Mera pyaar… Part 46 ( Dance performance and tease)}


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Singhania’s panic on not finding mishti..

Karishma:ohh my godd..where is my daughter? I thought she was sleeping in her room..

Naman:how can you be careless Karishma? Dint you check yesterday whether she came home or not?

Karishma:she..she used to come late when she meets i thought she would come late and go to her room. So i slept earlier as i was tired..

Naman:you are so stupid. Can’t you wait in living area until mishti comes? See.. because of your carelessness we all dint check on mishti. If you told yesterday night then we could have found her easily..

Karishma cries while everyone worries and bani enters the house..

Bani:hai aunties and uncles..

Suddenly she notices everyone dull..

Bani:arrey.. what happened? Why everyone looking pale?

Naman:beta..Mishti is missing since yesterday night. She told that she will come back after meeting her friend kuhu but still she haven’t came home yet.

Bani gets shocked..

Bani:what? Why dint you all inform yesterday night atself?

Devyani:we know it now only beta. We thought she would have came late to home but we notice it now only that she is missing..

Bani:ohh no.. wait I’ll call kuhu and ask her.

Bani calls kuhu and she attends..

Kuhu:hello bani di..

Bani:kuhu..did mishti met you yesterday?

Kuhu:no. I asked her to come to my house but she dint came and i called her too but she dint attend..i don’t know why.

Bani:ohh my godd.. there any problem?

Bani: actually mishti came out of house to meet you but she dint return back home yet from yesterday. We are scared..

Kuhu gets shocked..

Kuhu: what? Mishti is missing? Ohh no.. don’t worry di..well search for her and find her somehow.

Bani:ok..iam cutting call. You come to here to her house.

Kuhu:sure di.

Bani cuts call and informs family that kuhu doesn’t know whereabouts of mishti and then she calls veer and informs the news..

Veer:what? Mishti is missing?

Goenkas who were sitting for breakfast gets shocked hearing it and Abir gets hell shocked..

Bani:yes veer..we should search for her. She is missing since yesterday night. Iam really scared..

Bani recalls naira and mishti and cries..

Bani:veeeer..i..i already lost naira..i..i don’t want to lose mishti too..

Veer:bani..Bani.. please calm down. Don’t get stressed.. nothing will happen to mishti ..we will somehow find her.

Bani:fine..come soon to singhania house..we all will go and give complain to police and search for her.

Veer:ok..iam coming.. please calm down.

They cut call and veer informs goenkas about it and they too gets worried especially Abir..

Swarna:ohh krishnaji..why is lord testing is again and again? Now only we all were coming out of the pain of naira’s again..

Dadi:bhagwanji have to spare us this time..I’ll sit in front of idol and pray till mishti is found.

Surekha:even we will pray..

Veer:then i and Abir will pick up bani and go to police station..

Mansi:iam also coming..i can’t sit peacefully here thinking about mishti..

Veer:fine come.

Abir goes to a corner and cries recalling moments with her and also yesterday he calling mishti but she not picking call..

Abir:iam sorry mishti..i should have known that you are in trouble yesterday atself when you dint pick call..even my heart was telling that..but i ignored it..iam really sorry. But don’t worry..i won’t let anything happen to love will find you somehow..i won’t let anything happen to you..

He wipes his tears and goes with veer and mansi to singhania house and picks bani along with kuhu..

Abir:kuhu.. you here?

Kuhu cries:iam the reason for mishti’s missing. I called her yesterday to my home but she dint arrive so i called her but she dint pick my calls..i thought she would have stuck up with some works..but she is missing. If i dint call her then she would have been’s all because of me..

Abir hugs kuhu nd consoles her..

Abir:your not at fault please don’t cry.

Bani consoles kuhu..

Bani: nothing is because of you kuhu. Just calm down..every friends meets each other so meeting each other is not wrong. We will somehow find be strong.

They go to police station and give complain..

Police:it looks like kidnapping case.. don’t worry we will enquire and somebody find will find her.

Veer Abir bani Mansi and kuhu along with police go in search of mishti..

Rohit drags Mishti to a place while mishti screams..

Mishti:leaveee Mee you devil in the form of human!!!

