Mere Sai 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update : Revathi decides to leave Shirdi

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Revathi looks at the picture and says this is picture of my parents. Revathi remembers past…
Revathi unwell when she was kid, she on her way to doctor the road is closed because of some trees. Her father removes it but hurts his hand.
Sai gives the picture to Revathi, Revathi says my Appa was my role model this is best gift. Sai asks Revathi did this picture remind of some bitter memories. Revathi says no. Revathi leaves.

Sai asks Keshav and says give this to Bhiva and if you find something of mine in the way get it back. Keshav says okay and leaves.
Revathi on her way home, has memory flashes of her father hitting her and drops the picture and leaves.
Keshav passing by, finds the picture and remembers Sai asked him to get it.

Revathi hears few girls discuss how Nanda is a very good dancer and she will definitely win the competition, Revathi asks girls where do they practice.They tell Revathi near Khandoba Mandir.
Madhavan calls Nanda and says its late lets go, or else Revathi will come here. Nanda says let me practice more, may be Amma loves it and she allows me to dance. Revathi walks to them and slaps Nanda. Madhavan scolds Revathi, Revathi pulls Nanda and takes her away.

Keshav gives Sai the picture.
Revathi shouts at everyone, Madhavan says I am Nanda’s father and I can take decision for her. Revathi says I have always considered your decision, for once I asked her not to do something can’t you listen to this. Rama thinks Revathi never has been so angry so this isn’t Revathi but the ghost she is possessed with talking.

Rama says to Madhavan don’t make Revathi lose her calm. Madhavan says I would not stop her if she things were sensible but Sai has also advised us. Revathi says enough of Sai, he is just playing with us, I can’t let Nanda’s future ruin because of Sai and we aren’t staying in Shirdi anymore. Nanda says I won’t leave Shirdi. Revathi scolds Nanda and starts packing.

Sai explains that by running away from past we think we will get away from our problems and painful memories but to get over painful memories we need to accept the painful past.

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Revathi and her family leaving Dixit Vada, Appa says Revathi you should meet Sai once. Nanda says yes I want to meet Sai. Revathi says we will be late lets go. Sai says you shouldn’t be so I am here. Revathi and her family greet Sai. Rama says we don’t want to leave Shirdi but because of Revathi’s stubbornness we have to.
Sai says Revathi I made this sketch for you, may be you dropped it by mistake. Revathi takes it. Nanda hugs Sai and says I don’t want to go Sai.

Revathi says Nanda lets go and the family leaves.
Revathi and family waiting for Bullock cart. Appa says lets leave tomorrow we can’t walk. Revathi says we will walk we will find something.

Sai walks to Chetan and asks for a paper and a piece of coal.
Rama gets angry and thinks how much is this ghost making me walk. Revathi asks Rama what is it, why is she so upset with her. Rama says I am scared of you, Revathi asks why. Rama says because you haven’t stopped dancing. Madhavan says Amma must be tired lets rest here for sometime.
Meera asks Revathi for some pickle while having food, Revathi opens bag and sees a picture. (Sai draws a picture).

Revathi sees the picture of her father hitting her and starts crying. She remembers how her father use to be very bad with her mother and always hit her. Madhavan asks what picture is this. Revathi sats Sai made a happy picture of me and my family. Revathi remembers practising with her mother and rushes to Dwarka Mai, Madhavan follows her asking what is wrong.

Revathi sees Sai on her way, Revathi says Sai I want to know the truth, I thought Appa is a good man but why did he slap her. Sai asks Revathi to why did she come to meet him. Revathi says for dancing but I don’t remember this past. Sai says dance and release your stress and free Nanda as well infact you should teach her to dance.

Pre cap: Revathi says to Sai, if you think by me teaching Nanda dance, I will find answers then I will do so because even I want to know why is this happening.