Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update

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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bimla telling Hariprasad that she asked as he went to hospital today. Hariprasad recalls doctor’s words. He says everything is fine, and asks you started just as I came here, and says I am tired, you didn’t ask for water and started questioning me. Bimla tells him that Dev and Vidhi are coming for Milapni Mata’s darshan and asks him to stay at home. Hariprasad thinks I shall not be at home, and tells Bimla that he is going to Gwalior for 2-3 months to Tawo ji’s house. Bimla says I will not get leave. Hariprasad says I will go alone. Bimla says ok. She asks did you tell Vidhi? Hariprasad says I will do, just as I want, and says you didn’t let me go anywhere. He says he will meet his childhood friend Dayal also, and asks her if she is jealous that he will go for outing. Bimla reminds him that Dayal died 3 years back. Hariprasad says yes, he is no more. Bimla thinks what happened to him suddenly.

Satyavati gets a note, if you want to become Dadi again. She says ofcourse. Dev and Vidhi come there. Dev says Doctor said that it is perfect time to plan second baby. Satyavati says everything will be fine. Dev says Doctor suggested IVF. Satyavati says I don’t know all that. Vidhi says I want your support and guidance with us and hugs her.

Dev and Vidhi come to Hariprasad’s house. Vidhi asks Bimla where is Papa? Bimla asks her to do aarti. Vidhi asks why Papa didn’t come. Bimla says actually and tells her that Hariprasad stopped doing puja of Milapni Devi when she lost her child. A fb is shown, Hariprasad says there is no Maiyya, but just a statue. Fb ends. Vidhi says so much happened and you didn’t tell me. Bimla says you was unwell then. Satyavati prays to God and asks him to give her strength to take care of Vidhi like taking care of a flower, and says she will take extra care for first 3 months and will feed her food daily and will shield her.

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Vidhi tells that Papa is the devotee of Milapni Devi and today he lost trust on her due to me. She recalls Hariprasad doing puja and says I promise that I will make Papa regain trust on Maiyya. Hariprasad is standing far and hears her. Later vidhi tells Dev that she needs his suggestion for a project for Balghar kids. She says then we will go to doctor. Dev says I have to go alone, you are asked to call after 5 days. Vidhi says we shall throw party for Maa and Papa. Dev says ok and asks her to go there directly. Satyavati asks Chitra to have juice. Chitra makes sketch. Satyavati says it is good.

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