Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Ganga Selects Gaura For Som

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Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 28th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Twinkle hugs Som and then apologizes. Som feels good. Twinkle says nobody told her like this. Som says even he didn’t and she is a first girl. Twinkle says her mother doesn’t like anyone liking her too much. Rekha thinks Som will like Twinkle for sure. Ganga with Kanchan searches for Gaura. Gaura sings bhajan in a temple. Ganga slips and falls. Kanchan lifts her up. They both don’t notice Gaura passing by behind them and question Panditji about Gaura giving her physical description. Panditji says there are many girls like that, they should be knowing her name. Ganga says they themselves will find her and walks away scolding Kanchan.

Twinkle tells Som that she will leave now. Som nods yes. Twinkle thinks if she was her boyfriends Deepak and Mahendra, they wouldn’t have let her go at all. Som hopes she stays back. Twinkle thinks he seems to be a tortoise, so she needs to become a rabbit. Ganga tells Kanchan that she is unnecessarily forcing her to hit a target in dark. Kanchan notices Gaura picking wood and says that is the girl she is talking about. Ganga identifies her as the one who removed thorn from her foot and is very sanskari. Gaura notices a boy falling in a ditch, goes to help him out, and herself falls in it. Boy’s mother notices im and tries to beat him. Gaura stops her and sends boy with her.

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Ganga gets impressed with her. Kanchan clicks Gaura’s pic and shows it to Panditji who identifies her as his friend Harish pandit’s daughter Gaura who is simple and sanskari. Ganga asks about Gaura’s qualification. Panditji says till 4th standard, but knows household chores well. Kanchan asks Gaura’s address and tells Ganga that they should meet Gaura’s parents.

Twinkle returns to Som and asks if they can go to a mall. He agrees and accompanies her. She gifts him a perfume. He asks how does she know that he likes it. She says its all boys’ favorite and indirectly talks about her multiple boyfriends. Ganga informs panditji that she wants to Gaura’s hands for her grandson son. Panditji says Gaura’s family is very poor and can get her married only 2 clothes, their decision is good though. Som calls Rekha and informs that he liked Twinkle and asks her to fix her alliance. Drama continues…

Precap: Rekha fixes Som’s alliance with Twinkle. Ganga and Kanchan reach Gaura’s house.