Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya demands her shares

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The Episode starts with Satyavati telling Hariprasad that everyone shall be fine, during the meeting of two families. Bimla asks what we shall give you in shagun. Satyavati says you can give what you want, but she is our badi bahu so I will give her 51 sarees and 5 sets. Mausi ji calls Priya near her and asks her to sit. She says I heard that your jethani is very particular about calculations and says she might ask you about the calculations. She says your mother in law and Abhimanyu slips for him and provokes her against Dev. She says she might keep you on the side of the house. Priya asks her to talk to Mummy ji. Mausi ji asks her to help herself.

Hariprasad asks Pandit ji to do the puja so that everything is good. Pandit ji says cards are printed and asks Hariprasad if he matched the kundalis. Hariprasad says no. Pandit ji says if kundalis are matched then we will know if there is any dosh. Hariprasad says their hearts have met, so there is no need of matching kundalis. Satyavati massages Mausi ji’s feet. Mausi ji asks where is the marriage happening? Satyavati says at Milapni Devi temple in her house. Mausi ji gets angry on Satyavati for favoring Dev and getting him married against Chitra and Priya’s wishes. She says Abhi is innocent, not to understand anything. Satyavati says I saw, that you didn’t wish Dev. She says she will handle Priya and Chitra.

Yogesh and Kanika come to Dev’s room. Kanika gives him gift for his marriage and tells that she has thought a lot about his marriage and knows that their relation is very sacred. She says she is very happy to see him settling down with Vidhi. Dev thanks her. Kanika hugs him.

Urmila buys saree worth 5000 while Urmila buys saree for 1500 Rs. Vidhi hears them. Urmila asks Vidhi to sit and gifts her two clothes, saying she will do her shagun. Vidhi hugs her. Pramod tells Hariprasad that they will buy sweets from kalumal’s shop. Seema tells that they shall win in the sangeet. Golden comes there and dances with Seema. Mahi ve song plays….Golden calls Urmila. Urmila dances with Golden. Mahi ve song. Urmila covers the dupatta on Vidhi’s head.

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Abhi tells Priya that Vidhi is not like you are saying. Vidhi says my standing in the house will change after she comes here. Satyavati asks what are you saying, we have to go to Chitra’s house. Priya says Dev and Vidhi will be power couple after marriage and I will be seated in the corner, or will be thrown out like a garbage. Satyavati says from where you got such thoughts. Abhi says if she wants, she can leave. Mausi ji says someone asks her, what is her problem? Dev says if Priya has some insecurities then we shall hear her. He asks her to tell what is her fear and why? Priya says you tried to know what I want, and says I want security being the bahu of this house. She says I am the Raichand’s heir’s wife, but there is nothing on paper for me. She says if something happens in future, then what I will get. She says property might be equally divided to Abhi, Chitra and you. She says I am highly educated and would have earned lakhs of rs, but I was not allowed to build up the career. She says Vidhi is young and I will be inferior to her, so why I shall not feel the insecurities. She says Mummy ji refused to give me money and then partition didn’t happen. She says my husband asked me to leave, wherever I want to. She says Chitra can’t come here, due to Vidhi, when I am daughter in law of this house. She says you had given my rights to Vidhi in office, now she is becoming the bahu of the house, so things will change definitely. She says I will not ask money from Vidhi, I will not let that happen. Satyavati asks what are you saying? Mausi ji says what wrong she is saying, this house is on your step son’s name, if they throw them out. Dev tells that Mausi ji said why this house is on my name, and says may be she doesn’t know that among our property, company or private property, only this house is on my name.

Precap: Satyavati and Abhi give the card to Amba. Amba throws the card and asks Chitra to go and remember that it is just one way. She asks her to either burn the card or leave from here. Chitra gets shocked.