Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev and Vidhi save the event

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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Anirup hosting the event and asks the guests to welcome the balghar kids for their performance. Just then light goes off. Juhi and other kids shout and run back stage. Juhi tells Vidhi that they got scared of darkness. Yogesh and Amba smiles. Anirup asks the guests to sit as they get up to go. Dev also requests them to sit. Amba tells Yogesh that no mistake shall happen. Vidhi thinks what to do? Yogesh says they have done a bad arrangements. Amba says the event is bad, we shall not sit here, they might be embarrassed, we can help them later. Vidhi comes there and asks everyone to stop. She tells everyone that she understand that they want to leave, but please see the kids hardwork and sit, light will come soon. Amba fumes with anger. Yogesh asks her to relax. He tells Amba that he has down all the servers and tells that online people who see live streaming can’t donate. He says it will be fun to see them dance. Amba tells that he will not get a second chance if anything goes wrong. Yogesh asks why you are scaring me. Bum bum song plays….Vidhi and the kids dance holding the candles in their hands, and even the guests are holding the candles. Bum Bum Bole song plays….

Dev and the electrician check the fuse and finds it off. He asks the electrician to switch it on. The light comes back. Vidhi tells them that she told that light will be back. Amba scolds yogesh and says light switch should have been broken. Anirup tells that live streaming is open, but likes and hits are not coming. Vidhi asks Dev to do something. Dev gets thinking. Vidhi says surprise and shows Bimla and Hariprasad. Dev asks about the costume. Vidhi says she has back up costumes ready. Priya says she will get them ready, but Abhi scolds her for being with Amba. Vidhi asks her not to say anything. Satyavati dances on the song and requests the people to do charity.

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Vidhi asks Dev to do something. Anirup says he will call the technical guy. Dev says he will check as he had learnt in college. Vidhi announces that there will be dance performance of celebrity guests. She asks them to get ready in green room. Anirup comes to Jai and asks him to come for dance. Jai refuses. Anirup goes to Vidhi and says Jai refused to dance. Jai comes there and says he don’t want to dance. Vidhi says you are not like Rao ji, and tells that they are simple people who likes achaar and has sanskar. She says you call yourself as businessman, but has forgotten important rule of business, if you can’t win someone’s trust then can’t be a good businessman, you are different. Jai goes with Anirup. Vidhi wonders what to do. Satyavati comes there. Anirup announces Vidhi’s performance. Jai is leaving and goes to stage, saying he will dance with Vidhi Raichand. He asks for Vidhi’s hand, and starts dancing with her. Vidhi is hesitant to dance with him. twist song plays…..Dev makes the streaming fine and the likes and hits start coming. Rao ji tells that a girl has changed his son and he is happy. Jai and Vidhi continue to dance. Dev, Satyavati and others look at them dancing.Yogesh tells Amba that don’t know how did this happen. Jai is about to hold Vidhi’s hand, but she folds her hands thanking everyone.

Precap: Anirup requests the guests to give their donation. The tax dept come there and tells that the charity amount is less than tax amount which is 20 lakhs.