Mera pyaar… Part 47 ( Rain moment and secret meeting)


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Once the function overs naira happily goes to kartik’s cabin and hugs him happily..


Naira:kartik..iam happy..i can’t believe that i..i won..i feel as if my dream came true..

Kartik smiles..

Kartik: dance is your passion and dream naira since childhood. You already achieved it and you achieved it again..iam proud of my naira..

Naira:i don’t know how i achieved it in my past life..but today I achieved it because of you..thank you so much mendak.

Kartik: what? I made you win..your just giving thanks? I made you get a trophy but in return you are just giving me a word..this isn’t fair..

Naira smiles seeing his upset face and pats his cheeks cutely..

Naira:ohh my handsome mendak!! You are so cute while you are upset.. looking like a frog frog Prince..

Kartik moves her away..

Kartik: don’t convince me with your puppy play..i won’t get convinced until you give me something special in return. need something special?


Naira thinks and smiles and she slowly comes near kartik and whispers in his ears..

Naira whispers:i love you kartik..i love you more than anything else..

She kisses his cheeks..

Naira moves and kartik blushes…

Kartik:waah!!! You are making me mad in love more.. what a gift i got!

Naira:why are reacting soon? Still there is more return gift..

Kartik gets excited..

Kartik: really? What’s that?

Naira naughtily smiles and..

Naira: that’s secret..i can’t tell now. You will know it soon..

Kartik:this is not fair..tell it now.. don’t make me yearn.

Naira: making you yearn atself is a wait will know it soon..i won’t tell now whatever you do..bye iam going to class..

She runs to class smiling while kartik makes faces..

Kartik in spoiled my mood. Till you show the suprise or gift..i can’t keep my mind peaceful.

Naira reaches her class and everyone congratulate her..

Students:Tina…you are really great dancer. You made our department proud with you dancing skill..

Naira smiles..

Naira:thank you guys..

Vedika and her friends makes faces in irritation..

Siya whispers: Tina is over proud..we can’t let her win always.

Vedika:today she could have won..but not next time.


Everyone handshakes with her and vedika too shakes hands with her for formal behaviour..



Vedika goes irritated while naira is confused of her tone..

Naira in mind:why she looks irritated and why was her voice looks as if she hates me?

Later she ignored it and goes and sits with Priya and John..


Goenkas including bani and mishti reaches Mumbai and they go to kartik’s house..

Keerthi and naksh gets happy and they welcome them..

Naksh: seeing everyone after long..iam so happy.

Veer:we missed you guys so much.. finally we met.


Keerthi hugs Manish and gets emotional..

Keerthi:papa..thanks for trusting me and supporting me against Aditya.

Manish:will pur upbringing be so cheap Keerthi beta? I know about our i believe you completely.

Abir:Keerthi di.. you are our family. Then who will we trust more than our own family members? And moreover we know about your character well..

Keerthi smiles and suddenly she faints and naksh who was standing back immediately holds her and everyone gets shocked..


Bani:Keerthi.. what happened to her?

Naksh:she have fever. I already told her to take rest but she dint listen..she was cleaning house in happiness of your coming.

Swarna:ohh no..this Keerthi na. Anyways..lets lie her on bed and let her sleep for sometime.

Naksh makes Keerthi lie down and comes out..

Akhilesh:naksh beta.. we have to send divorce notice as soon as possible. Did you find any lawyer?

Naksh:yes uncle..he will meet us evening.

Andy:that’s good. We have to get rid of this Aditya scoundrel soon..

Later they all were sitting in verandah and chatting and kartik enters and gets suprised seeing everyone..

Kartik:arrey..when did you all come?

Mishti: just before some hours jeeju.

Kartik:iam so happy to see you all after long time..

Everyone gets happy as kartik’s behaviour changed back to normal after naira’s death as they don’t know the truth of why he is normal..

Dadi:good to see normal kittu. I guess you understood the reality after naira’s death.

Kartik:dadi..iam normal because my nai..