Rohit:will kidnappers leave their customer according to their wish mishti? Haha..i won’t leave you and I will never leave you for whole life as we are going to get married.

He drags to temple and he takes the nuptial chain and was about to put on her neck while mishti worries..

Mishti in mind:i should not let this scoundrel marry me..i should do something to escape from him.

Suddenly mishti gets idea and she acts fainting and Rohit gets shocked and holds her before she falls..

Rohit: mishti..Mishti.. what happened to you?

He tries to make her wake up but she doesn’t respond and mishti holds her breathe to fool Rohit and Rohit gets stunned seeing her unbreathing and screams..

Rohit:mishti…Mishti…no.. what happened to you? Why you aren’t breathing?

He immediately drops the nuptial chain and carries mishti in his arms and runs towards hospital.. are my love..i won’t let anything happen to you..don’t worry.. i will save your life somehow..

He panics more and suddenly he sees a car passing by and he calls the car to stop and the car stops and Rohit taps the window and the guys lowers the car window and he is said to be Kunal..

Rohit: excuse me..can..can you please drop in hospital.. please..this lady is in danger.. please..

Kunal sees mishti and gets stunned..

Kunal in mind: she is mishti and this guy..ive seen him somewhere..but where?

Suddenly he recalls Abir telling about Rohit in restaurant and gets shocked..

Kunal in mind:Abir told that he have bad intention on mishti..then how come he is with mishti? Did he do anything wrong with her? Now i can’t ask anything..first I’ll save mishti then i will find out the truth.

Kunal:ok get in..

Once Rohit gets in along with mishti Kunal drives the car towards hospital and suddenly to Rohit’s shock mishti wakes up and slaps Rohit shocking Rohit and Kunal..


Mishti:hey.. what do you think yourself Rohit? Did you thought i fainted really? No..i was just acting to escape from you..

Rohit gets stunned.. escape from him? What do you mean?

Mishti:thank god it’s you Kunal. Actually i thought to expose my acting in hospital but i exposed hereatself as you are here to protect me. Actually this Rohit fooled me with fake friendship and he was trying to marry me forcibly i did fainting acting and escaped..

Kunal gets stunned while Rohit fears..

Kunal:so Abir was right..wait..i won’t spare him now. We will drag him to police station..

Rohit fearfully:no..

Mishti and Kunal drags Rohit out and they beat him nicely..

Veer bani Abir Mansi kuhu along with police reaches there and they gets shocked seeing mishti and Kunal beating Rohit..


They all run to them..

Veer:mishti..where were you? Are you fine?

Mishti:yes veer. Actually this guy Rohit kidnapped me yesterday and he was trying to marry me today but somehow i fooled him and escaped and on the way i met Kunal..

Abir gets so angry and he recalls how he trapped mishti before and how he lied and he immediately goes and slaps him and holds his collar..

Abir:how dare you try to marry my gf? That day you fooled mishti with your lie but i saw your intention..and now you stopped so low than that..i won’t spare you for torturing my gf with your one sided love.

He beats Rohit while other gets stunned including mishti as Abir blabbered that mishti is his gf and everyone stares mishti..

Bani:mishti.. what’s going on?


Mansi:is Bhai true? You and bhai love each other?

Mishti gets scared and cries..

Mishti cries:yes Mansi..i and your bhai love each. If you guys think as wrong iam really sorry..

Everyone laughs shocking mishti..

Mishti:why are you all laughing suddenly?

Veer bani kuhu and mansi hug mishti.. fool..why are you scared as if you committed murder? It’s just is a feel..then who will think as wrong?

Bani:yes.. moreover you don’t love any love Abir.. that’s so happy news.

Veer:yes..iam so happy for you and Abir.

Mishti smiles and they go and thrash Rohit and finally police arrests Rohit and goes..

Abir: finally.. everything is we can leave to Mumbai peacefully..

Veer:yeah..yeah.. everything is over but other things will start..that is..

Bani: we want treat for your love story..

Abir makes a face while others laugh..

Abir:this is not guys dint ask treat to kartik when he fell in love..

Mansi:that’s different case bhai..he and naira bhabhi fell in love after marriage but you fell in love before marriage.

