Mere Dad Ki Dulhan fame Anjali Tatrari talks about her bond with Varun Badola

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan fame Anjali Tatrari talks about her bond with Varun Badola

The connection between Anjali Tatrari and Varun Badola in the television series ‘Mere Dad Ki Dulhan,’ where they portrayed a father-daughter duo, transcended the screen, blossoming into a genuine bond off-screen. Their camaraderie mirrored that of a real father and daughter, a connection that endures even three years after the show’s conclusion.

Anjali, who is currently gracing Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s ‘Vanshaj,’ shared her thoughts in a recent interview, stating, “I made my acting debut on television with ‘Mere Dad Ki Dulhan’ and was fortunate to work alongside seasoned actors like Varun sir and Shweta (Tiwari) ma’am. They were incredible and incredibly supportive, making it feel as though it wasn’t my first show. Varun sir provided me with valuable guidance.”

This mentorship extended beyond the screen and into real life. Anjali continued, “Even today, I send Varun sir a text message whenever I return home from a late-night shoot, addressing him as ‘dada.’ My father passed away when I was four, and Varun sir has filled that role in my life. Working on the show was a unique experience because I got to experience having a father, something I had missed in real life. Consequently, every reaction and scene felt as natural as possible.”

In terms of her professional choices, Anjali is drawn to projects that convey social messages. In a pre-‘Vanshaj’ interview, she expressed her preference, saying, “I gravitate towards shows that convey a social message and steer clear of typical saas-bahu dramas. It’s not that I can’t excel in such roles, but it’s a matter of choice. I’d rather engage in projects that resonate with me. I aspire to be associated with shows that are socially relevant while also providing entertainment. ‘Vanshaj’ meets these criteria, and hopefully, I can positively impact women through this endeavor.”

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