Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Maha Panditji Gets Angry On Som


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Delivery boy brings Twinkle’s ordered halwa/food and searches for her. Rekha thinks she should find out what is in the box. Twinkle walks towards delivery boy. Ganga and Kanchan order cook to serve them food and discuss that they couldn’t have normal food from Rekha’s hand when Rekha was alive and are enjoying feast after her death. Rekha fumes that they are hogging food before pooja ended and drops their food. They ordr another thali. Rekha drops even that. Kanchan gets afraid realizing tis Rekha’s ghost and runs away from there. Delivery boy drops halwa on floor and repacks it. Twinkle receives it and happily walks in. Delivery waits thinking she went inside to bring a tip for him.

Panditji performs pooja and asks Som to get more mango tree wood. Som goes out and to get it. Gaura notices him and asks why did he get out of pooja in between. Som says panditji ordered to bring mango wood. Gaura says its in store room and brings it for him. Som thanks him and leaves. Rekha tries to enter house crossing panditji’s drawn laxman rekha and is thrown far away. She then emerges in front of Gaura and accuses Gaura of trying to lure som after divorcing him. Gaura says she didn’t when she was married to Som, why would she now; she was just giving mango wood to Som.

Panditji asks Som to bring halwa prepared by his wife. Twinkle pours halwa in an utensil and acts as preparing it. Som walks to her and asks her to come and serve halwa to pandits before maha pandit gets angry. Gaura serves her prepared food to a cow. Twinkle serves halwa to pandits. Maha panditji bites halwa and gets angry. Som asks if there is any mistake. Panditji says he wasted his mother’s pooja as there are stones pebbbles in halwa. Other pandits back him. Maha pandit says his mother will burn for 11 times. Som tries to calm him down and says Twinkle prepared this halwa. Maha Panditji says he knows what Twinle did. Twinkle gets afraid and thinks she has to do something before she is blamed.

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Precap: Maha Pandijti curses that Som’s mother will burn and will face problems because of Som’s irrespoinsible behavior.