Mere Sai 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update : Shishupal misses his family.


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Santa tells Kulkarni that he tried to find out everything but there is no connection between Appa Patil and Shishupal and both just keep coughing. Kulkarni asks is Shishupal rich. Santa says no, he doesn’t even work properly and looks ordinary. Kulkarni says then he is of no use to me leave, just if you find something interesting let me know.

Baizmaa serves Shishupal and Patil food. Tatya says to Patil, Baba let me help you. Patil says no, I feel better I will walk on my own. Shishupal happy to see all his favourite things. Baizmaa says Sai told me about them. Shishupal says how does Sai know about me? Baizmaa says Sai knows everything, we find him weird but everything he does has someone’s benefit hidden, so treat us as your family and feel free with us and have food now.

Shishupal tastes food and says after so long he has experienced the taste of homely made food and thanks Baizmaa. Shishupal in tears.
Baji walks to Shishupal and asks him to teach him a poem he has to narrate at school. Shishupal teaches him a poem of bird.
Shishupal happy to spend time with Baji.

Patil sees Shishupal asleep and slowly walks to him and puts a blanket over him.
At Dwarka Mai everyone gathered for pravachan. Sai asks Shishupal how does he feel at Patil’s. Shishupal says very homely, Baji reminds me of my grandson. Patil says Shishupal makes me feel like I have a brother and I feel much better.

Shishupal thinks about his family and gets emotional thinking about them. Patil sees Shishupal walk outside upset and offers him tea. Shishupal sees his wife and says I want tea with sugar. She says jaggery is better for health at this age. Patil calls Shishupal and he realises it was just a dream.
Shishupal shares his pain with Patil, that he lost his wife to illness and soon his kids left him too.

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Shishupal shares with Patil, once when he returned home after business he saw his wife was no more.
(Shishupal walks to his wife’s photo and starts crying. Shishupal walks to Lokesh, Lokesh says you couldn’t even come to see my mother when she breathed her last, don’t do this drama that you are sad, I sent you message but you gave your business priority and not your wife, you never have time for us. Shishupal tries to convince Lokesh, he was caught up. Lokesh says to him, you are just greedy and I can’t live like this anymore and so I am leaving. Shishupal begs him not to leave him alone. )

Patil says to Shishupal, calm down. Shishupal says I lost everything, my family, my wife, son, daughter in law and grandson just because I couldn’t reach home in time and the person because of whom I couldn’t reach on time, I curse him. Sai walks in and says that person is in lot of trouble. Shishupal asks Sai do you know him. Sai says I know everything but cursing someone won’t help you, he did wrong and so he is facing problems but if you still curse him, the negativity will come back to you. Shishupal says Sai how can you say this. Sai says Shishupal forgiveness has lot of power. Shishupal says Sai I can’t and walks in.

Patil asks Sai, I feel like Shishupal knows that person and how am I connected to him, when did I do wrong with him. Sai says time will answer everything for now, take care of him.

Pre cap: Sai tells Madhur to accept his mistake first and asks to tell truth about what happened in Pune.
Shishupal says to Patil and his family, you all are with Madhur and gets angry.