Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Varun Narrowly Escapes A Conspiracy


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 28th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Gaura tries to leave Varun’s house and shouts in fear when she notices a man at the door. Varun rushes to her help. Man introduces himself as an electrician who came to check a fault. Varun tells Gaura that she frightened him and says his driver will drop her home. Gaura leaves. Electrician manipulates electric connection and makes a ceiling fan fall on Varun. Varun’s ghost mother bends him via superpower and makes the fan fall on his shoulder instead of head. Maid rushes to Varun and asks if he is fine. He says he is a bit injured. Electrician informs his boss that his plan failed.

Gaura gets a nightmare and wakes up worried for Varun. She says Varun is in guilt that his parents passed away because of him. Rekha says Varun’s parents are worried for him but are helpless without any superpowers. Gaura says they are not getting mukhti because of their love for Varun and we need to find out if they had passed away due to Varun’s mistake. Gaura reaches office after some time. Rekha informs her that Varun didn’t visit office as a ceiling fan fell on him and he is injured. Gaura visits Varun and nurses his injury. She asks him to take care of himself. Varun says he is in sorrow after his parents’ death and never opened their room after their death. Rekha goes to parent’s room to find some clue and finds a photo with Varun’s uncle and father and uncle’s watch. She finds parents standing behind her and asks them to help her find some clue. Mother starts crying. Rekha asks her to stop crying or else they will get a flood.

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Varun’s uncle comes to meet him and shows his concern for him. Varun shares his sorrow with him. Uncle asks Varun to take care of himself and leaves. Gaura notices electrician as uncle’s driver. Uncle gives a money bundle to driver and drives car himself. Back to office, Gaura realizes that Varun’s uncle must be behind his parents’ accident. She rushes to Varun’s house and finds him not at home. She asks Rekha to find out where Varun is with her superpowers. Rekha notices Varun driving a car with driver sitting behind. Gaura thinks Varun’s uncle wants to kill him. Uncle takes Varun to a construction site and signals his driver. Driver hits Varun’s head from behind. Varun collapses. Uncle leaves locking the door from outside.

Precap: Varun’s uncle gives money to his driver to kill Varun and escape from the city. Driver spreads toxic smoke and blasts construction site. Gaura with Rekha reaches construction site.