Mere Sai 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update : Kulkarni apologises to Sai


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Kulkarni sees smoke everywhere and realises his house is on fire. Keshav, Sonali and Rukmini reach the vada. Kulkarni tries to come out but unable because of fire. Rukmini prays to Sai to save her husband. Kulkarni sees Rukmini praying for his life and gets emotional. Kulkarni starts crying.
Sai reaches Vada with help of others. Sai sees Kulkarni kneeled down with hands joined. Sai asks everyone to have faith and patience and walks inside to save Kulkarni.
Sai asks Kulkarni to hold his hand. Kulkarni says to him, no Sai. Keshav says to Kulkarni, Sai is here to save you please come. Kulkarni says yes I know like always Sai is here to save me but my ego didn’t let me accept that and its better I die, I have done sins that don’t deserve forgiveness. I have only given pain to everyone in Shirdi so please don’t save me I won’t be able to face anyone please forgive me.

Sai keeps his hand on Kulkarni’s shoulder and Kulkarni experiences Sai’s diviness.
Kulkarni hugs Sai. Everyone emotional to see Kulkarni finally realises Sai’s goodness. The fire goes off. Sai says to Kulkarni this is not black magic but the hatred in your heart that led you to this day. Face your sins and try to change and live a happy loving life, be a good husband, father and grand father.

Kulkarni walks out to his family and apologises to Rukmini, Keshav. Keshav hugs Kulkarni.
Kulkarni hugs his sister Shama and apologises to everyone. Everyone accepts Kulkarni.
Kulkarni takes Sai’s blessings.
The villagers who light Kulkarni’s vada apologise to Sai. Sai says learn from your mistakes and live happily together.
Kulkarni says to Sai, I have always done bad but today onwards I only want to work for the benefit of Shirdi. Sai blesses Kulkarni and says from today a new chapter of Shirdi has started and soon my Shirdi will be known for its prosperity.

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Sai in Dwarka Mai thinks of his old days. Ragini asks Sai what is he thinking. Sai says I was just remembering my good old days and thanking God for it, I have had such good time here I didn’t realise how time passed so quikly. I felt like it was yesterday when Keshav use to hide from his father and come to visit me and Tatya would come with Baizmaa and get me food.

Sai says to everyone, I have so many memories with you all, I came here because God wanted me and you all gave me so much love that I permanently stayed. Sai’s health worsen. Bapu Sarkar says Sai you promised you will stay with me for that you will have to take care of yourself. Sai says I will first have a very important work to do. Sai says I want a Bhandara to be organized will you all help me. Everyone says yes.
Rehana says Sai you are giving food to us and all others but you aren’t eating. Sai says when you all are fulfiled I feel happy. Tomorrow is Dasshera I want to see whole Shirdi decorated and want everyone to be happy and smiling.

Next day on Dasshera, Dwarka Mai is decorated. Sai looks at Ray on light and says just some time more and I will take last Bhiksha from my Shirdi please give me strength for that.
Sai picks his bag and goes to collect Bhiksha.

Kulkarni says to Keshav today this Vada will get Sai’s blessings.

Dilawar sees Sai weak on his way to collect Bhiksha and says you need to rest. Sai says its my Bhiksha time, its my Dharam.

Pre cap: Sai fells everyone that this Bhiksha is his last.
Eveeyone surround Sai and sing songs in name of Sai.