Abir: what’s the difference? Both are love only..

Bani:but after marriage is invalid and before marriage is only valid for treats..

Abir:mishti..they are targeting us for their fun..

Mishti: don’t worry Abir..we will get chance one day.. that day we will see.. are right. Wait..I’ll see you all when you all will fall in can’t escape that day.

Veer and bani stares each other and goes silent while Mansi laugh..

Mansi:bhai..bhabhi..till that day comes we will tease you both..hahaha

Abir:fine.. come lets go home. Everyone will be in panic state..we will tell them and drop mishti in her home.

Bani:ok..then we should start packing our things for Mumbai as flight is tomorrow early morning 6am.


They all leave while kuhu and Kunal goes in seperate ways..


Shesha Ridhima and Priya reaches udaipur and they book a hotel and they stay there..

Ridhima:Priya..time is 5pm.. only 2 hours is go and get ready..we should reach the venue soon.


Priya gets ready in a beautiful modern dress while Ridhima and shesha gets stunned..

Shesha:wow look very pretty and beautiful..iam sure you will win the best boutique queen award.

Priya smiles and soon they all reach the venue..


Ram gets ready to go for the venue while jhanvi comes ready shocking ram..

Ram:maa..are you coming?

Jhanvi:yes..i feel bored I’ll come there along with you. Don’t worry..I’ll sit in audience seat.


They both leave for the venue..


Priya and her friends reaches the venue and they go in and Priya sees many modals and she gets flashes of anika being modal and doing ramp walk to win competitions..

Priya gets stunned and worries..

Priya in mind:why again I’m getting flashes of anika? I know she was model but how can I get flashes of her life? I feel so strange..

Ridhima and shesha sees her lost and shakes her..

Shesha:where are you lost? Go and stand near other models…soon competition will start.

Priya goes and stands with other models and soon the competition starts and each models goes and does ramp walk..

Soon priya’s name is announced and she does ramp walk in same style of anika..

Ram who sits in chief guests place gets stunned seeing Priya including jhanvi..

Ram in mind:when Priya Basu’s name was announced i thought it will be someone else as many have same name like this. But..but she is same anika’s sister..i ..i couldn’t believe my eyes. When did she came out of coma? Why dint mohini aunty and moloy uncle inform me?

He notices her doing same steps of anika and gets stunned..

Ram in mind:Priya hates doing modals and boutique world..but how she is perfectly doing it? She is doing exactly like anika too..iam so shocked.

Priya finishes her ramp walk and goes and soon judges discusses and announces Priya as the winner and ram is declared to give the prize and rm goes to give prize and priya gets stunned seeing him..

Priya in mind:he..he..he is ram Kapoor .. anika’s lover and..and we three are friends too. I even see his flashes with anika..iam really shocked to see him here.

Both looks awkward but they ignore their thoughts and ram gives prize to Priya and everyone claps hands for her..

Once the function overs Priya walks out shockingly with shesha and Ridhima..

Ridhima:iam shocked to see ram here..

Shesha:yes..he was in Mumbai only right..

Suddenly ram comes there shocking three of them..

Shesha here?

Ram: yes..i live in udaipur now. By the are you?

Priya:i..i..iam fi..fine ram. You are my and anika’s friend and anika’s lover only right?

Ram gets stunned at her reaction and question..

Ram: what a question?? Yeah..iam your friend and anika’s boyfriend.. why are you asking as if you..

Ridhima:ram.. don’t get confused..Priya forget her past. She doesn’t remember you..she knows you as mohini aunty showed your anika and priya’s photographs.. that’s it. But she forget all the moments spendy with you and anika..

Ram gets stunned..

Ram:my goodness!! Why dint Mohini aunty dint inform anything?She finally talked to me before months telling me about anika’s death then she never spoke to me..

Shesha: know how parents are..they were in pain and now also they are in they may have forgotten you..

Ram:it’s okay..i understand. Anyways…you three come to my house..

Priya:but.. are my friend still even if you have forgotten please..

Priya hesitates but later the three agree and goes to Ram’s house and jhanvi gets emotional seeing Priya and she hugs Priya..