Kartik in mind:kartik..bas..bas.. don’t tell that naira is alive. If i tell them they can’t resist to meet her and even if they meet by mistake then naira will get flashes and she will get strained and her health may get affected. By seeing one person atself she strained first..if she sees whole family then she will get affected for sure. I won’t let anything happen to my naira again. Once she recovers memory I’ll let them know..

Dadi:naira? naira convinced me through dreams. She told she will be happy in paradise only if i be happy here..that’s why. Iam happy for her..

Kartik in mind:tauba.. tauba..iam sorry krishnaji for lying

Everyone gets relieved and they smile and get emotional too remembering naira..

Surekha: even after her own death..she manages our kartik. I really miss her..

Sumitra:even me too..

Kartik: arrey chup Karo everyone.. don’t make me to go back to depression again.

Everyone keeps quiet..

Andy:acha..we won’t get senti..sorry.

Kartik: it’s okay..come lets have lunch.

They all sit and eat together..


Sirat and Rohan are seen sitting together and chatting..

Rohan: tomorrow is your 1st qualifier match. Practice well today..

Sirat:i will. I have to reach nationals and win for our country..

Rohan: that’s spirit. Once you win then we can have double for your victory and other for Tina who won dance in her college today..

Sirat:yeah..she won and kartikji too was one of the reason for her win. She is so lucky to have such nice person..

Suddenly Ranveer comes from behind and..

Ranveer: aren’t you too lucky sirat? Tomorrow you are going to win because of me..

Sirat:what? How? Are you going to jump in place of mine and fight with opponent?

Ranveer:no.. like last time how you won the match seeing my face.. this time too you will win seeing my handsome face.

Sirat gets angry and beats him..

Sirat:you know only to make fun and irritate me..

Ranveer stops her and pulls her closer.. down my angry bird. Dint you listen what Tina said? She was nervous but still she danced looking kartik and got confidence..

Sirat: that’s different case. If i punch looking at your face then opponent only will lift the trophy. Why don’t you talk with sense Dr. Ranveer Chauhan?

Ranveer:acha baba..iam sorry..i can’t win you in talks. love is there for you always..I’ll always be there with you in every step of life.

Sirat smiles and hugs him..

Sirat: i know. Since our childhood..when my mum left me and went with some other was you and your family except your dad and my maudi who became my pillars of life. You always stand for me in hard times…iam so grateful to have you in my life.

Ranveer:i will always stand for you. No matter what..but I’ll always support you. It’s my promise..

They both smiles while Rohan coughs making them apart..

Ranveer:ohh Rohan..

Rohan:i think it’s time for me to lovers are getting busy..

Sirat immediately moves away from ranveer and..

Sirat:nope..iam not getting busy. I should go to ring for come lets go.

Ranveer sirat and rohan leaves while Narendra who was eavesdropping smirks..

Narendra in mind: this ranveer is so stupid..she is scolding him a lot but still he loves her like hell. I will save him somehow from this stupid girl.. practice well sirat.. however you are going to lose tomorrow.

He smiles evilly and goes..


The rain starts to pour down in udaipur..

Priya sees rain through window and gets happy..

Priya:wow..rain..i feel like drenching in rain..let me go and enjoy it.

She runs to backyard in Ram’s house and she enjoys rain..

Priya happily:’s so cool and nice..

She swirls and enjoys and suddenly ram comes by that way and sees Priya enjoying rain and gets stunned…

Ram in mind: what happened to Priya? She hates rain but how come she is enjoying? Only anika enjoys it..

He recalls anika enjoying in rain..

And he recalls how Priya immediately uses umbrella if it rains..

He notices Priya enjoying Same like anika..

Ram in mind: it’s so strange.. Priya used to carry umbrella everytime as she is scared of rain whether it will come. She hates to drench in rain..but Anika is opposite. She dances and enjoys drenching in rain and she makes me too drench in rain. But how come Priya is behaving like anika after coming out of coma?

Priya suddenly sees ram there and comes to him..

Priya: hey Ram.. what happened? Why are you standing like that? Don’t you feel like enjoying in rain?


