Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidhi accuses Amba


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The Episode starts with Doctor bandages Dev’s injury. Satyavati says who can do this? Chitra feels bad and tells that Vikram has sent goons to kill him. Dev says the target was me, 100 percent. Vidhi says why someone will want to kill you, and tells that she will be back. She goes. Sakshi comes to Jai’s house and sees him beating the goon, for not killing Dev. He tells that he can’t see Vidhi going far from him, and he don’t like defeat. Sakshi asks him to leave the goon, and asks him to think some other way. Vidhi comes to Amba’s house. Amba asks what did I do that you came here. The guests are sitting there and leave from there. Amba asks Vidhi why did she come? Vidhi sees Dev’s photo frame kept there and says what kind of woman you are, you keeps Dev ji’s photo with you and otherside. She says I thought you love and respect him, and says love means care, and you don’t care for him. Amba asks have you gone mad, who are you to accuse me, nobody can understand my feelings, I care for him more than myself. Vidhi says you want to separate me from him, tried to snatched his business, harm Chitra and now planned attack on Dev. Amba says attack on Dev? Vidhi says my Milapni Devi Maa will not let you harm Dev. Dev gets Amba’s call and doesn’t pick it. Amba asks Vidhi, how is Dev? Vidhi asks how can you act innocent, and says I thought you have respect for him, but cheap woman like you, can never love anyone. Amba says I didn’t plan attack on Dev, if you don’t keep quiet then? She says I love Dev always and I can’t harm my love, I shall be with him and not you, if I was there then wouldn’t have let this happen. She says you can’t take care of him, so came to accuse me. Vidhi says you was giving toy to the boy here, and there chitra is pregnant and you are troubling her. She says that’s why you didn’t get anyone’s love or didn’t become a mother. Vidhi gets Dev’s call and he asks her where is she? Amba brings gun and aims at Vidhi. Dev asks her not to harm Vidhi. Amba says she is accusing my love, and says if I move her from our way then we will unite. Dev says I love her a lot, she is pregnant, if you hurt her then my baby will be hurt too. Amba gets shocked and drops the gun. She says what I was doing, I was trying to kill Dev’s baby. She acts crazy and sits. Dev asks Vidhi to leave from there immediately and says he will come to take her.

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Sakshi asks Jai to calm down. Jai says he can’t harm Dev. Sakshi says you are thinking Dev sir wrong and says he is like a God, talks to everyone’s nicely, he just goes to home and office, and don’t see any woman except his wife. She says you are behind the wrong person, there is no flaw in him, that you can use it as the weapon and asks him to leave Dev. Jai says even you are trapped by him, and raises his hand to slap her for praising him. Dev reaches Amba’s house and picks Vidhi from outside. Vidhi asks why did you come, I would have come. Dev says if you had cared for me then you shouldn’t have come here. He tells her that Amba is crazy and aimed gun at him last time, and now on her. He says you are my everything, why don’t you understand. Jai says he is fooling you and everyone, and has trapped Vidhi, and says I can’t let this happen. Sakshi says even I saw the world, and says he is not wrong. Jai says you are right, I am targeting wrong person and says I shall leave Dev.

Vidhi asks Dev to stop his car at the tea stall. She asks the tea seller to give two tea cups. She tells the seller that she will make tea. She makes the tea and serves to Dev and herself. He says nobody can beat you in tea. Vidhi thanks him. She apologizes to him.

Amba comes to Vikram and aims gun at him, asking him how dare he to attack Dev. Vikram says since I met Jai, I didn’t go near Chitra’s home. Amba says you are just lying and fooling around. Vikram calls Yogesh. Yogesh says he is your nephew. Amba says she has nobody except Dev, and says if you have attacked Dev then I will not leave you. Yogesh tells Amba that Vikram has no money or contacts to call goons, and tells that he can’t even kill the rat. Amba thinks to find out who has attacked Dev.

Precap: Dev and Vidhi inaugurates child care room in Dev’s office. Jai thinks you will get a wound which you can never forget. Later the builder tells Dev that Jai gave him money to stop Rao ji Bhai’s dream’s project.