Jhanvi: welcome Priya beta..i always missed you and anika. Now..

Before she progress telling ram pulls her and whispers..

Ram:maa.. don’t talk about anika now..Priya doesn’t remember let her be at peace.

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Jhanvi gets shocked but agrees and later they get introduced to jhanvi and they seat themselves..

Ram:shesha.. ridhima..Priya what do you like to have for dinner?

Ridhima:it’s okay..

Ram:arrey shut are my friends i can’t let you without providing dinner.

Righima:ok..i like sandwich.

Shesha:i like roti with sabza.

Priya thinks and..

Priya: i want to eat modak..

Ridhima shesha and ram gets stunned..

Ram:modak? You hate modals right? Only anika likes it..

Shesha:yes..anika is crazy for modak but priya hates to core..but suddenly..

Priya:i don’t know what I hate or love on my past..but i feel crazy for modals now.. please..

Ram:okk..ok I’ll get it for you.

Ram goes from there confused..

Ram in mind: Priya and anika are pole opposite to each other. Priya hates anika’s like while Anika hates priya’s likes. But how comes Priya suddenly like anika’s taste? It’s so confusing..

He makes the food in confused state and then gives it to three of them and three of them eats and ram gets stunned seeing Priya eating modak crazily in the same way like anika..

Ram in mind:how is this possible?? She is eating in the same way like anika too..Priya used to hate modaks in such a way that she even doesn’t look at it but now…

He gets more confused and later once they finish their dinner they get up to go and suddenly Priya slips but Ram holds her immediately and they both meets with an eyelock..

Priya gets flashes of anika falling in Ram’s arms….

Priya gets more confused..

Priya in mind: what’s happening with me? Why am I always getting flashes of anika’s life? Why iam not recalling my own life..

Ram makes her stand and..

Ram:are you okay?

Priya comes out of thoughts and palely smiles..

Priya:yeah..iam ok ram..thanks.

Ram:it’s okay. Anyways you three stay here till you return back to your place..

The three of them gets shocked..

Shesha:but come we disturb your life? Don’t worry we already booked a hotel.

Ram: arrey helping my friends isn’t disturbing for me. And moreover staying in hotel alone is dangerous for stay here..

The girls finally and agrees and goes to their room..


Kartik naira sirat and ranveer bids bye to omkara gauri ritik and shivanya..

Ritik:so we will leave to our town from here and you guys return back to Mumbai.

Kartik:i will really miss you guys.. had a great time with you all.

Gauri: don’t worry kartik…naira invited us during her marriage. So we will come on your marriage for sure.

Kartik smiles..

Kartik:so my girl has already planned for our marriage.

Naira: what’s wrong in it? Though we are married..but we should again marry one day na as i don’t remember our marriage.

Kartik:you are right..

Omkara: naira is good friend but you are dint invite us for your marriage.

Everyone laughs..

Kartik:hey.. you all are talking as if my marriage is tomorrow and I dint invite you..still i myself don’t know when my marriage is.

Everyone giggles and omkara ritik and ranveer hugs kartik..

Omkara:we just teased you dude.. don’t get embarassed. If you don’t call us also we will attend your marriage.

Kartik:that’s so nice of you all.

Omkara gauri rithik and shivanya goes bidding bye..

Om gauri ritik shivanya:bye guys!!

Ranveer:meet you guys sooner..bye.

They all go while kartik ranveer sirat and naira returns back to Mumbai…


Next day..

Early morning Goenkas including bani and mishti gets readied and bani mishti meets akshara who is lying in coma in her room while naitik is sitting with naira’s photos and hugs the and cries..

Naitik cries:princess..i miss you so much..why did you leave us soon?

Bani: naitik uncle..

He wipes his tears and looks at them..

Mishti:uncle…it’s been 4 months since naira di died and akshara chachi went to coma. And you are also like this..

Naitik:how can I be normal mishti beta? My princess left me and my Akshara too is not responding to me..then..then what shall I do?

He cries while mishti and bani feels bad and they hug naitik..

Bani:uncle.. please be strong. Only your positivity can bring akshara bua back to normal state. If you cry like this..then who will convince Akshara bua? Please uncle..