Priya pulls him and makes him drench in rain..

Priya:i can understand what type of guy you are. Some people like rain but some people hates it.. but the people who hates rain are foolish. They don’t know the beauty of rain..they don’t understand how rain makes us happy even when we are upset..rain has power to control our emotions. Don’t be like those timid people.. enjoy the rain and feel the bliss..

Ram gets stunned and recalls how anika behaved same when he refused to drench in rain with anika..


There was rain and anika was enjoying it..

Anika notices ram standing under shelter and makes faces..

Anika in mind: this ram is so stupid to miss the beauty of rain.. wait I’ll make him drench now.

Anika goes to ram and pulls him and makes him drench in rain..

Ram:anika..why did you pull me? You know i don’t like to enjoy rain..

Anika: i know what type of guy you are. Some people like rain but some people hates it.. but the people who hates rain are foolish. They don’t know the beauty of rain..they don’t understand how rain makes us happy even when we are upset..rain has power to control our emotions. Don’t be like those timid people.. enjoy the rain and feel the bliss. And also it’s a symbol of enjoy this symbol of love with me..

Ram gets suprised and slowly he too starts enjoying rain with anika..


Ram in mind: Priya is telling same like anika and she is behaving same like is this possible? Priya is pole opposite to anika but she is behaving same like anika now..

Suddenly Priya splashes water on him..

Priya:hey where are you lost? You seems like living in dreamland..common na give me a company to enjoy this rain..

Ram comes out of thoughts and he starts enjoying with Priya slowly..

Suddenly Priya gets cold and shivers and ram notices it and he immediately removes his coat and covers her..

Ram:you are so mad. If you have cold then why did you drench in rain?

Priya:stop your fuss fuss. You are behaving like a fussy cat. Cold goes in 2to 3 days but we can’t predict rain that it will come again we should not miss it. Even if we have to suffer later but getting little happiness out of really a great feeling you know.

Ram again gets shocked..

Ram in mind: why god is testing me like this? Why this Priya is behaving like anika? Even anika tells same when I stop her if she gets cold..iam so confused.

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Priya: okay..i feel tired now. I’ll go and take rest for sometime.

Ram:wait..I’ll bring some hot coffee for you to feel better. Drink it and then go and take rest.

Ram and Priya goes to living area and ram makes coffee and brings it to Priya and for him too and they both sit and drink..

Priya:ram..i know you feel weird that how i easily mingled with you now after forgetting everything. But i feel connection with you and i always get dreams of you..

Ram: because we were such close friends.

Priya:but what’s the most weird thing is..i don’t get dreams of myself with you. I get dreams of anika and you. I don’t know why i get anika’s dreams but i always get it.

Ram gets shocked..

Priya:i think you both loved so much.. through my dreams atself I guessed you both love story would been so amazing. You will be missing her right?

Ram:yeah..i miss her a lot. When you regain your memory.. you will also miss her as you both sisters loved each other a lot.

Priya gets shocked..


Ram:yeah..she is your elder sister.. dint mohini aunty and moloy uncle tell you?

Priya:no..they told anika and you are my friends. She dint tell that Anika is my sister. Why did they lie?

Ram gets stunned..

Ram in mind:why is priya’s parents lying? What they are hiding from her? And also i..i..iam doubtful on Priya..i have to ask priya’s parents about the accident truth and why Priya is behaving like anika and why they told lie to Priya…

Ram:lets ask them you go and take rest.

Priya agrees and goes while ram lies on couch recalling Priya behaving same like anika..


Kartik was reading books in room and suddenly someone taps the window and kartik gets shocked seeing someone’s shadow in window..

Kartik in mind:who is tapping the window? Did any thief or criminal is there? Let me go and carefully check..

He takes a knife and slowly goes and opens the window and forwards the knife while naira screams..


Naira in fear leaves her hand and she was about to fall but kartik immediately holds her and makes her come closer..

Naira:yes.. thought to give a suprise this is the suprise I’ve planned. If i knock door.. you’ll see through lens and find out that’s why i climbed ladder and directly came to your room..

