Naagin Season 6 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Prarthana and Raghu save the country

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The Episode starts with Suwarna and the girls are running. The media is behind them. Professor Jeet Patel and Mahek come there and tells them they can’t run. Mahek asks if you can take avatar of a naagin. Suwarna says I don’t need to take naagin avatar to defeat you. She hits her and tries to run. Just then the girls are attacked by Sarp ganda arrows. Mahek gives sarp ganda injection to Suwarna and tries to kill her, but Ajay comes there and stabs Mahek. He says Suwarna and asks her to go and tell Raghu and Prarthana that their daughters are in trouble and they will save them. Suwarna worries for Ajay. Ajay asks her not to worry about him. Suwarna sees Mahek stabbing Ajay, but leaves from there. In the lab, Prashant tells Raghu and Prarthana that they will start taking out the poison from them. Raghu gets a call and tells that Manjeet and Jeet are dead. Suwarna comes there and tells Prathana and Raghu that she couldn’t save the girls and tells everything. She tells that the girls are in their custody now. Prarthana says I will go and save them. She goes there. Purvika and Meher are tied in the room where there is laser lights. Meher tells that she used to get dreams of a naagin. Raghu comes there and stops Prarthana, and tells that everywhere is the CCTV cameras and if we change our avatar then it will be insult to Shiv ji if we are captured on CCTV. He takes her away from there. Prarthana and Raghu go to Prashant and asks him to take the poison. They ask about Suwarna. Prashant says I tried to stop Suwarna, but she went angrily to kill Mahek. Suwarna comes to the lab and calls Mahek, and burns the lab. Mahek comes out. Suwarna stabs her and asks if she is feeling the pain which she gave to Ajay. Prarthana comes there and tells Suwarna that Mahek returns from death always, and tells that they have to kill her with Shiv’s ji trishul. She prays to Shiv ji and gets his trishul. Mahek gets up and runs. Prarthana throws trishul at her beheading her. She tells Suwarna that they shall bury her body in north and south and shall not tell each other where they have buried her body. Prarthana takes Mahek’s body photo. Suwarna goes to the river and throws Mahek’s body in the river and freezes the water. Prarthana goes to kailash and buries Mahek’s head in the ground. She then sends photo to Professor.

Professor gets shocked seeing Mahek’s photo and hears Prarthana’s audio. He shouts Prarthana and asks her to see what he will do. Prarthana comes to the naag mahal temple and asks Shiv ji how to save her daughters. Pratha comes there and asks her not to worry about her daughters and says they can protect themselves, and asks her to do the responsibilities of a shesh naagin and save the country. Prarthana asks how to kill my love for them. Pratha says your daughters are powerful and will save themselves. She tells her that Arjun was in dilemma to fight with the loved ones, but he fought with them. She asks her to be yoddha/warrior and protect nation. She says I had fought my baba to protect the nation. She asks her to protect the nation and stopping worrying about her daughters. Prarthana hugs her. She looks in the water pot and calls Purvika and Meher. They say Maa. Prarthana asks them not to lose their powers and asks them to fight their own war and defeat the enemies. She says today your mother is going to save the nation and says we will end all our country’s enemies. Purvika and Meher promise them that they will fight for their country. Prarthana tells that don’t think that you are alone.

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Suwarna asks Raghu and Prarthana what will happen when the poisons bags are taken out from their body. Prashant tells that you both can die also. Prarthana tells that they can give their lives, but can’t bear to think that people think wrong about their Shiv ji. She tells Prashant that Suwarna knows where is the poison bags in our necks. Prashant is about to take out the poison bags from their neck. Naag lok faces the earth quake and Naagraj Takshak tells Vasuki and Kaliya that Raghu and Prarthana are going to do something dangerous. He says they might be doing something for the nation and naag lok betterment. They pray to Shiv ji for them. Prashant takes out the poison bags from them and they die. Professor comes to the caged girls and tells them that he has killed their parents. They don’t believe him. Professor says he is a professor and a devil, and nobody can kill him. Meher and Purvika hold each other’s hands and says Om Namashivay. Professor shouts calling someone to stop them and says they are reading some mantra. He asks the doctors to send them to jungle. Raghu and Prarthana become alive due to everyone’s prayers. Raghu and Prarthana tell that they are not naag and naagin anymore. Prarthana asks Prashant if he made the antidote from their poison. He says yes and gives it to her. Prarthana asks Suwarna to take the antidote and mix it in the medicine given to everyone in the hospital.

Suwarna comes to the hospital and mixes antidote in the hospital. The people starts regaining consciousness and get fine. Ajay gets fine. Suwarna is happy. The reporters tell that the people is getting fine. Prarthana tells the media that the humans have made the poison and other humans made the antidote. She shows the proofs in which he is seen making poison in the lab. Prashant brings Professor Jeet there and says he is that devil. Professor says this is a conspiracy against me. Prarthana says you made the poison and had done all this and put blame on my innocent daughters. Purvika and Meher are in the jungle. Police comes and arrests professor. Professor pushes Inspector and snatches his gun. He says he will kill Prarthana. The girls get attacked by the fire eagles. Professor threatens to kill Raghu. Prarthana kicks him and get the gun. She shoots at his chest. The fire eagles continue to attack the girls. Prarthana says you have done wrong with the country. She says you have made a good impression of yourself that I never doubted you. She tells that you have provoked me against my parents. She regrets to call him Papa and says I am just Rishabh Gujral’s daughter and today I end my country’s enemy. She shoots at him again and leaves. Raghu walks behind her. Prarthana comes to the jungle and tries to rescue the girls. She asks the girls to run. Suwarna comes there as naagin. They kill the eagles. Raghu, Prarthana hug the girls. Suwarna hugs them.

Precap: Raghu and Prarthana have a hug and are in a happy space. Someone comes there and shoots at them. They fall down.