Mishri 11th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Raghav astonishes Parvati.

Mishri 3rd July 2024 Written Episode Update: Mishri's pursuit of education

Mishri fails to notice Raghav and Vani. Meanwhile, Kalpana burns a photo of Parvathi and Raghav. She tells Parvathi that she isn’t here to solve their issues but to take revenge. She plans to use Raghav, a good person, against Parvathi. Chithra arrives and reassures Kalpana that she has her support, believing that Parvathi took away Kalpana’s rights in the house while Raghav and his sister got everything. Kalpana promises to change everything once Vani marries Raghav.

Later, Mishri returns home, and Bela questions her about where she has been. Mishri hugs Bela and says she misunderstood her; Bela chose a good partner for her. Meanwhile, Sulekha tells Parvathi that she once broke a promise to Kalpana and can’t do it again. She insists Parvathi convince Raghav. When Raghav arrives to talk about Vani, Parvathi asks him to marry Kalpana’s daughter.

Vani refuses to marry, asserting her right to make her own decisions. Mishri shows her wedding card to Sakti, who tears it up in anger. Raghav also refuses to marry Kalpana’s daughter, revealing that he has been in love with someone else for three years. Parvathi, recalling Sulekha’s warning, slaps Raghav and chastises him for thinking about a love marriage, given the family’s past troubles. Grandpa defends Raghav, saying it’s not wrong to love someone, but Sulekha supports Parvathi’s reaction. Chithra is pleased with how things are unfolding.

Raghav hugs Sulekha, expressing his understanding of why she slapped him but refuses to agree with their decision, leaving the room. Sulekha urges Parvathi to convince Raghav for Kalpana’s sake.

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Kalpana tells Vani that she isn’t forcing her but is concerned for her. She explains that she met Raghav, who is down-to-earth and a good businessman, and believes he would be a good match for Vani. Vani agrees to meet him, deciding she won’t marry anyone other than Raghav.

Grandma asks Sakthi why he tore the invitation card. Bela steps on Sakthi’s leg, and he responds that he didn’t like the card, wanting to print a better one as the village president. Grandma worries that tearing the first invitation is a bad omen. Bela and her son try to convince her otherwise.

Vani packs her things, and her father asks if she wants to stop the alliance. Vani reveals that she doesn’t want to marry the person her mom chose and asks if her father knows who her lover is. He responds that he understands her, emphasizing that her happiness is what matters. Vani assures him that her choice is a good person.

Later, Mishri is lost in thoughts about Raghav. Bela asks Grandma where she is taking Mishri, and Grandma explains that they are going to perform a puja with the invitation. Sakthi disapproves.