Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev comforts Vidhi with his love


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 21st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Dev asking Vidhi to have food as she has to take strong medicine. Vidhi says I will eat it myself. Dev says I will make you eat. He makes her eat food. Satyavati cries seeing their pain. Jai talks to his father’s portrait and says I am taking care of Vidhi since you left, and tells that Dev had made her life as hell and had caged her. He says then he cut her feathers by impregnating her, but I taught a lesson to him and now I will give her a new life, and new morning by getting her freed from Dev Raichand’s clutches. He calls goon and says Vidhi’s morning shall happen seeing the flowers sent by me. Priya comes to Vidhi’s room and tells that Jai has sent flowers for Vidhi. Simmy asks Vidhi to tell the story. Priya takes her from there. Dev keeps his head on Vidhi’s lap and recalls their conversation. Priya tells Satyavati that they have to handle themselves to handle Dev and Vidhi to overcome their pain. Satyavati says how can I tell them that everything will be fine. Dev comes to the room and sees Vidhi holding the doll, and sleeping. He sleeps on the bed looking at her.

In the morning, Dev and Vidhi come downstairs. Satyavati tells that the jeweller had called and said that new diamond collection came, and I told that my bahus taste is good. Priya says we will go. Vidhi gets up and goes to her room. Satyavati gets teary eyes. Hariprasad and Bimla are sad thinking about Vidhi. Bimla cries. Dev looks at Vidhi and recalls his words. He gets up and goes to write his diary. Chitra says for a mother, losing her baby is a big thing, what Vidhi bhabhi must be feeling. Priya comes to Vidhi and says Jai has sent the bouquet. She says she will bring juice for her. Bimla comes to meet Vidhi and asks how is she? Vidhi is lost and asks where is Dev ji. Dev comes there and tells that he has brought juice and fruits for her. Bimla sees toys, pregnancy calendar and other things in the room, and goes out to cry. Dev comes behind her and says we have to support Vidhi, if you cry then she will be broken. Bimla says if Vidhi sees the toys then she will remember the baby which couldn’t take birth, and asks him to throw them out. She asks him not to take decisions as a humble man, and asks him to take the right decision. Vidhi comes there and says I asked him not to take those stuff from there. She says he takes care of me. She says you are my mother and I was about to become a mother, but what about him. She says even Dev has lost his child and asks if he don’t have a heart or feel pain. She says even he has lost our child, and asks if you asked him once, how is he? She says he was moving the world from his hands, which he had set up for our baby. She says Dev feels more pain than me, but didn’t take even a peaceful breath worrying for me. Dev says its ok, I am fine, we shall make a new start. Vidhi says you are right and shall remember always, that you are perfect for me. Dev goes from there. Satyavati hears them and asks Vidhi not to take stress. Vidhi is worried that Dev went somewhere. Bimla says he will come back and asks her to rest. Satyavati tells Bimla that their kids have lost their kid.

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Jai thinks how to control Vidhi. Sakshi comes to Jai’s house and gives Vidhi’s stuff. Jai says I will send it. Door bell rings. Jai sees Dev in the CCTV and asks Sakshi to hide in the room. She goes to hide in the room. Jai asks Dev to come. Dev tells him that he knows him and asks him to stay away from his wife.

Precap: Dev brings Vidhi to the balghar kids and asks her to meet them, till then he will make a phone call. Jai asks the goons to do the work this time ( to kill Dev).