Mera pyaar… Part 37 ( Shocking demand and a new start)



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Bani gets shocked reading the letter…

Bani in mind:who is this idiot who sent a love letter for me with a red rose?and he told to meet him at cafe.. what a psycho!! I will meet him and reject him in the face and come. And shall i inform this to veer or not? No..I’ll better not inform him as he will get more angry.

Bani gets ready and goes and meets the guy in the restaurant..

Bani:is that you who sent that letter..

The guy smiles and forwards his hands and..

Guy:yes. Iam ram Kapoor..nice to meet you.

Bani frowns and turns away showing attitude without giving hands..

Bani:it’s my bad luck to meet you..and moreover it’s your bad day for you too as i don’t love you or i can’t love you too. So get lost..

Ram: this is my own restaurant so you can’t order me to get out. And moreover even i don’t love you..

Bani gets shocked and gets angry..

Bani:what? Are you mad? Then why the hell did you send love letter and red roses? Are you psycho?

Ram:I’ve sent to make you meet me. I need a favour from you..

Bani:favour? Am i looking like a santa who fulfills every strangers wishes?

Ram:stop your nonsense. Iam asking help from you as you exactly look my dead girlfriend Anika. My mother took care of my girlfriend since childhood and she was planning to get me married to her as she wants to keep her in our house but suddenly Anika died in accident..and and my mother is traumatised..she doesn’t believe that Anika is dead. So i want you to act as my girlfriend Anika to cure her..

Bani: how can I believe you?

Ram shows his photos with anika and bani gets shocked..

Ram: please..she isn’t eating or talking to anyone as everyone are saying that Anika is dead. Only if you act as anika..then she will be becoming normal and once she comes to senses I’ll tell her the truth.

Bani gets concerned..

Bani: i feel bad for her..but..

Ram: don’t worry..i won’t get close to just act close in front her that’s it.

Bani:fine..i will help you as i feel pity for that lady.

Ram:thank you so much. Tomorrow come to my house to meet her and i will send you the address..


They both exchange phone numbers and leave from there while bani walks worriedly..

Bani in mind: did i do right or not? By helping that lady..This guy ram should not develop any feelings for me as i look like his dead Girlfriend . And should i tell this matter to veer or not?ohh godd..iam so confused..


Naira cries in home while sirat consoles her and ranveer comes..

Ranveer:Tina..why are you crying like this?

Naira: i don’t know what to do..i see myself and kartik’s sir images whenever i go close to him and he called me naira again. What’s my identity? Please tell me..iam really scared and confused of myself.. please help me recall my past.

Ranveer:relax Tina..if you want to regain your memory then you should do what i say..

Naira: what should I do jiju?

Ranveer: you have to become kartik sir’s friend. If you bond with him then you can recollect your memories and know how is he related with you..

Naira gets shocked..

Naira: wh..wha.. what? Bu..but he..he is a sir moreover he is is a stranger too..the..then can I?

Ranveer:i talked to him. He is very nice guy..some months before too he helped me and advaised me. And i told him not to call you as naira as you feel disturbed. So don’t be scared.. become his friend.

Sirat:yes..even i met him before Tina. He saved me from goons leaving his urgency. Iam sure you will get to know the relation between him and you and why you are getting connected with the name naira..

Naira: only as you both assured..I’ll befriend him to know my past. But both know my past as you are my family right..then you both would absolutely know if i know him or not and if i have any connection with naira’s name..then why don’t you tell?

Ranveer:Tina..i know what’s running in your mind. Some matters we can’t will get peaceful if you know it yourself and that’s why.

Naira:ok..I’ll do what you say..

Ranveer and sirat smiles..


Mishti and kuhu comes out of exam hall irritated..

Mishti:kuhu..who is that hell is he who prepared such a confusing question paper? I wrote everything but one question was so confusing..he gave a question as if only god can answer it. Do he thinks as if he is genius in preparing question paper?

Kuhu:mishti.. don’t make me angry. You are just upset for one question but iam upset as every questions was confusing for me..

Rohit comes there and smiles..

