Mera pyaar… Part 39 ( Challenge and proposal..)


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After delivering clothes on given address naksh and keerthi are seen going in car back..

Keerthi:iam so happy..the customer really liked this design and praised my handicraft embroidery work.

Naksh:every hardwork pays you back a good result keerthi. Its your hardwork that you reached this will surely climb more sucess ahead.

Keerthi smiles seeing naksh..

Keerthi:thank you for always motivating me. Aditya used to harass me if i show my interest to start my professional i buried my dreams because of him. Today i started my profession only because of you..thank you so much naksh.

Naksh: i know about your dreams from your childhood keerthi. You always likes to do handicrafts designs for clothes..and i used to think why you are not doing it professionally when you were with Aditya. But now i knew the reality..and I want you to fulfill your dreams forgetting i helped you and will always help you…as we are friends.

Keerthi: whoever gets a friend like you are lucky.

Naksh smiles..

Naksh:ok.. anyways there is so much traffic. Shall we go restaurant and go back home?

Keerthi:why not? Iam so hungry now..

They both reach restaurant and they walk inside while aditya sees them and gets shocked..

Aditya in keerthi abandoned me to be with this guy. Now i won’t spare them for what they did 3 months ago.

Aditya follows naksh and keerthi and before entering restaurant keerthi slips by mistake and naksh holds her and they both feels strange connection and looks each other lost..


Aditya smirks seeing them..

Aditya in mind:now see what ill do keerthi and naksh..keerthi you never knew what i will do..get ready to face my revenge.

Aditya clicks their pic and smiles..

Then naksh and keerthi eats together in the restaurant..

Aditya clicks that pic also and he goes smirking..

Aditya in mind: now you both are gone..

Later naksh and keerthi returns back to their house after eating nicely..


Bani was seen waiting in a park and veer comes there in bike..

Veer:hi baby..

Bani frowns..

Bani: excuse me..iam not baby .. ok?

Veer:then your my darling..

Bani: ofcourse my sweetheart.

They both smile..

Veer:ok.. common sit on the bike..lets go somewhere..

Bani:where are you going to take me?

Veer:huh? To mount everest.

Bani beats veer..

Bani:very bad joke. Tell me..

Veer:arrey..its suspense..first sit then you will know yourself.

Bani sits on his bike and he rides the bike fast and bani enjoys it.. really ride bike thrilling..

Veer:you are enjoying it? Many girls won’t like this as they get scared of their lives..

Bani:life will be boring without any thrill.. getting scared is not my type.

Veer smiles..

Veer:iam lucky to have a daring girlfriend..then we can become thrilling couples.

They both laugh and finally veer takes her to a moisturous area fully surrounded with rocks and small hills and bani gets stunned seeing it..

Bani:wow..this place is so cool amd awesome.

Veer:thats why i took you here.

Bani hugs veer happily..

Bani:thank you so much veer..i really like this place..

Veer:this is our pre honeymoon my darling.

Bani smiles..

Veer:come..lets sit on the rocks and explore this beautiful climate and feelings..

Veer and bani sits on the rock and they enjoy the nature..

Bani:how cool the nature is..

Veer: like this nature..our love is also cool and beautiful.

Bani:yeah..i wish our love stays constant like this nature always.

Veer kisses her and..

Veer:i know our love is constant for next seven births..

Bani:how? Did you set your destiny yourself huh?

Veer:nope. But i know you are my destiny that’s why i told.

They smile and hug..

Then they enjoy for sometime and they return back..


Sirat was seen crying recalling what narendra told and rohan tries to comfort her..

Rohan:sirat..calm down..

Sirat cries: how can i rohan? Why iam having such a fate? If i dont have parents then what’s my mistake? If iam born as poor..then what’s my mistake? If my dreams is to be boxer then what’s fault in me? Why do uncle criticize me for it?

Rohan:sirat..uncle is just not understanding the value of love thats it. He just thinks only money and fame are life. One day he will surely understand you don’t cry and waste your energy for it.

Ranveer comes there..

Ranveer: what happened? Why do you look as if you cried sirat?

Sirat hides her tears and smiles fakely..

Sirat:nope..iam fine only ranveer.

She hugs ranveer while ranveer reciprocates..

Ranveer pulls her apart and holds her by shoulders and..

Ranveer: you are fine right? Why do i feel that you are hiding something?

Rohan: actually..ranveer..your papa..

Sirat signals him not to tell and rohan stops..

Ranveer: what’s it rohan? Sirat.. what are you hiding tell me..i saw you signalling rohan. I can’t see you hurt.. please tell me.

Rohan tells everything even though sirat tries to stop him nd ranveer gets angry hearing it..

Ramveer angrily:how dare that mr.chauhan?he have crossed enough limits..i won’t spare him now..

