Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev informs Vidhi about Hariprasad’s condition

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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 14th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bimla telling Vidhi that Bindi sabzi is tasty. Kaluram calls Bimla and asks why Hariprasad is talking about “will”, and tells that he was talking about Golden’s marriage and said that he has named 4 lakhs Rs for her. He asks her to go and talk to him, and says he is in problem. Bimla says I will go home in the evening and will talk to him. Vidhi says we will go now itself, and calls Dev and asks him to meet her directly there. Amba asks Doctor if the IVF samples get mixed up. Doctor says it happens in films and tells that everything happens strictly with a stand procedure as the matter is sensitive. Dev gets his file from the hospital reception. He thinks to talk to Hariprasad’s doctor. He goes to his cabin and comes to know that Dr. Singh went for operation. Other doctor asks him to wait. Dev goes out. Dr. Singh comes to his cabin. The doctor says Dev Raichand had come to meet you. Dr. Singh thinks Hariprasad sent him and asks where is he? Doctor says he had left.

Vidhi asks Hariprasad what is the matter and says you are looking and behaving strangely. Hariprasad asks if I need to answer you both and asks her to concentrate on her house. Vidhi says what you are saying and says my papa can’t talk to me like this. She asks what is the matter? Hariprasad asks her to stop interfering in their matter and asks her to go to her house. Vidhi says this home is my home too, and says no home can take its place, as it the temple of our happiness and helped us in every happiness and sorrows. Hariprasad says I will not come in your emotional talks. Dev comes there and says I will answer your questions. Hariprasad gets worried and asks Dev not to interfere between them, and leave from there. Bimla asks what you are saying, and says he is our own family. Hariprasad says he is our son in law and asks him to go and handle his business and wife. He asks him to leave. Vidhi says this is not you. Hariprasad says this is what I am and I can’t change and you can’t try to make me change, and asks them to go. He asks who are you to change me? Dev says everyone is your own family, don’t hide anything and asks him to sit. Hariprasad slaps Dev shocking Vidhi and Bimla. Satyavati comes there and just shocked too. Hariprasad says don’t you understand. Bimla asks him to apologize to Dev ji. Hariprasad refuses. He thinks how to make you believe that I can’t ruin the happiness which came in your life.

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Satyavati asks Hariprasad, why did you slap your son in law. Hariprasad says I will not bear anything. Dev hugs him to pacify his anger. Hariprasad cries. Dev asks him to say what is in his heart. Satyavati says he has insulted you and you are hugging him. Dev says I am angry with him, not because he slapped me, but because he has hidden a big thing from us. He tells Vidhi that when he went to get his file, he got a call that he forgot his wallet there. He went back to get his wallet and then Hariprasad’s doctor met him and told him about his condition, and said that he needs to be operated. Dev asks do you want to tell us, and says Hariprasad ji is having 4th stage liver cirrhosis and his liver can fail at anytime. Hariprasad goes in the room and locks the door. He faints and falls down. They get inside the room and sees him unconscious.

Amba searches for IVF treatment on the laptop and thinks seems like God wants to keep Dev’s baby in my lap, and thinks she has to go to the hospital on Vidhi’s place and get the treatment done. She thinks once she decides, she does. Dev rushes Hariprasad to the hospital. Amba comes there and sees them. She then asks receptionist about Gynaec. Mr. Singh checks Hariprasad and says his liver has become worst and he needs liver transplant. Bimla and Vidhi offer to give their liver. Doctor asks them to get their blood tested.

Chitra tells Satyavati that Hariprasad ji shouldn’t have hidden this from the family. satyavati says I can understand him . Chitra says if you had hidden from me then I will be hurt. Amba asks some doctor what is going on? Doctor says a patient’s liver has failed so his daughter and wife are getting themselves tested to become donor. Amba says now nobody can stop my plan from becoming successful.

Precap: Dev tells that he got himself tested and Doctor said that he can donate his liver. Satyavati asks Dev why he didn’t think about Vidhi and says if something happens to you then how Vidhi will live without you.