Mere Sai 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update : Prabhakar cuts ties with Sonali


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Sonali says to everyone that she wants to stay in Shirdi and doesn’t want to go away from Sai and will do anything to stay here even if no one likes my decision. Prahlad says I couldn’t tell Sonali I don’t want to leave Shirdi and look with Sai’s blessings Sonali herself happily agreed to stay here. Kulkarni gets angry and says you are opposing my decision infront of everyone. Prahlad says yes I am and I am atleast not betraying you behind your back and even if you don’t want us in wada now its fine because me and Sonali can happily live at Dwarka Mai as well.

Sai asks Kulkarni to accept kids wish and not force them. Sai says to Prabhakar that you have received your land and Sonali’s happiness in Shirdi why can’t she stay here. Prabhakar says I have no interest in you, my wish is that my daughter and son in law expand my business in foreign and not waste time here . Prabhakar tries to force Sonali. Keshav stops Prabhakar and says Sonali is my daughter in law now and my son and daughter in law will stay as they want to and I am capable enough to look after them. Prahlad says I will become capable too. Kulkarni thinks I have to play smartly and not create mess now.

Kulkarni says to Prabhakar, let the kids do as they want, lets not begin new relations with fights I hope you understand. Kulkarni says Prahlad I was angry because you were disrespecting me and I was sending him to London because Sonali wanted to and if she wants to stay here let her. Prabhakar says I won’t allow this.

Prabhakar says to Sonali, I am done with you. Sai says to Prabhakar that one day you will learn your daughter is right and you will regret that day. Prabhakar leaves.
Sai says to Keshav your daughter in law’s responsibility is now yours. Keshav says she is my daughter now. Keshav says to Sonali I will always protect you as a father. Sai says Keshav Sonali will get the love she missed from her father from you now. Sai blesses everyone.

Sai next day removes Paduka(footwear) from a trunk and wears them. Sai walks in Paduka in Shirdi for Bhiksha. Everyone confused and say Sai always go barefoot then why Paduka today.

A man on his way to Shirdi on a Palkhi carried by servants. His brother Dhaniram says Dada let the servants rest for sometime they are carrying so much weight. He says I am not heavy and I won’t entertain any problems. Servants whisper younger brother works hard and is so kind and this elder brother does nothing and just throws tantrums.

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In Dwarka Mai, Sai returns. Patil asks Sai why is he wearing Paduka. Sai says you will know soon.
Dhaniram and his elder reach Dwarka Mai. Elder brother complains to Dhaniram that he does not take care of him, and brought in such inconvenient way, you have money but for others and not for your brother. Servants ask Dhaniram for money so that they can eat something and rest. His elder brother denies and says later and walks in calling Sai.
Tatya stops him and says Sai is meditating. He says tell him I am here wake him, I don’t have time. Tatya says please don’t cross your lines, we can’t disturb Sai but he doesn’t listen and walks inside. Sai says to Tatya its okay.

Sai says Atmaram and Dhaniram you can come inside. Atmaram says you know our names this means you are divine but what kind of servants you have. Sai says Tatya is not my servant, he selflessly helps me in taking care of people who visit me. Atmaram says my father donated so much money but how are you staying here. Sai says he donated them to the needy and wasn’t for me. Atmaram says whatever. Dhaniram says Sai my father is no more but he had requested that we take his ashes to you for blessing and takes the kalash to Sai. Sai says Ramkanth was a kind man and may God bless you and you carry his legacy. Atmaram says he didn’t do anything for him and says he said he left something near you and I am sure its lot of money please give it I can’t wait anymore.

Sai removes Paduka and gives it to Atmaram and says this is what your father left for you, its priceless. Atmaram says what joke is this. Dhaniram says these Paduka are Sai’s its truly priceless. Atmaram says shutup, Sai is lying to us, I can’t believe my father left Paduka for me. Dhaniram tries ro talk to Atmaram but Atmaram doesn’t listen and keeps ranting. Everyone around gets disturbed seeing Atmaram’s behaviour. Dhaniram asks Atmaram to leave. Atmaram says I don’t wa t to stay.

Pre cap: Atmaram tells his wife that Sai gave him chappals. His wif says what will we do with it. Dhaniram’s wife says its Sai’s blessings. Atmaram says its just garbage
Sai says to Tatya its difficult to understand Atmaram but see he will return soon. Tatya asks Sai why though.s