Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update

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Satyavati tells Dev and Abhimanyu that her sister is coming. They shouldn’t disappoint her. Dhamayanthi and her husband arrive there. She asks Satyavati. Doesn’t she know how to take arathi to them? Satyavati asks Priya to take Arathi to them. She blessed both Priya and Abhimanyu and gave money to them. She refuses to bless Dev Raichand. Abhimanyu dislikes it. Priya shares with him that she is brilliant. She never gives heed to sentiments. Dhamayanthi questions Satyavati. Why did she arrange Dev’s marriage with a young girl? Her husband asks her to stop it. Satyavati tells her that God is fixing Jodi. If she met Vidhi then she would like her too. Meanwhile, Hariprasad gives money to Bimla. He tells her that he doesn’t have enough money in his hand. Bimla consoles him. Hariprasad tells her that Satyavati welcomes Vidhi grandly. She didn’t heed to money at all. We want to do something which does not affect their status. Vidhi is disappointed to hear it.

Dhamayanthi shares with Satyavati that she came here to help her. She isn’t interested in Dev’s wedding. She is happy to meet Abhimanyu and Priya. Dhamayanthi’s husband congratulates Dev Raichand. Dev thanked him and informed Satyavati that he was off. Satyavati reminds him that they want to meet Vidhi in the evening. Dhamayanthi inquires Satyavati about Chithra. She tells her that she went out with her husband. Dhamayanthi complaints that Satyavati hasn’t changed yet. She is treating her Dev as her own son. Later, Dev waits for Vidhi. Vidhi reaches there. Dev tells her that she made him wait a lot. She apologizes to him.

Dev gives a bouquet to Vidhi. She complaints to him that she isn’t giving anything to him, so she can’t expect anything return from him. She shares that she is worried about their financial expenses. Dev tells her that he will take care of it. Vidhi tells him it’s a matter of her dad’s self-respect. They are middle-class people, so their financial status won’t match with his. Dev asks her why she is bringing this financial status? Vidhi tells him that Satyavati made her wear the gold bangles and mom has a silver coin with her. They are disappointed to see Satyavati giving a grand welcome to her. Vidhi adds that her father spent his whole savings on her wedding. She tells him that she wants to work and earn money. Dev assures her that he will make her family comfortable around him. She accepts the bouquet.

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Later, Satyavati checks the wedding card. She appreciates Hariprasad’s selection. Satyavati informs them that she chose a better one for Dev. Abhimanyu shows the wedding card to Hariprasad. Gold and silver coins are in it. Even god’s little idol in it. He was shocked to hear it cost 1 lakh for each card. Hariprasad was shocked to hear it. Dev tells him that he doesn’t want to use their card. They are able to use their cards to invite their guests. The groom’s family will use their own cards. Vidhi feels relieved hearing it. Satyavati adds that almost 5000 people will attend their wedding. He is her elder son, so she wants to do it grandly. Dev interrupts and informs them let’s arrange it simply in Vidhi’s house. A grand reception for others. Satyavati nods to him. Later, Dev spends quality time with Vidhi.

Precap: The priest fixes Vidhi’s marriage. He inquires Hariprasad doesn’t he check their horoscope. He denies it. The priest scolds him.