motivations, saying, “Sufi has always been a Mumma’s boy, but being his primary caregiver can at times get hard and challenging. As Sufi has been growing up, my single main wish was for him to develop a strong, unbreakable bond with his Dadda. I wanted Sufi to realize that even when I wasn’t around, Dadda could take excellent care of him, and at the same time, I wanted Nakuul to experience the joy of single-handedly doing everything for our baby.”

Jankee then shared her experience of the past few weeks, during which Nakuul wholeheartedly embraced his parenting role. “In the past few weeks, I have witnessed this transformation happen in front of my eyes. Ever since Nakuul wrapped up his television show, he’s been making every effort to be there for Sufi, from morning till night—whether it’s brushing, bathing, feeding, school pickups, nap times, or trips to the park. You name it, he’s done it!” she enthusiastically expressed.

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Witnessing the incredible results of their efforts, Jankee has been both shocked and elated. She shared her newfound confidence in their father-son relationship, stating, “My proudest moment was when I interrupted their playtime in his room last week, and Sufi told me, ‘Mumma, GO.’ At first, it surprised me, but then I realized that Sufi now feels so secure and comfortable with Dadda that my absence doesn’t faze him. His Dadda has become his rock! I think I’m finally ready for that long, solo vacation I’ve been dreaming of.”

Nakuul Mehta and Jankee have been married since 2012, and their journey took a new turn when they welcomed their baby boy in 2021.