Mere Sai 15th December 2022 Written Episode Update : Kulkarni’s plan fails.

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Kulkarni decides to give Thakur a medicine which will make him sleep for 2 days.
Sai ag Dwarka Mai, removes his bowl and pours water in it and lets it boil.
Kulkarni gives Thakur medicine, the moment he opens the bottle the medicine vapours out and Kulkarni and Thakur get surprised. Kulkarni says no worries have this powder. Thakur about to have it Sai blows air and a wind comes and blows all the medicine. Kulkarni says I will get more. Thakur says not needed I am feeling very good all thanks to your medicine and leaves. Kulkarni gets angry and says we have to stop him.

Inspector says Kulkarni isn’t here yet, so lets take these two to police station. Amarpal and Subhash being dragged, Thakur walks to them and says these two are innocent, Subhash just wanted to talk to me but I was scared and in the hustle I fell down. Kulkarni says no he was definitely there to kill you. Thakur says then he would have pushed me but he didn’t. Subhash walks to Thakur and apologies to him. Thakur says no it wasn’t your fault. Sai walks to them and says you both were scared for life and so you made mistakes. Sai explains them how their fears lead them to problems.

Thakur scolds Kulkarni for rushing into conclusion and blaming Sai too and he should apologise to everyone for this. Kulkarni says I will never apologies to these two because I still believe they are plotting something against me. Sai says I don’t want your apology for once try to solve your inner issues and all will be fine. Kulkarni gets angry and leaves.

Subhash tells Sai, he is very thankful for Sai’s advices and he has overcome all the insecurities and he couldn’t earn money. Sai says it was never about money, I just wanted to teach you value of money and other values. I wanted your grandfather to see the grandson he will be very proud of. Subhash asks when will this day come. Sai says lets go to Dwarka Mai, Deva you too come with us.

Man who heard Sai’s voice in dreams looks confused. Shirdi villager walks to him and asks are you looking for something and if you need help go to Sai Baba he helps solve every problem and leaves.

Deva, Amarpal, Subhash and Sai arrive at Dwarka Mai, they are happy to see Kamal has completed the horse cart. Subhash happily tells Amarpal about it. Sai tells Kamal your teacher was innocent. Kamal says I wish he could see it. Sai asks Amarpal to go near havan kundh and keep looking at it and he will soon get his vision back. Amarpal asks Subhash to take him there he first wants to see him.

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Amarpal looks at the fire, Sai says focus and you will surely see something. Amarpal sees his past how he had forcefully stopped all doctors around for his daughter in laws delivery. Amarpals son tries explaining him but Amarpal for his selfish motives makes them stop.
Amarpal tells Sai that he saw his past, and nothing else. Sai says you will get vision only when you will see the past and few mistakes you have made and when you will realise that you will see clearly. Sai says I saved Subhash from all issues but when will you learn.

Amarpal sees how because he was praying and when he heard news about his grandson being born he mistakenly appiled a fruits milk to his eyes which made him blind. Amarpal looks back in the fire and sees how his selfishness had cost Deva his leg.
Amarpal starts crying and says I would like to apologise to that person but I don’t know who this man is. Sai says he is here with his son. Amarpal asks Deva was that him, who injured his leg. Deva says yes I lost 18yrs of my life because of it. Amarpal says I don’t deserve forgiveness after what you have been through because of me.

The man reaches Dwarka Mai and sees cart and happily rushes in calling Amarpal and says I have seen after 20 years. The man Nandlal greets Sai, Amarpal asks who are you I can’t see. Nandlal says I am the vendor who use to buy carts from you. Amarpal remembers Nandlal. Nandlal says no one had your craftsman ship and I knew this was made by you but how you can’t see. Amarpal says Kamal made it. Nandlal insists Amarpal om starting his factory again teach others and raise employment, he has huge order from Rajasthans king. Amarpal says my factory is now Kamal’s he will take up this order.

Pre cap: A couple at Dwarka Mai, tell Sai that their son Kushal lies a lot and now they don’t know when he is telling truth and when he is lying.
Banta tries to scare a man and says he doesn’t know who Banta is and he is very dangerous. The man and others around laugh at Banta.