Naagin Season 6 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Prashant and Sundar save Pragati’s life


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The Episode starts with Prarthana running. Raghu, Mahek and others come there. Raghu holds Pragati and then shoots in her stomach, and pushes her from the cliff. Pragati falls down from the cliff. Raghav senses something. Mahek and others get happy. A big snake holds Pragati in its tail, as she falls from the cliff. Sundar worries for Pragati. Vidhushi tracks Pragati and Sundar that her location is in jungle. Sundar is shocked and says he will go and bring her back. Raghav holds Ajay’s hand and tells that today he has taken revenge for his condition and tells that he has killed Prarthana. Ajay gets teary eyes hearing it. Raghav goes from there. Mahek tells that she has used Raghav and got Prarthana killed. Suwarna says Prarthana was reborn, and tells that if she is reborn then it means Raghu has taken rebirth somewhere. Mahek is not afraid. Sundar comes to the jungle and calls Pragati. He sees snakes and thinks if they are signing me to come behind them. He follows the snake and sees injured Pragati who is guarded by the snakes. He is surprised and prays to the snakes to let him take his daughter home. He tells that he is her father and loves her a lot. The snakes go away from there. Sundar holds Pragati and takes her to the safe place. Professor Prashant comes there and tells that she is Prarthana, Shesh naagin. Sundar says she is my daughter. Prashant tells him that he is a doctor and scientist. He can save her life and takes out the bullet, while Sundar holds the firetorch. Prashant tells him about Prarthana and her husband Raghu who were burnt with their daughters. He says Prarthana is reborn as your daughter. Sundar recalls Prarthana taking his help and tells that he had taken her to the hospital but she died. Prashant says Prarthana’s soul went in your daughter’s body. Prashant says he has been apologizing to that lady since 21 years and is repenting that he couldn’t save her. Prashant says the snakes saved her, making the bed for her.

Raghav washes blood from his hands and gets taunted by her memories. Pragati gains consciousness. Prashant and Sundar ask her who shot her? Pragati tells that Raghav shot her, where Vidhushi used to work. She tells that Raghav fooled her into believing that he is Raghu and then tried to kill me. Sundar asks her to come home. Pragati asks him to go home and says she will not come, and has to get Naagmani from Mahek. Prashant tells Prarthana that Mahek got her killed and she don’t want to give naagmani to anyone. Pragati thinks to take revenge from Mahek and Raghav.

Mahek tells Prady that she has hunt someone. Prady goes to side. Suwarna asks Mahek why she made the Nurse go missing again. Mahek says she has bitten her, like biting all the nurses. Suwarna says I didn’t use the powers since 21 years. Mahek says you are phattu naagin and tells that the nurse was asking about Ajay. Asita says she has called new nurse. Pragati comes there indisguise of a nurse. Raghav says her face seems to be familiar. Pragati tells that people call her sister and the patients needs injection and not attraction. Sundar tells Meenakshi that he has sent Pragati for Archeological work. Meenakshi is upset with him. Sundar comes to the room and cries thinking about Pragati. He recalls Pragati asking him not to tell anything to Amma and Akka.

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Pragati comes to Ajay and gives him injection. Ajay recognizes her and holds her hand. He falls down from the bed calling Prarthana. Raghav comes there and makes him rest on the bed. He asks Pragati to take care of his father. Pragati says she will make his father fine and tells about the movements in his hand. Raghav doesn’t believe her and goes. Pragati tells Ajay that he doesn’t know what his family has done with her. She tells that Raghav fooled her and attempted to kill her. She tells Ajay that she will do for what she has come, and will take her ring from Raghav. Raghav imagines Pragati in his room, gets scared and runs out. Mahek asks him what happened? He tells that his room AC is not working. Suwarna tells Mahek that if Prarthana was reborn then Raghu must have been reborn somewhere. Mahek and Asita laugh at her. Suwarna is sure. Pragati tells Naagraj Takshak about Raghav attempting to kill her. Naagraj Takshak is shocked. Prarthana says she will take revenge from Raghav. She wonders where to Raghu?

Raghav thinks to hide Pragati’s ring somewhere in the storeroom. He sees Raghu and Prarthana’s photo and gets some flashes. He gets shocked and runs from there. Pragati tells Naagraj Takshak that she will get her ring from Raghav and she will not let naagmani be with Mahek. Naagraj Takshak tells her that just as she had reached her ring, Raghu will also reach her Shesh naag ring. He explains to Prarthana that both Shesh naag and Shesh naagin used to have a ring.

Raghav comes to the room and gets flashes of Prarthana, Raghu, and their daughters. He is about to throw the ring, when Raghav faints and falls down. Prarthana says now her Appa knows her truth, she can’t wait more, and she has to get her ring from Raghav. She prays to Shiv ji to give her power to fight with Mahek.

Precap: Raghav sees snake in the water. He turns into ichchadhari naag and says I am Shesh Naag. Mahek hears him and says Raghav is Raghu, now he will open the door of treasure.