Naagin Season 6 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Vishaka hitting the house and making it fall. Everyone in the house feel like earthquake came. All the kids panics. Shesha and Prarthana see the house shaking up. Vishaka says Shesh Naagin will die. Prarthana asks Shesha to go and save the kids, says she will go and see Vishaka. Shesha says she is very dangerous. Prarthana says I will go. She goes. Prarthana goes out and tells Vishaka that she is doing very wrong. Vishaka asks her to give divine anklet else she will destroy her house. Prarthana says you can’t harm my house. She goes behind the house and becomes giant, makes the protective shield around the house with her powers. Vinay says how did this earth quake is over. Shesha thinks Prarthana has won from Vishaka. Vishaka tries to attack the house, but fails and falls down. Prarthana attacks her and makes her fall down. Vishaka goes from there. Prarthana says I will kill everyone, whoever are my enemies. She tells that she will start with Raghu. She tells Shesha that when she was doing puja in naag mahal, someone stole her mani and opened the door to free exiled naagin Vishaka. Shesha says who could do this? Prarthana says may be Raghu. Raghu comes there. Prarthana says she has thought much and says tomorrow they will start their new life, and asks if he will come. He says he was waiting for this day. Prarthana thinks she will give him death.

Mahek asks Vishaka to calm down and says we will win next time. Seema comes there and tells that Maha Shesh Naagin has broken Cuttapa’s ego. She calls Vishaka as Cuttapa. She says I have lost from Naagin, but I am not a naagin, but you are Naagin, why you didn’t fight with her. Vishaka says she will bite her. Seema says she will cut her with the knife. Mahek pushes her and tells that if you both don’t stop then. Raghu comes there and thinks today he will get anklet from Prarthana. Seema says over confidence and says Shesh Naagin must have some plan in mind.
All the kids come to Raghu and asks him to give Pizza. Raghu shouts at him for asking Pizza. The kids ask you love us. Raghu says he is just bearing them. Prarthana cheer up the kids. Gautam and Sonia come with the kids. Prarthana asks them to take them to the fair and then to watch film. Sonia asks if you will not come with us. Prarthana says Raghu is unwell, and I need to give him medicine. Raghu and Pragati are together in the room, when Vinay comes there and sees them together. He confronts him for his wrong doings. Raghu holds his neck and says it is good that Bhabhi made you slap yourself. He says today is my suhaagraat with Preeti. Vinay says I will not let you cheat her. Raghu stabs on his chest and goes from there. Prarthana comes there and asks who did this? Vinay says Raghu. Prarthana calls Bahadur and sends him to hospital. She gets ready and says you have made fun of my sindoor, you have done a big sin and now you will see your end and my revenge. She says you don’t know that I am naagin, Shrest, Sarvashrest, Maha Shesh Naagin.

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Raghu keeps the flower on the bed and thinks I have to spend a beautiful night with that Prarthana or Preeti and I will know where is that anklet. Prarthana comes there and says she wants to give him surprise, and says their marriage happened many days before. She hugs him. Aaj Jaane ki Zidd plays….She tries to bite him, but he moves away. They dance. She tries to bite him again. He turns. She succeeds to bite him on the third time. She makes vase fall down on his head and red blood comes out of his head. Prarthana realizes that he is not her Raghu, as he is in someone cage, and thinks don’t know where is he? She is running on the road and tells that she will not leave them. Shesha comes behind her and asks what happened? Prarthana tells her that they have done something with her Raghu, as the one in the house was imposter Raghu. She vents out her anger and hits the ground. Shesha says if they come to know that your weakness is in their captivity then they can do anything. Prarthana says don’t know where is Raghu and says she wants to confess her feelings with him. Shesha says we have to play the same game with them and asks if the anklet is in the safe place. Prarthana says yes. Shesha says don’t let them know your game and we will know where is Raghu from the imposter. Prarthana cries worrying for Raghu. Raghu is in the secret room, where Shakti was tied before. A lady comes there and keeps food for him. Raghu says I will not let anything happen to Preeti. The lady goes and locks the room.

The imposter Raghu wakes up and thinks it seems I had slept last night. He sees Prarthana and hugs her. Prarthana gets angry, but keeps calm. The kids call Prarthana. Everyone is having food at the table. Mahek comes there and tells that she is her friend Vishaka. She asks where is Vinay. Sonia says he missed you so much. Raghu says it is your house. The kids tell Prarthana that today is the republic day and asks her to get them ready. Mahek and Vishaka meet the snake charmer and says Prarthana shall not know their plan. The kids ask Prarthana to bring Shesha for their dance performance. Shesha says she will also come. Imposter Raghu comes there and tells that he will also come. He gives chocolate to the kids. Mahek comes to Vinay who is on the bed with oxygen mask. She asks what happened to him. Seema comes there and tells that imposter Raghu has done this. Prarthana gets the kids ready and tells them about the Army officer Rishabh Gujral and his wife who was a superwoman who did do much for their nation. She tells that they are her ideals and tells that they shall do anything for our nation. Gautam asks what Tina has become. Tina says bharat mata. Tina prays to God to make her win in this competition. She finds the divine anklet there and wears it. Prarthana is taking the kids from there, when Vishaka tells that she can hear the anklet sound. Mahek asks what? Seema says it is in your mind and that’s why you are hearing it. Vishaka asks her to stop it.

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