Naitik wipes his tears and pats bani’s cheeks..

Naitik:you are right bani beta. I should be strong to bring back my Akshara atleast..

Mishti:that’s good to hear chachu. We are going Mumbai..we will be back in a be strong chachu.

Naitik:iam sad that Keerthi beta has to face this..but everything is for good. guys go and come back safely.

Bani / Mishti:ok chachu/ uncle.

Then they go to Goenka house and everyone leaves for airport..


Naira comes to kartik’s cabin nervous and kartik notices it and pulls her closer and holds her..

Kartik:naira.. what happened? Why are you nervous? is competition..i..iam really scared..scared whether I’ll perform well..

Kartik: arrey..naira you will perform well. I have full confidence on you.. don’t feel nervous for it. My naira is a sherni not billis.. so common cheer up..

Naira palely smiles while kartik kisses her forehead to give her confidence vibe..


Vedika and her friends are in class..

Vedika ‘s friend Siya: vedu..did you notice one thing. This girl Tina is getting famous nowadays..she is doing everything perfectly and getting good name from everyone.

Other friend ridhi: even she impressed kartik sir. Kartik sir never smiled but he smiled seeing Tina.. now if she wins the college dance competition then she will be more famous.. one will look back at us.

Vedika gets irritated..

Vedika: this Tina is irritating me. I don’t care about her getting famous but only iam irritated that kartik sir is giving her attention.. always she runs into his cabin.. I don’t know what works she has with him and what she does with him inside cabin..

Ridhi:arrey..i have an idea. I heared kartik sir gave her name first for participation. As she is a good student he would have chosen her. If we make her lose in competitive then kartik sir will surely hate her as he have more confidence on her..

Vedika thinks and smiles..

Vedika:you are right..that’s nice idea. Kartik sir is mine..i won’t let anyone impress him. Now see what I’ll do..I’ll steal Tina’s competition that she can’t dance.

Siya:Tina isn’t steal soon and throw away somewhere..

Vedika goes to Tina’s place and steals the dress without anyone’s knowledge and she tears it and throws into dustbin and smirks..

Vedika:now..I’ll see how you dance on stage Tina. It will be great insult for our department and everyone especially kartik sir Will blame you..hahaha. once you are out..I’ll impress him and propose.

After sometime naira comes to take her dress but finds it missing and gets stunned..

Naira in mind:I kept the dress here only..where did it go?

She searches here and there and panics..

Naira in mind:ohh no..if i dint get my dress..then how will I perform?

Naira:hey..John Priya..did you see my dress which i kept here?

Priya:no..we ourselves came to class now only after interval..we dint see it.

Suddenly John screams..

John:tinaa..come here.. someone have tore and thrown your dress into dustbin..

Tina and Priya gets shocked and they go and look into the dustbin and gets shocked while naira gets shattered..

Naira will I..i perform? did this happened?

Priya:iam sure someone have done this..but everyone in our class loves Tina then who could have done this?

John:there will be someone who hates Tina..they would be acting as some people like them are fox in the form of sheep. Let them go to hell..

Vedika and her friends hears this and makes faces..

Siya:how dare he curse us? I’ll not leave him..

She was about to go but vedika stops her..

Vedika: don’t act foolish..if you go and fight then they will find out that it’s us who did it. Then they will make us suspend from be silent. It’s okay if they curse us.. lets enjoy Tina’s lose first.

Ridhi:you are right..

They smile at Tina while Tina continuously cries while Priya and John tries to console her..

Priya:Tina..leave it..we..

Tina:i will go and tell kartik sir that I am not going to dance..


Tina:I can’t dance without my I am going to take my name off.

She runs to kartik’s cabin while Priya and John feels bad for her..

Priya:if we find who did it..then I am sure I’ll thrash them.

Naira goes to kartik’s cabin and hugs him and cries while kartik gets stunned..

Kartik:naira..naira.. what happened? Why are you crying?

Naira:kartik..i can’t participate in competition.. someone tore my dress and thrown into dustbin..

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:what? Who did it?

Naira:i don’t know..but i can’t dance now..

