Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Amba thinks of a conspiracy against Dev


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Satyavati asking Vidhi to put the dry fruits in the sweets and wash the fruits as it is for puja. Vidhi asks her not to take tension and says she will manage. Dev comes there and says you got ready soon. He asks her to inform in office that she will be late. She messages Manager. Dev asks her to balance office and house and be honest with both, and don’t care about what others say.

Vidhi tells Dev that it is going to be 9. Dev tells Satyavati that they have less time. Satyavati asks them to sit for puja. They all sit for puja. Jai comes out of his cabin and sees Vidhi not there. Jai asks Shashi where is that new girl? Shashi says she messaged that she will be late. Jai asks him to call her. Shashi calls her and says Jai ji is asking for you. Vidhi says she will be late. Pandit ji says puja is completed and now Satyavati ji can do grah shanti puja. Vidhi says it is 10 am. Dev asks her to go. Vidhi gets up and goes to her room. Hariprasad gets upset that she got up from puja. Vidhi comes downstairs and goes signing Dev. Satyavati gets upset. Hariprasad tells bimla that Vidhi shall not forget that Satyavati ji has given her permission to work against her rules. He says he doesn’t like her behavior.

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Vidhi comes to office. Jai says he doesn’t understand in which stone era, her family is in. Vidhi asks him to make such an ambience that the employees forget all their worries here. Jai thinks it is his mistake, she lectured him so much and he didn’t say anything. He says he shall free her from all relations. Yogesh comes to Amba and asks if she is fine. He says he was in court, to get his divorce done. He says he got divorce from Kanika. He tells that she shall see a doctor. He takes her to the hospital. Chitra waits for Vidhi to go with her to hospital. Dev comes home and calls Vidhi. Jai asks the employees not to talk to anyone during office hours. Later Vidhi shows the clean desk to Jai and asks if she can leave. He says lets discuss your salary and other things. He offers her 1 lakh per month seeing her calibre. Vidhi says it is much. He says she deserves it. Vidhi says ok. Dev brings chitra to hospital. Amba sees them and gets an idea to use Chitra.

Precap: Dev receives parcel for Chitra and gives it to her. Chitra sees the chit and gets shocked. Amba says the caged bird will return to its cage now.