Kartik gets suprised..

Kartik: what a suprise!! You know my mind was absent till now thinking about your what suprise you are going to iam really suprised.

Naira:arrey..shut up and get me in are making me stand in ladder atself and talking like mendak tar tar tar..

Kartik smiles and pulls her in and sees her holding books..

Kartik:you came with books?

Naira:i came to ask doubts..other than that why should I come here? Your subject is like a disaster for teach me again.

Kartik locks her in wall and..

Kartik:i thought it’s a romantic suprise.. anyways your presence atself is enough for me. And you are criticizing my subject too i will give punishment for you after teaching you..

Naira giggles..

Naira: what’s the punishment?

Kartik: you need to spend some romantic time with me..

Naira smiles..

Naira:you are too cheesy. Anyways..I’ll spend time with you as you are my bf.

They both smile and soon kartik teaches naira holding her close to him while naira too listens happily being in his embrace and they enjoy learning romantically..

Suddenly naira yawns..

Kartik:arrey..more 5 pages are atself you are feeling sleepy?is my subject is like lullaby for you?

Naira:of..(yawns) course.. your subject is the best (yawns) lullaby..

Kartik:you are criticizing my subject too much. Wait..I’ll increase your punishment.

Naira:iam ready..i enjoy it as you are my bf. I enjoy whatever my bf gives me..

Kartik smiles..kartik:you are also too cheesy..

Naira: what’s wrong? Only you have rights to be cheesy huh? I will also be like that okay? You don’t have rights to question me..if I am your gf then your my bf.

Kartik:acha..acha.. don’t get angry my sherni.

Naira:i want coffee..


Naira:yes..then only I can study orelse i will sleep..

Kartik:ok..ok I’ll bring.

Kartik makes coffee in kitchen and he takes two cups to his room while bani and veer gets shocked..

Bani:kartik..why are you taking two coffees inside your room?

Kartik:it’s for me only. I have prepare my presentation for tomorrow’s for that i need to be afresh..that’s why I am going to drink two coffee..

Bani:if you could have prepared later when you needed again..

Kartik makes a face and..

Kartik: working two times is i did two work in one time..

Veer:you are weird.


He laughs and goes inside his room and locks the door and he relaxes.

Kartik in mind:thank god i one should know that naira is here. I’ll send her without their knowledge too..

Then he goes and gives one coffee to her and both do cheers and they drink interlocking their hands with each other romantically..

Kartik:i wish we drink coffee everyday like this..

Naira:after you marry me then we can drink like this every day..

Kartik:then I am ready to marry right now..what say?

He gets closer smiling while naira pushes him..

Naira:shut up..i won’t marry without anyone..

Kartik pats her cheeks.. kidding.

Naira smiles and she hears sounds from outside.. told that your sister and brother in law stays here right..shall I see them? Did you tell that I am alive? I may not remember them but they know e right..

Kartik gets dull and caresses her face..

Kartik:naira..i would have let you meet them if you are fine. But still you have internal injuries in your head. You fainted once when you got flashes of our past..i can’t let you meet them till you get fine completely. Your health is first important..

Naira gets sad..

Naira: you are right..but still i feel like seeing them. Is brother in law and your sister lives in Mumbai everytime?

Kartik:nope naira. Brother in law in not sister’s husband..he is your own brother…that is my wife’s brother. My sister Keerthi is married to other guy Aditya and my whole family have gathered here for Keerthi’s divorce case as Aditya is cheater..

Naira gets shocked and feels bad..

Naira:i feel bad kartik. My brother is near but i can’t meet him..and I don’t remember him too. Why this happened with me alone?

Naira cries and Kartik worries and hugs her..

Kartik:naira..stop it.. don’t cry. Everything will be alright will get your memories back please calm down.

She wipes her tears and..

Naira:where are my muma papa? Do they worry for me? How do they look?

Kartik in mind:i can’t say the truth naira..if you hear the truth then you can’t bear it as Akshara maa is in coma and naitik papaji is inconsolable..i should tell you only when you become fine.

