Mere Sai 15th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Prahlad finds answers to his problems


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Baizmaa asks Sai why did he take money in Bhiksha from Kulkarni. Sai says God and me know the reason and soon all will also know why, have patience and faith.

Sonali starts packing. Vaishali asks her to calm down and talk to Prabhakar. Sonali says did he care to talk to me. Prabhakar walks to Sonali and asks her why is she upset, its her dream to stay in London. Sonali says I don’t want to stay with someone I don’t know. Prabhakar says I didn’t want to send you alone, he will be able to take care of you there. Sonali says you met him once, I understand everything and also know you do everything for Profit and if you had spoken to Prahlad you would have understood why he isn’t a good match for me. Prabhakar says I don’t wish to answer this question. Sonali says thats because you don’t care about me, I wish my mother was alive, she would have understood my feelings, for you I am just an asset, I am so unlucky to have a father like you. Sonali says I won’t stay quiet till I know the truth. Prabhakar tells her, Kulkarni is giving me 100acre land for mill in return you have to marry Prahlad.

Tejaswini argues with Kulkarni how he could do this to Prahlad and says I won’t let my son go away for me. Kulkarni says you are given freedom in this house but not to take decisions, he is your son but my grandson and I will take decisions in this house, even his father isn’t allowed. Tejaswini says I won’t tolerate this. Kulkarni says okay then keep your son here and let him become useless like his father. I did this so that he isn’t a failure and when Prahlad will go away from here, we all will be super rich and you go London too with him and stay abroad. Tejaswini imagines herself living in London and smiles. Kulkarni says thank God women are stupid.

Sonali says to Vaishali, look as I said I am just an asset for him, he gave me all freedom not for happiness but to count them later and use me for his business. Sonali says to Prabhakar, you don’t love me and you never loved me.
Prabhakar asks Vaishali to leave. Prabhakar says to Sonali, Prahlad is intelligent and very kind and a perfect match for a son in law, I wouldn’t make any harsh decision for you, you will know in future that this decision was for your God and you are my family I would never do bad to you and leaves.
Prabhakar asks Vaishali to keep an eye on Sonali and make sure she doesn’t do something that will cancel my deal.

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Prahlad walks to Sai and says I don’t want to marry Sonali. Sai says come to Dwarka Mai with me and you will find all your answers.

Keshav walks to Kulkarni and argues for using his son. Kulkarni says this is my house and I take decisions here. Keshav says I won’t let anything happen against Prahlad’s wish. Kulkarni says this is hatred Sai filled you against me talking and this is my house, so things will work as I want. Keshav says in that case I am leaving with my son, lets go Tejaswini. Tejaswini says he has made the right decision, I want to see my son successful unlike you, I want to see him rich and if he stays here he will become a loser. Keshav says to Tejaswini, just for revenge you are doing this to Prahlad, Sai is God and he would never do bad to his devotee. Tejaswini says I also have right to make decisions for my son and I want him to go to London. Kulkarni says to Keshav, you can’t go against Sai’s teachings right. Keshav starts smiling and says I got scared for a moment and when Sai is around I know nothing bad will happen to my son and he will help Prahlad get what he wants.

Sai takes Prahlad to Dwarka Mai and shows him arrangements his friends, students and all from Shirdi did for his birthday. His students with help for Srikant a poem thanking Prahlad. Prahlad gets emotional hearing poem and remembers his struggles. Prahlad says Sai was right I will get my answers at Dwarka Mai and says I know what I want to do now very clearly, this happiness is what I want, I do this work on my wish and so I have decided I will become a teacher, Ajooba isn’t wrong its just that London won’t give me happiness this will. Keshav walks to Prahlad and says I will help you achieve your dreams. Prahlad says you don’t have an idea what all has happened. Keshav says I know everything. Prahlad says but when who will talk to Ajooba. Sai says you will, you have to talk to your grandfather about what you want and leave the rest to God.

Pre Cap: Prahlad says to Kulkarni, he has made a decision and he won’t marry Sonali. Prabhakar says to Kulkarni, if you want this deal convince your grandson.

Sonali insults Sai and calls him fraud and greedy