She weeps harder while kartik gets angry and bangs the table..
Kartik:iam not going to leave the person who did this..I’ll surely suspend them if i find out who did this..

Naira:it’s okay leave it kartik. Please take my name off from i can’t dance.

Kartik: no naira..i won’t take your name off. You have to perform.. everyone has to see my sherni’s skill..

Naira:but how? I don’t have proper dress na..

Kartik caresses her face and..

Kartik:you perform with this white maxi atself.

Naira:but..but i will look ugly.. naira is beautiful and now i will make her more beautiful..

Kartik removes her plated hair and curls it and makes beautiful and he cleans naira’s face and makes her ready and smiles seeing her..

Kartik:now my biwi is ready..

He shows her on mirror and naira gets hell suprised..

Naira:wow..i couldn’t believe that it’s me..iam so beautiful. Thank you so much kartik..

She kisses him out of happiness while kartik blushes..

He holds his chest and.. are killing me with your kiss..

Naira blushes and teases him..

Naira:then I’ll kill you more with more kisses if i win..

Kartik:iam ready to die with your kiss..

They smile and later they go and soon the competition starts and each person from each department starts performing and suddenly Tina’s name is called shocking Priya and John..

Priya:John..Tina told that she will remove her name right..then why is her name called?

John:i don’t know. Now..if she dint come then it will become great insult for our department.

Vedika and friends smirks..

Siya:iam sure she will not come..our department staffs especially your kartik sir will get angry on Tina.

Vedika:yeah..iam so excited to see her insulted for insulting our department.

Suddenly to vedika’s shock naira enters stage beautifully with her current dress while Priya and John gets suprised..

John:wow..Tina looks so awesome..i never thought she will get ready with current dress atself..she is really talented.

Priya:iam proud of her..she saved our department’s name.

John:and she did one thing too. She blackened the face of those idiots who spoilt her dress to stop her from dance.


They laugh..

Soon naira starts her performance and gives the performance phenomenal..


Left leg aage aage, right leg peeche peeche
Aaja yaar lets start ve
Sar ko ghuma le round, pair zara up down
Itni se yeh bath ve

Woh banda ki kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa hathon mein tu haath tham le
Ooye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh baliye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le.. heyyy..

Oh soniye… oh soniye…

Peeche peeche aaya teri chaal ve na dayaaa – 2 times
Sano lakh hon gaye lashkaren
Ni sano tera loang lapiya
Dil dekhe tu lejha mundiyare
Ni sano tera loang lapiya

Oh chal haath ghuma le yaara
Oh jaise suiyan saath se bara
Le ban gaya step soniya
Tu ban gaya hep soniya
Ho zara kamar ko aise ghumana
Oh jaise hawa mein aath bana na

Le ban gaya step soniya
Tu ban gaya hep soniya
Woh bandha ki kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa hathon mein tu haath tham le
Ooye dance pe chance mar le

Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh baliye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le

Oh oh oh..

Kaali teri puth te, paranda tera laalni – 2 times

Roop di o rani tu parande nu sambhalni
Kaali teri kaali teri kaali teri kaali teri…

Oh ek haat ko uncha uthale
Oh mandir ki ghanti bajale
Le ban gaya step soniya
Tu ban gaya hep soniya

Ho tu jo haath hi le zara neeche
Jaise udti patang koi keenche
Le ban gaya step soniya
Tu ban gaya hep soniya
Woh bandha ki kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa hathon mein tu haath tham le
Ooye dance

Dance pe, dada da dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh baliye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le

Dance pe…. Dance pee… dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le

Oh soniye, oh soniye… oh soniye… oh soniyee…

Kartik smiles and cheers for her in heart as he can’t shout out..
Soon naira is declared as the winner and she gets the prize happily on stage..

Vedika and friends fumes seeing it..

Ridhi: what we thought and what happened..i thought she will not come and get insulted but she won prize atself.

Siya:i never expected this..

Vedika: i hate this girl many talents will she have? She got ready such in current dress tself..i will not spare her one day.

They go away from there irritated..


PRECAP:- Naira slaps vedika. Aditya challenges naksh. Ram and priya’s rain walk. Bani gets drunk.