Kartik: they are in udaipur.. they always miss you. You will see how will be they like just forget the past and focus on present.krishnaji will give back your past soon..

Naira smiles and kisses him..

Naira:thank you for always being my support and always bringing positive in me.

Kartik kisses her back and..

Kartik:i should also thank you for being my love..your my lucky charm.

Naira gets up..

Kartik:why did you get up?’s almost 8pm..i should go to my house.

Kartik:but still i dint complete teaching you..

Naira:then teach me tomorrow in your cabin..bye.

Kartik:bye..go carefully.

Naira was about to go out of window but kartik back hugs her shocking naira..


Kartik: before you go..give me a boost and go..

Naira:boost? Now only you drank coffee na?

Kartik:arrey my boost is not boost is your kiss..

Naira blushes..

Naira:but just few minutes ago i gave..

Kartik:but i returned it with my kiss na..give it that I’ll be afresh till tomorrow.

Naira blushes and kisses him again..

Later she bids bye and goes down through window atself while kartik looks through window for her safety and once she goes safely he smiles and locks the window and he lies on bed happily..

Kartik in mind: till my naira is there..there is no sadness in my life..

Bani was lost and veer gets confused on her behaviour..

Veer:bani.. what happened to you? Seems like you are traveling in space through your mind instead of rocket..

Bani makes a face..

Bani:very bad joke..

Veer:then tell where are you lost?

Bani:iam doubting kartik..

Veer gets shocked..

Veer: what? Are you doubting my brother? down..i dint mean in that meaning. Actually he told he will drink coffee right? But he hates coffee the most then how come he will drink two cups?

Veer thinks..

Veer:you are right..but how did you got easily doubtful?

Bani: because of experience. You was behaving weird which made me doubtful and kartik is behaving weird..

Veer:i god my health issue..but what will kartik hide?

Bani: you lost your senses veer.. if someone takes two coffees instead of one then what does that mean?

Veer thinks and gets shocked..

Veer:that.. that means..there is someone with kartik.

Bani:you are right..

Veer:if he have friends..he could have made them come in through door atself na.. we wouldn’t have minded..but why is he secretly meeting?

Bani:if we check then we’ll Know it..

Veer:yes..come let’s check..

Veer and bani opens kartik’s door but they gets shocked seeing kartik sleeping..

Veer gets angry and scolds bani..

Veer:are you an idiot bani? He is sleeping..i guess he drank two coffees and slept..but you made me doubt my bhai..

Bani gets upset..

Bani:i dint doubt..i just..just..

Veer:stop it.. you doubted me that’s fine as i was really hiding my illness. But i know about my Bhai..he won’t do anything hiding and also he just faced naira’s’s hard to move on for him. Though he pretends to be fine..he would been broken inside…so please stop doubting him.

Bani:iam sorry..i..i dint mean him in wrong way as he is my friend too..i just thought..

Veer: enough.. your thoughts are so mean.

He goes angrily while bani gets upset..

Bani in mind: i know veer loves his brothers so much..i shouldn’t have doubted kartik..iam sorry kartik..veer. i should apologise veer.

She was about to go but suddenly she spots earing of naira’s on kartik’s bed and gets shocked..

Bani in mind:whose that earings? Why is it lying on kartik’s bed?

Slowly kartik turns while bani gets shocked and she immediately runs away from room silently and locks the door and goes and she hits Mansi..

Bani:i..iam..iam sorry Mansi..

Mansi:it’s okay bani. Anyway..naksh me Abir planned to go out for fun you and veer join us.

Bani:we will for sure. What about Keerthi?

Mansi: she is fine now..she told she will also accompany with us. And moreover lawer sadeep called naksh bhai and talked about divorce. He told to send divorce notice to Aditya tomorrow and proceed to court they after tomorrow and he will accompany them there..

Bani:ohh..lets hope for best.

Mansi:yes..that scoundrel should be rot in jail for torturing Keerthi di.


They discuss and goes from there..

precap:- naira slaps vedika. Aditya challenges naksh. Ram confronts anika’s parents.