Mere Sai 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sai decides to build a garden in name of Baizmaa.


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At Dwarka Mai, everyone gathered for Baizmaa’s remembrance. Sai says like me even I am missing Baizmaa. Baji says I know she is around but I miss her, her food, her love, and her presence gave me peace. Sai says in her memory we will plant these trees in the name of Baizmaa and her love stays with us. Tatya says Aai loves Mogra, so let’s plant that. Everyone brings seeds of one plant they knew Baizmaa loved. Tatya says today I feel my mother is the richest woman. Baji asks this way we can build a garden in her name but we will need someone to take care of the plants. Sai says arrangements for that are made.
Keshav walks to Sai with some workers and tells Sai that they worked with my father. Workers say we worked there only for Keshav and now even we want to join him in some noble work. Sai asks Shama to give them work based on their calibre in Butti Vada construction.

Everyone leaves but one worker starts crying in front of Sai. He says I made a huge mistake, Baiza Akka is killed because of me. Tatya asks him, what is he saying?
Sai asks the worker to calm down and tell everyone what happened. He says I am a gardener at Kulkarni and I knew Baji didn’t come to steal mangoes but Kulkarni forced me to lie and then the series of events began where Tatya fell sick and then Baiza Akka. I wish I hadn’t lied and Baiza Akka was amongst us, I can never forgive me for this. Baji walks to the gardener, why did you lie? Chandu says your apology won’t fix things. Sai explains to everyone that the gardener was pressurised and he is sorry and so we should forgive him.

Tatya walks to the gardener, if Aai was here she would have forgiven you but her time was close and no one is responsible for her death don’t blame yourself. Keshav asks the gardener to go join Madhav Kaka. Sai says he will stay here and look after the garden. Gardener gets happy and thanks, Sai.

Kulkarni walks out and sees no servants and guards outside. Santa walks to him and tells him that gardeners and guards have quit their jobs. Kulkarni asks why? Santa tells him because of Keshav and explains the whole incident. Kulkarni hits him. Santa says I am loyal but you keep hitting me and if you keep doing this all will run away. Kulkarni hears Rukmini sending food for Keshav and throws the plate. Kulkarni scolds the worker for taking food, He says I don’t want to work with such a boss and leaves. Kulkarni starts accusing Rukmini. Rukmini says Keshav is our son. Kulkarni says he is dead for me and whoever keeps a relation with Keshav and tries to be Sai’s devotee they are dead for me. Kulkarni hurts Rukmini and says dare you disobey me or else you will be dead. Every Sai devotee is my enemy, even if it’s my son, grandson or wife.

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Sai in Dwarka Mai. Keshav is emotional, missing his mother. Sai emotional missing Baizmaa. Sai sees Keshav crying and goes sits beside him. Sai wipes Keshavs tears. Sai tells Keshav, Baizmaa’s love turned me from a fakir into a lovable son and mothers love has a lot of power, Kulkarni may try whatever he wants but he won’t be able to keep you away from your mother.

The next day at Dwarka Mai, a fakir walks in. Sai smiles feeling his presence. Fakir takes Sai’s blessings and hugs Sai. Sai says it’s so good to see you after so long. Dilawar Ali says when I heard about Baizmaa I couldn’t wait to see you, as you are a motherly figure to me, so was Baizmaa to you. Dilawar sees the brick broken and asks Sai, how did this happen. Sai smiles and says Dilawar, everything has an end in this world and so it’s time for this brick to go back. Dilawar says this means something bad is going to happen. Sai says everything happens as decided by God and what comes next is also decided by God, so there is nothing to worry about. Dilawar says this time, your words are not soothing me but scaring me, please let me stay with you. Sai says even, I want you to stay with me, go meet Patil Ji and when you come back get him too. Dilawar leaves.

Pradeep visits Sai. Pradeep says I dreamt about you last night so I came to see you. Sai says I called you, stay here I will be back soon.

Pre cap: Sai says to farmers, you all always gave your produce to Kulkarni Sarkar, how about you all make a committee amongst yourself and then trade.

Kulkarni sees everyone working in the committee and asks what is this happening?
Keshav says to him, end of your corruption.