Molkki 2 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj becomes Bhoomi’s student

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Scene 1
Nirma makes Bhoomi wear the jewelry. She says ell did. I made it easy for you. Suraj is drunk. He will fall for you today. Suraj says to Nirma you shouldn’t have forced me. She takes Suraj to the room. He says what are Bhoomi’s idols doing inside the hall? Dhani Ram says Bhoomi was trying to sell them but Nirma stopped him. Suraj says to Nirma you ran her hard work. It’s her dream. She puts love into them. It’s her right to earn money and leave this house. Nirma says I wan the heart of this house. You should do what I ask, she can get free after that. You should go to the room. Suraj says her hands are tied. Mine aren’t. Forget about the heir. Don’t even think I will do anything like that.

Suraj comes to the room. Bhoomi is crying. He says Dhaniram told me Nirma stopped you from selling your idols. Why didn’t you tell? I know you wanna get out of this haveli. Nirma doesn’t want that. Why didn’t you tell me? She says I didn’t want any fight between you two. He says whatever is happening between her and me is our different thoughts. You should teach people your craft. Bhoomi says how can I? He says why can’t you? He shows her dad’s diary to her and says your dad wanted you to teach your craft. I am with you. I will arrange your class. Bhoomi says how will I? He says the same way you taught Laddu. Just think of the name. Classes will start tomorrow. Suraj leaves. Bhoomi says I feel like trusting him but only Nirma deserves his love.

Scene 2
Nirma comes to dadi. Dadi says you handle this house so well. You have all your focus on Bhoomi. But think about that. Nirma says what’s the complain? Dadi says you should have controlled Rimjhim. You’ve to solve that problem. Her video is still out there.

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Bhoomi arranges her class. Rimjhim says Suraj spread pamphlets everywhere. They will come for sure. Dhaniram says people don’t have money to pay. Bhoomi says no one wants to learn. I will take this off. Suraj says I am your first student. Bhoomi says you? He says why can’t I learn? My employees also want to learn. Bhoomi says these wrestlers? He says yes they want to learn. Bhoomi says Suraj has forced them. Suraj says they love art. Here are our fees. Bhoomi takes the money. Rimjhim says all te est. Bhoomi starts teaching them. Suraj’s men say you’ve taught so well. Bhoomi says I have not even started yet. Bhoomi teaches them what to do. She says what are you guys doing.

Scene 3
Nirma says to Pallavi I couldn’t focus on Rimjhim. Pallavi says I am so scared what if someone gets that SMS. Rimjhim’s life would be ruined. Nirma says you don’t worry. I have an idea. We should get her married. Pallavi says isn’t she young? Vikas says yes everything will be fine. Nirma says I know a guy. My sister’s BIL. But I need your consent. Pallavi says you’re right, he is a good guy.

Suraj’s men say we’ve learned a lot. They leave. Bhoomi says to Suraj you try but they don’t want to learn it. I don’t think these classes would work. Suraj says I am enjoying. She says you don’t even remember the artist’s names. He says I will learn it from you. You inspire me. I like it. Can you teach me? She says yes. Bhoomi says we can start with a pot. They mix the clay together. Suraj says it looks nice. Bhoomi says we have to work more on it. Suraj says I love it.

Episode ends