Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidhi confronts Jai and resigns her post


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Dev waking up in the morning and says good morning Vidhi. He sees her sitting upset and asks what you are doing? Vidhi says she has completed all the file of Rao ji Bhai’s project, but her laptop is not starting now. Dev takes out his laptop and retrieves the file from her laptop, and saves it in the pendrive. Vidhi hugs him and says now I can resign. Dev asks her to tell if Jai refuses to accept her resignation. Chitra thinks of Priya’s words. Priya asks her how is she? Chitra asks why you are asking?

Jai comes to his cabin and sees Vidhi. He says I will get coffee. Vidhi tells Jai that the work is delayed for Rao ji bhai’s project and asks him why did you delay it? Jai asks I…He says I am sure that there is a misunderstanding, why will I stop my work, and you are asking me, don’t you trust me, how can you think this about me.

Priya asks Chitra to say and asks if you are angry with me, as I told about Vikram. She asks her not to take stress and says don’t think anything now. Chitra says after whatever he has done. Priya says I have learnt from Vidhi that we have no control on our past, but the way we react on it, makes a difference. She tells that she shall think about her baby and says becoming a mother will be remembered all life, as it is the beautiful phase and you shall celebrate it. She says nobody will force you for anything, you have to pause for a while. Chitra hugs her and smiles.

Jai tries to clear that he is serious about his work and asks the staff to work faster. Vidhi calls the Contractor there, and asks him to come there. Jai asks if he has any problem then shall talk to him. Contractor says you gave me money to delay the work. Jai asks him, who gave him money. Param asks Vidhi to check that Jai has transferred money to him. Jai asks him to take his file and leave, and asks him not to ask work again. Vidhi says I trusted you, but you lied to me. She says I have completed all the work for the project and gives him pendrive. She says my work is completed, I am resigning. She walks out of his cabin while Jai tries to stop him.

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Dev thanks Param for leaving an old client for the truth. Param says I am happy that I said truth for the person who thought others as human. Jai calls Sakshi. Sakshi thinks if she shall pick the call or not. She picks the call and says sorry. Jai asks her to say else he will send her to village. He asks her how Vidhi comes to know that the work is delayed. Sakshi says Contractor has come here, as he works here. Vidhi talks to Dev and tells that she has resigned and coming out. Dev says he is in parking lot. Jai calls Vidhi and asks her to come to his cabin, says he has hurt Papa also. Vidhi comes to his cabin. Jai starts acting and folds his hand before his father’s photo. Vidhi says I don’t have any time. He says I don’t have anything now, and starts emotional blackmailing. He says I couldn’t spent time with Papa and then you came in my life. He says you have promised Papa that you will search a girl like me, but I can claim that there is no girl like you. He says I will have respect for you always in my heart. Vidhi says I thought you have called me, why you stopped his dream project. Jai tells that he was scared with the thought that she will leave work, and that’s why he did this. He asks her not to leave the office and says if you leave then I will break. Vidhi tells Jai that the person who betrays others, is not loyal to himself also. She says I can forgive you, but can’t trust you again. She says I can’t work in this company again. Jai says I will not stop you, but give me 15 mins. He says I want the staff and me to give you a small farewell. He says if I let you go then what face, I will show to Papa. He asks her to sit in his cabin.

Dev calls Vidhi. Vidhi tells him that Jai has accepted his mistake and apologized to her. Shashi gives oil to Jai and says the staff will come at anytime. Jai spills oil on the stairs.

Precap: Jai and the employees give her farewell. Vidhi goes upstairs to get her phone and slips.