Rohit:you guys seem to look as if you failed in NEET or IAS exams..

Kuhu and mishti:shut up.. don’t irritate us if you did well.

Rohit:who told i did well? I have to get ready to write arrears..but still iam happy.

Kuhu and mishti gives a shocking look..

Kuhu:are you an insane?

Rohit: what’s the use of getting sad for things which is already over? Sadness doesn’t bring the lost things back. So better is to be happy for whatever we got and enjoy our life..

Mishti and kuhu gets impressed..

Mishti:you are so positive minded. Now i think you are right..

Rohit smirks..

Rohit in mind: My actions and talks are enough to impress mishti.. foolish girl. I will soon make you mine.

Kuhu:ok..then let’s go to a restaurant and celebrate for completing that chipanzee’s exam.. what say mishti?

Mishti: you always badmouth our professor..i don’t know when will you get caught. Anyways let’s go..

Rohit:shall i also join you guys as my friends are busy..

Mishti:you are join us.

Rohit smiles and they all leave for a restaurant and they order they favourite items sitting together..

Kuhu:i can’t hold my patience to taste such a yummy chole bhature..

Mishti: foodie..

While mishti and kuhu were talking Rohit just admires mishti..

Rohit in mind:how beautiful she is..i can’t wait to get married to her.

Kunal and Abir were sitting Little far from them and Abir sees them and gets shocked..

Abir:mishti kuhu..

Kunal gets excited and..

Kunal:your best friend and my angel..where?

Abir stares him..

Abir:she is angel..i agree but you are demon. I wonder how will an angel marry demon..if it happens then I’ll write in guiness world record.

Kunal: don’t get jealous as my love story started..

Kunal laughs while Abir frowns..

The food which ordered have come and the three were enjoying the food and suddenly Rohit signalled mishti that food was applied on her cheeks.. are wiping’s little bit above.

Mishti wipes wrong and so Rohit wipes it helping her while Abir sees this and feels jealous and angry..

Abir:idiot of of the dare he touch mishti..i won’t spare him now..

Abir gets up to go but kunal stops him..

Kunal:are you mad? What happened to you?

Abir:see.. he is taking advantage of my lo..i mean best friend.

Kunal laughs..

Kunal: are you angry or jealous? Seems like you like your best friend..

Abir gets stunned..

Abir:wh.. what? Iaa..iam just a..ang..angry..why sh..shou.. should i be jealous? ca..can i love my best friend?

Kunal:you maybe smart in looks but you are a fool mentally. I saw love in your eyes for your best friend yesterday atself. Now you got angry on him as he touched are insecure for your best friend. Only the person who falls in love can feel this..

Abir:no..she thinks me as best friend and i too think her as my friend then how it is love? And moreover that guy Rohit has bad intention for mishti as i caught him red handed one day but he did shah rukh Khan’s acting and escaped..

Kunal: you are jinx of your own love. Iam telling you..this feeling is love. You try to realise soon orelse you will regret. Ok..iam leaving bye as i have to go office.

Kunal leaves while Abir sees mishti and recalls their moments..

Abir in mind: why am I feeling restless after what Kunal said? Am i really in love? But…

Suddenly Mishti screams in abir’s ears..


Abir gets scared for a second and stares mishti while mishti laughs..

Mishti:you are daydreaming i guess. I saw you from my table and realised that you was staring i thought you was looking me as i was also in this restaurant but iam are in i right?

Mishti:you funny monkey..why are you sitting alone? Come and sit with us.

Mishti forcefully takes Abir to her table and four of them eats together and suddenly Abir notices Rohit glaring mishti and gets angry..

Abir in mind:how dare he stare my mishti? Wait..I’ll reach him a lesson.

Abir:mishti..why don’t we feed each other like we do in childhood. Iam really missing those moments..

Mishti smiles..

Mishti in mind:i used to think when you will feed me like childhood and now it happened finally..iam really happy to eat in your hands as i love you.

Mishti:why not?

They feed each other happily while Rohit gets jealous and stares them angrily..

