Naagin Season 6 26th March 2023 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Prarthana hugging Purvika and recalls Raghu snatching her from her. She says I will not let you go away from me. Raghu comes there and says it is proved that you have taken my daughter away from me. He asks her to give his daughter to him. Prarthana says she was in danger, you didn’t know anything. Raghu asks her to give his daughter to him, but Prarthana attacks him.

Meher comes home with her parents. She tells Manjeet and Jeet that she feels that purvika is in trouble. She says Barsati aunty went to search her. Just then Param’s mother come there with laddoo and Param, and tells that they will start arrangements for marriage. Laddoo asks Param about Preeti. Param says she left. Raghu says a father is like a cheetah and will not let his daughter go. Prarthana says even she is a tigress and says there is a difference between that night and this night. She says today he will be defeated by her. She says we are husband and wife, I have stayed away from her for 5 years, and says you have to stay away from my daughter for 5 years now. She takes her daughter from there while Raghu shouts asking her not to take her daughter.

Laddoo/Naina tells that Preeti left. Raghu comes home. Trisha asks Mrignaini to bring lep and tells that Prarthana attacked him and took away his daughter. Mrignaini tells Raghu that Trisha told her about him. Trisha says Prarthana can kill Purvika. Laddoo tells that no mother can harm her daughter. Gautam asks why you are saying between husband and wife and says they will solve their problems. Trisha says Raghu will lose his other daughter due to Prarthana’s stubbornness. Raghu says the matter is about my daughter’s life and I will bring her back. Mrignaini says where we will search her. Sonia says I know where is she? Trisha smiles.

Prarthana comes to Jeet’s house with Purvika, and asks jeet if she can stay here for few days, and says I got my daughter back. Manjeet says this is the same girl who gave blood to Meher. Param’s mother says why she didn’t identify her in hospital. Prarthana says I will give you an answer and tells that when she had given birth to her daughter, someone snatched her from her and says now she came to know about her due to Shiv ji. She asks if I can stay here. Manjeet says you can stay here until you want, your daughter has saved Meher. The Scientist injects poison in the captive naagins and asks her to start destruction. The naagin comes there who had kidnapped Purvika, and tells Naagin there, that they will have naaglok heir and they will win. The naagin says we can’t lose when you are with us. Prarthana sings lori lori lullaby for Purvika, while the latter is sleeping. Meher comes there and says you sing well. Prarthana says you are unwell, you shall rest. Meher says Papa ji said that he saw smile on your face, and that’s why I came to see the 8th wonder. She asks if you will become sweet from angry bird. He says your daughter gave me blood so we have become sisters, and you have become my mother. She asks her to sing lullaby for her also. Prarthana asks her to come. Meher lies on her lap and hears lullaby. She makes her sleep.

In the morning, Prarthana tells Manjeet that Meher slept with Purvika in their room. Raghu comes there. Prarthana says how do you know that I will be here? Sonia says I told him, my brother had enough pain because of you. Jeet asks if you know him. Prarthana says he was my husband some years back. Raghu asks her to tell the reason of their separation, and tells that he had lost his one daughter because of her and didn’t want to lose the other daughter. Prarthana says Purvika is with me now. Raghu calls Inspector there and says this woman has kidnapped my daughter, take her away from here. Purvika wakes up and sees Meher. Meher tells her that her mother brought her here. Purvika recalls Trisha telling her that her own mother left her and she had troubled her father so much, but she is her mother now. Purvika tells Meher that my mother is bad, I don’t want to meet her. Meher tells that your mother is good, and tells that she sang lullaby for you yesterday.

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Prarthana asks Raghu why he is accusing her with such a bad accusation, and says I am her mother, today I have saved her life and now she will stay here. Raghu says now you will say that you didn’t hurt me. Trisha says you had left her, and now you want her back. Prarthana tells that her daughter was snatched from her and all the ways were closed to reach her. Meher and Purvika come there. Purvika calls Maa and runs to Trisha. Trisha says Purvika has chosen her mother. Prarthana says I am your mother, I was away from you and loves you a lot. Purvika says Baba was sad because of you, I don’t want you. Prarthana says you have filled poison in a small girl’s mind. Meher asks Prarthana not to cry and asks Raghu not to make her cry. Raghu says you will not understand. Meher says it is never late in relations. Jeet asks Manjeet to take Meher inside. Prarthana tells Inspector that someone had kidnapped her from the hospital, but I saved her. Raghu shows the CCTV footage in which Prarthana’s face is shown as the kidnapper. Prarthana is shocked. Inspector arrests and takes her. Prarthana thinks who had taken my avatar and went there, and thinks if she was that naagi who took my avatar.

The Prarthana’s lookalike or imposter comes to Mrignaini and asks why you called me here. Mrignaini says this is called face on face and says you can break their relation, and says Prarthana is in jail for the crime which she has not done and Raghu has become jaljala. The imposter naagin says my aim is more bigger than this, I will make Prarthana’s life as hell. Mrignaini says Raghu doesn’t know that I am sending the poison to lab to make naag and naagin there, but Prarthana will know this soon, we have to do our work before she comes out. She says just Raghu will be removed from naagraj’s position and then I will rule on naaglok, and says I will get my naaglok and you will get your revenge. She says we have to do this tonight, today is laddoo’s sangeet, they will play music and we will play nagara. Everything gets recorded in Laddoo’s phone kept there. The imposter naagin leaves from there. Mrignaini also goes out of room. Laddoo comes there and takes her phone.

Inspector comes to the spot and tells that it is naagin’s attack on naag and naagins. He says this is icchadhari’s naagin attack. The constable tells that my papa’s inspector Vijay Shukla has seen the naagin. He is Inspector Vijay’s son. He says he will search the naagin and will ask her. He sees the imposter naagin turning into snake and crawling. He calls Constable and asks him to tell the house details, from which the naagin came out.

Professor comes to bail Prarthana. He bails her out. Inspector comes there talking that he saw the naagin coming out of house no 117. Prarthana hears and thinks this is Raghu’s house. She tells Prashant that she has to inform Raghu, and says our secret can’t be revealed.

Raghu asks Purvika why she came? Purvika says sorry. Suwarna and Mrignaini talk to her sweetly. Raghu says we have to take Purvika back. Suwarna says you just think of your danger, and runs away from responsibilities.

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