Sirat gets shocked and holds his hands and pleads..

Sirat:no ranveer.. please calm down..he is hour papa..

Ranveer:papa should behave like papa and not like demon sirat. Leave me..i won’t leave him now.

Sirat hugs him tightly and cries.. ranveer. Whatever he says but he is your father. should respect him.

Ranveer: respect him? He is telling to leave you.. should i respect this?

Sirat: no..i dint mean that. But please don’t show your anger towards him. Anger just spoils things more. If you keep on showing anger then he won’t understand your heart and love as anger just creates please..

Ranveer: then how long can i wait for his permission sirat? I think i will die before he accepts you.

Sirat shuts his mouth and cries..

Sirat:ranveer!! Please don’t talk about death. I have only you and maudi..and now i have tina..thats it. I can’t live without you..

Sirat cries and ranveer hugs her..

Ranveer:ian sorry..i won’t talk about death hereafter.

Knowing the situation rohan moves from there to give them privacy..


Next day..


Naira wakes up and gets ready but she feels very weak and tired suddenly..

Naira in mind:why do i feel body ache suddenly? Iam feeling so tired too.. anyways..let me get ready to go college. Once i go there..i will become fine.

She gets ready and goes to college and sits near priya and john..

John:why are your eyes red tina?

Naira:i don’t know..iam feeling tired too..maybe due to more exhaustion..

Priya:then you should have taken rest today instead of coming to college.

Naira:its okay..i will manage.

Later after college gets over naira goes to kartik’s cabin and sees him missing..

Naira in mind:where is kartik? Did he went home today without meeting me?

She gets upset and was going out but she suddenly spots kartik playing basketball alone in backyard and gets suprised..

Naira in mind:ohh..he plays basketball too? But he is playing alone..let me go and give company to him.

Naira goes to kartik..

Naira: a good player won’t play alone..they just bet other players.

Kartik stops and looks her..

Kartik: what do you mean? Are you telling that i Don’t play well?

Naira:nope. Iam just challenging you..

Kartik gets suprised..

Kartik: challenging? Are you going to play against me if its a challenge?

Naira:ill win and show if you aren’t scared to play with a good player like me.

Kartik in mind:i know my naira knows to play basketball well..thats why she is confident of her ability even though she forget everything.

Kartik:acha challenge accepted. What if you get out?

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Naira:then ill..ill study your subject in home.

Kartik: what? What do you mean? Are you telling that you aren’t studying my subject home?

Naura:yeah..its so boring and sleepy.

Kartik:grumpy girl.

Naura laughs..

Naira:acha come..lets start the game.

They both start playing the game Interestingly…

Naira holds the ball and she taps and goes towards her basket.. iam going to get a point..

To naira’s shock kartik tackles her and takes the ball from her shocking her..

Naira:ohh no.. my ball..

Kartik: haha..this is the difference between professional players and baby players.

Naira gets angry..

Naira:you are calling me a baby player? Wait..ill show who iam..

Kartik smiles..

Kartik in mind : the same fierce as may forget yourself but your character..behaviour.. your form never changes. I love you my sherni.

Naira immediately takes ball from him and throws to basket but to her dismay it falls on kartik’s head..


He holds his head and naira gets shocked and worried and she runs and hugs him from behind in fear..(though she forget kartik but her heart never forgets the love)

Naira:kartik..iam really sorry..sorry..i..i..

Kartik smiles on her hug..

Kartik in mind: even she forget everything..but still her love for me haven’t vanished yet. I will soon make you realise your love for me naira..

She cries getting scared..

Naira:kartik..are you fine? Iam really sorry..are you hurt?

Kartik gets stunned and then turns her towards him and wipes her tears lovingly..

Kartik:nai..Tina relax..iam fine..iam not hurt.. please don’t cry.

Naira stops crying and looks him..

Naira:iam sorry..

Kartik:tina..leave it..iam totally don’t need to apologise. You dint do any wrong..

Naira:i just got scared for a second whether you got hurt..thank god you are fine. I can’t bear if you get hurt..

Kartik smiles as he can see naira’s love even though she doesn’t remember him while naira suddenly feels cold and she starts shivering..

Naira in mind: what’s happening to me? Why am i feeling so cold in this hot climate?

Her eyes turns red and she starts to feel headache and suddenly she faints but kartik holds her..

Kartik:nai..i mean.. Tina..

He makes her lie down and tries to wake up but couldn’t and suddenly he gets shocked after touching her head..

Kartik:oh my godd..she is so hot..its high fever.

He immediately picks her up and runs to the car..

Then he drives towards her house..


Priya aka anika wakes up from coma and mohini moloy gets happy seeing her awake..

Mohini: beta..

Anika looks them and thinks something..