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Rohit in mind: this..this guy always irritated me. He always comes between me and mishti. Now i came here happily to enjoy with mishti but again he came here too.. nonsense. I don’t when will I get rid of him..see now what I’ll do.

Rohit picks his food from his spoon and extends it too mishti..

Rohit:hey mishti..this fresh cake is too delicious. Try my flavour na..

Mishti gets suprised and eats it from his spoon while Abir gets angry and stares Rohit while Rohit gives an smirking look at Abir..

Rohit in mind:do you think you are mishti’s boyfriend? No..i will be only her boyfriend.

Abir in mind: mishti is mine..i won’t allow you get closer to her and i will expose your intention soon.. wait and watch.

They both turn away their faces from each other while kuhu notices them..

Kuhu in mind:they are looking as if they fought through their minds..strange.

Mishti:ok..i guess we eated more than our questions in question paper..i think it’s time to leave.


Abir:mishti..come I’ll drop you home in my bike.

Mishti:but..kuhu is there..I’ll go with her.

Kuhu who knows about mishti’s love for Abir decides to help their love and..

Kuhu: don’t worry about me mishti..I’ll go by go with Abir.

Kuhu winks at mishti and mishti smiles what she meant and smiles..

Mishti:ok..and Rohit bye. We will meet in next exam..

Mishti goes while Rohit gets angry..

Rohit in mind:this..this guy..i won’t spare him next time.

Rohit and kuhu goes in separate ways while mishti enjoys bike ride with Abir and she smiles seeing Abir..

Mishti in mind: this ride would have been romantic if you realised your feelings for me. One day i will make you realise your love for me..iam waiting for that day where we will go for a romantic ride.

Abir drops mishti home and waves bye and goes..



Next day naira goes to college and she sits in a place..

Girl:hello..iam Priya.

Naira:iam Tina.

Priya:sorry.. yesterday in couldn’t talk with you as i was scared for not preparing my assignment.

Naira:it’s ok..

Priya:we will be friends from now on..what say?

Naira smiles.. are my first friend here..

Suddenly kartik enters and everyone gets silent and they stand and wish him..

Students:good morning sir..

Kartik sees naira and smiles and..

Kartik:ok…good morning sit down.

Everyone sits down while three girls sitting back of naira gossips about kartik..

Disha:hey vedika..kartik sir is different today right? I never saw him smiling but for first time I saw his smile.. what a miracle!

Vedika:you know what..he looks very handsome and hot when he smiles..

Disha:you are right.

Naira hears this and feels jealous..

Naira in mind:how can they woo him? Don’t they have any other works..wait why am I feeling jealous now? Iam mad..

Priya:why is your face looks irritated Tina?

Tina :no.. nothing..i just felt sleepy that’s it.

Priya: be careful of kartik sir. If you sleep in his class then he will make you chutney for sure. He is very strict and angry don’t be sleepy in his class.

Tina sees him and thinks something and soon kartik starts his class..

Once the class is over Everyone was dispersing..

Priya:Tina..come lets go together.

Tina:you go..i will join you from tomorrow. I have to talk some important matter with kartik sir..

Priya:ok as you say..

Priya goes and Tina comes near kartik..

Tina:sir..i want to talk with you..can i?

Kartik:yeah.. wait first of all iam sorry for calling you as naira. I guess you feel disturbed because of it.

Naira:yes..but it’s okay leave it sir. Do you want to be my friend?

Kartik gets suprised and happy too..

Kartik in mind:i think ranveer would have convinced naira like me. Thank you so much i can get closer to her by being her friend and make her recall the past.

Kartik:yes..i want to be your friend.

Naira:but i have some conditions it ok?

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:conditions for a friendship? What kind of friendship are you showing me?

Naira smiles and..

Kartik:Priya told you are so strict so i thought this. If you want to be my friend then you should never scold me or ask any questions in it ok?

Kartik laughs..

Kartik:you are so cunning and smart..

Naira: you have to choose eithef my friendship or your strict duty sir.

Kartik: fine..i need your friendship so I’ll choose you. But even i have should not call me sir when we are out of class.. just call me kartik.


