Naagin Season 6 8th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav and Pragati unite to end Mahek


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The Episode starts with Raghav imagining Prarthana asking him if he thinks that the story which is told to him is truthful. He breaks the mirror and asks her to go. Suwarna comes there and finds him restless. She asks what happened? He asks if Pragati had really tried to kill Papa. Suwarna turns and recalls everything. She tells that Pragati didn’t try to kill him, actually Ajay had died while doing his Police duty. She turns and sees him sleeping. She asks God not to punish her son for her wrong doings. Pragati comes to Raghav’s room and sits on the bed. Raghav in sleep holds her, she lies down beside him and takes off ring from his chain. Pragati thinks who is he, sometimes he kills him and sometimes he saves her. She tells that she will kill everyone, now she got her ring. She wears the ring and asks her to calm down.

She sees red snake going and follows her. The red snake is Mahek and she comes to the place where Trisha’s dead body is kept. She tells that she will make Trisha alive and will use Mandala to make her alive again. Pragati hears her. Mahek goes.

Suwarna comes to Julie’s room and finds Pragati’s pic with her family. She gets shocked and says Pragati didn’t die, and she is Julie. She thinks to go and tell Mahek. Ajay comes there on the wheelchair and gets up, and closes the door. Suwarna says you are fine. Ajay tells him that he is fine now, and tells her that she has done so much destruction and killed her brother, sister in law and their children. He says she has done wrong and she has lost right on him. He says you are not the same Suwarna and tells that if you have some repentance than don’t tell about Pragati to Mahek, she is not loyal to anyone. Suwarna says if Pragati harms Raghav. Ajay says this is the difference between you and her, you have killed them and their daughters, but she will not harm Raghav. He asks her not to tell Mahek.

Pragati comes to Naagraj Takshak and tells him that Mahek wants to revive Trisha’s life using Mandala. Naagraj Takshak is shocked and tells that Mandala is the treasure, it is part of the Shakti which can give life to someone. Pragati asks Naagraj Takshak if it is the same treasure which Raghu and I had locked. A fb is shown…Naagraj Takshak asks them to lock the door with their blood. After he locks the door, they seal it with their blood. He says only you or your vanshak can open the door. Fb ends. Naagraj Takshak tells that Mahek is after the treasure that’s why and says if she found Shesh Naag. Naagraj Takshak says you have reach him before Mahek and asks her to call him.

Mahek comes to Raghav and tells that they have to go somewhere. Pragati dances and calls her Shesh Naag. Raghav stops the car and hears her voice. He feels pain in his head, and falls down. He recalls everything. Mahek says Raghav and thinks if he got his memory back. Raghav says I regarded you as my mother and you killed Prarthana and me and our kids. He says you made me kill my Prarthana. Mahek says your hands was shaking, so I shot her. He says he will punish her. They become half snake and attack each other. Raghav captives Mahek in the fire circle. Just then he hears Pragati and goes to the Naag Mahal. Pragati waits for Raghu. She turns and sees Raghav standing. Raghav hugs her and tells that he is very happy to see her alive. He calls her Prarthana and says I am your Raghu. Prarthana doesn’t believe him. He says I remembered everything how Mahek killed them and their daughters. He asks her to see in his eyes. Prarthana identifies and hugs him. Mahek comes there and says Shesh Naag and Shesh Naagin has united. She says Pragati….you didn’t die. She uses her naagmani powers. Raghav is about to attack, but Prarthana stops him, saying they shall not do anything infront of Naagmani. Mahek uses the naagmani and makes them unconscious and takes them to Vasuki treasure. She makes their hands touch the lock of the treasure and it opens up. She goes inside and thinks where is Mandala. She uses her naagmani powers and finds Mandala. She is about to take it, when Raghav gains consciousness and makes Pragati come in her senses. Pragati says we shall not let Mahek take the Mandala else destruction will happen. Mahek says you both gained consciousness so late. Raghav says we will not let you go out from here.

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Raghav holds Mahek and asks her to give Mandala. Mandala falls down from Mahek’s hands. Raghav asks Pragati to take Mandala and run. Pragati is about to run, when Mahek makes Raghav falls down and then makes Pragati falls down. They faint. Mahek leaves with Mandala in her hand. She comes to the place where she has kept Trisha in the ice box/freezer. Asita also comes there with her and asks Mahek who is inside. Mahek says my daughter Trisha and says she was waiting to give her a new life, she had died while saving us. Asita asks why she didn’t make her alive like she had given life to Ajay using Naagmani and Suwarna’s anklet. Mahek says Ajay was never dead and tells that she had stopped his breath for sometime, so that Suwarna comes to her side. She says if she wanted then she would have made Ajay fine, but she made him bed ridden like a dead body, so that Suwarna don’t go from her clutches. Suwarna hears her and thinks she will burn her lanka. Mahek keeps Mandala on the box and prays. Asita tells her that Mandala’s powers are awakened. The ice box gets blasted. Mahek gets shocked and says I had kept her body safe. She cries and says that Naagin has changed the Mandala, she didn’t do right and gets revengeful.

Precap: Mahek tries to kill Pragati, but Suwarna comes infront of her and gets stabbed by her. Mahek gets the Mandala. Naagraj Takshak tells that Pragati, Prarthana and Pratha has to unite to kill Mahek. They become Trishakti and burns Mahek. Prarthana says we have to return to start our own story.