Mohini moloy hug her and they cry happily..

Anika:maa..why am i in hospital?

Mohini moloy gets shocked..

Doctor sidharth:mr.Sharma.. we are sorry to say that patient have recovered from coma but her memories are affected. She have forgotten whatever happened in recent years. We don’t know till where she remembers..

Mohini moloy gets shocked..

Mohini:beta..tell me till where you can remember?

Anika:i..i..i don’t know anything..but i just felt you are my parents..thays why i called you as muma papa.

Mohini moloy including doctor gets shocked..

Doc.sid: my assumption is wrong..she have completely forgotten everything. We need to perform certain tests to find the cause.

Moloy mohini agrees and doctor takes anika for tests to scanning room while mohini moloy gets sad..

Mohini:poor anika is suffering a lot..

Moloy:mohini.. it’s for good only. If she remembers her happening then she would mourn for priya and yearn for Ram. Its good that she doesn’t remember anything.

Mohini:i guess you are right. She shouldn’t remember Ram at atll..he is jinx in our anika’s life. Let’s tell her that she is our priya.

Moloy: what about her name Anika?

Mohini:lets hide it. Her face is priya’s so..she changed into priya even though she is anika. Lets cut all Anika’s photos in our albums..

Moloy:yeah..lets do it.

Then after tests Anika is shifted to normal ward..

Doctor sid: please wait for an hour..the result will come sooner.

Moloy:sure doctor.

Doctor goes while Anika sits sad..

Anika:maa..papa..i don’t remember anything. What’s my name and how did i ended up in hospital?

Mohini: your name is Priya beta..our one and only lovely child. Actually you was going for trecking in shimla with your friends but unfortunately you met with accident and slipped into coma.

Priya aka anika gets shocked..


Abir dresses neatly and he smiles seeing himself on the mirror..

Abir in mind:i hope mishti accepts my proposal..and by the way..i really look handsome. I myself feel jealous of my looks..iam sure mishti will faint seeing me.

Suddenly veer enters there and gets shocked seeing him..

Veer:abir..are you going to propose any girl?

Abir gets stunned..

Abir in mind:how did he know it? Do he know that i love mishti?But its impossible as only kunal knows it..

Veer:then why did you got ready as if you are going to propose a girl? Don’t hide secrets from me..tell me if you are in love..i will enjoy your proposal day too.

Abir in mind:ill tell you once mishti accepts me.. till that i won’t tell even to my dreams.

Abir:arrey no veer..i ..i just got ready to meet my partner who sang along with me for actress diya’s movie.

Veer:i don’t know why..but i doubt you. If i find that you love a girl then i will wash you away for sure. So don’t hide secrets from me..

Abir hugs him..

Abir:i will not. If i fall in love I will tell you first.

Veer:thats good.

Abir:ok..bye..iam going as uts time up.

Abir goes and leaves a deep sigh..

Abir in mind:i become expert in lying too nowadays.

Soon abir reaches park and sees mishti waiting in car sitting in her dicky and he too goes and sits along with her..

Abir:hey mishti..

Mishti:you called me here but you came after half an hour..i almost slept for sometime.

Abir:iam sorry yaar..this veer made my time up.

Mishti:its okay.. actually what do you want to tell me urgently that you called me here immediately?

Abir smiles..

Abir: actually..i want to tell you that..

Suddenly he takes a rose and forwards it towards mishti suprising her..

Abir:i..i love you mishti. I don’t from when my heart started to see you in this way but my stupid mind have just realised this feeling now. I don’t know what you feel for me but i love you a lot mishti..will you be my girlfriend and my future wife miss.useless universe?

Mishti’s long lasting wait have came true and she couldn’t believe her eyes that her abir is proposing her and she feels too excited and she immediately gets the rose happily..

Mishti:even i too love you abir. I always considered you as my irritating goenka but my feelings for you changed when you went away to paris..i was feeling like a soul lost in my body during those months..then i understood that its love..i..i feared to propose you in reason of friendship..but now my dream got true…i love you my irritating goenka. Yes..i will be your girlfriend and your future wife.

In happiness abir lifts her and spins her happily..

Abir: finally useless universe and irritating goenka loves each other.. what a combo!!

Mishti:abirrr.. don’t rotate me like this then ill faint down.

Abir:sorry..sorry..i did out of happiness.

Then they both looks each other romantically..

Abir:i never thought i will fall for you..

Mishti:even me too..but this feeling is so beautiful.


Then abir lets mishti down and they spend time together chatting..

and layer they return home..


PRECAP:- Kartik and Tina (naira) stay in a hotel. Sirat and ranveer spends time together. Abir and mishti’s romantic date. Anika lives as Priya. Jhanvi’s shocking demand to Ram.