Kartik: choose between my friendship or student’s duty. Do you think only you are smart? Common choose..

Naira in mind: i should be friend of him to know about myself as Ranveer jiju told only if i become his friend then i can learn why i get flashes and why i feel connected with name naira..

Naira:ok..I’ll choose you.

Kartik forwards his hands for friendship and naira shakes hands with him..

Suddenly kartik sees a cockroach near naira and smiles and recalls some incident..


Kartik hugged naira while she was busy and naira pushed him away irritated..

Naira:kartik.. don’t you have any other works? Iam working but you are disturbing me..

Kartik:you always do house work..

Naira:yes.. because it’s a wife’s duty.

Kartik:even wife’s duty is to pamper their husband..did you forget it?

Naira:stop buck mendak. Iam doing don’t disturb me with your romance and buck bucking..

She was sweeping the floor ignoring kartik and suddenly she saw cockroach near her and she screamed..

Naira:aaaaaaahhhhh..what an ugly creature!!

Kartik who was lying on bed admiring naira got up..

Kartik: what happened? Why are you screaming?

Suddenly cockroach jumped on naira and she got scared and ran and hugged kartik tightly while kartik gets suprised.. me from this ugly creature..pleasee..

Kartik pulls naira away from him and..

Kartik:i will save you from cockroach but don’t hug me..

Naira hugs him again..

Naira:no i will hug you as iam scared seeing it.

Kartik pulls away naira again and..

Kartik: sorry..i can’t disturb you by hugging you.

Naira gets irritated pushes him on the bed while kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:do you think yourself as wrestling lady? Poor me..

Naira:then what? You are relating something to something..i told not to disturb my work by hugging but are relating it with something. You stupid..

Kartik holds his ears..

Kartik:fine..iam sorry please forgive me.

Naira:then go and send the ugly creature somewhere..i won’t turn back till it goes somewhere.

Kartik then chases the cockroach out..


kartik in mind: cockroach have made us fight that time but i can use it to make naira closer this time..

Kartik:naira..see..there is a cockroach nearby.

Naira sees it and gets scared..

Naira in mind:ohh..noo..this ugly creature. But if i scream what will si..i mean kartik think of me. I should control to act as bold in front of him..

Naira:i..ia..iam no..not sc..scar..scareddd..hha..ha..

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik in mind:how can naira be not scared of’s impossible.

Suddenly he notices that her face sweating and smiles..

Kartik in mind: you are trying to be bold before me..but i won’t let it as i like my cute scary naira..

He acts to chase cockroach away but sends it towards naira without her knowledge and naira screams when it comes near..

Naira:noooooo…youuu ugly creatureee..go awayyyyy!!

It was about to jump on her but naira screams and runs and hugs kartik tightly and kartik smiles.. that ugly creature away..i hate to see it.

Kartik: so you are scared of it..

Naira:nope..wh..why sh.. should i g..get sc.. scared of such a small th..thing? It looks i want it away..

Kartik in mind: i never knew that you will be stubborn to not accept your fear..see what I’ll do now.

Kartik:fine..I’ll chase it away.

He holds naira as she still hugs him in fear and slowly takes it in hand and shows near naira’s face and naira screams and buries her face in kartik’s chest..

Naira:noooooo..i accept that iam scared of cockroaches..pleaseee throw it away…

Kartik smiles and throws away..

Kartik: finally you accepted your get up..I’ve thrown it away..

Naira slowly moves her head up to check whether kartik thrown or not and gets relieved seeing him thrown and suddenly kartik and naira meets with an eyelock as their faces are close to each other..

Kartik in mind: i wish the time gets freezed now..

Naira in mind: why am I feeling as if i know him long? Why am I feeling nice now being in his arms?

Suddenly they hear some footsteps and they realise the situation and moves away from each other..

Naira:i..i..iam sorry kartik..iam going now..lets meet tomorrow.


Naira: bye..

Naira runs nervously thinking about the incident now..

Naira in mind: iam very embarassed as kartik found my fear.. what will he think? He will think me as zero..iam a fool.

kartik smiles sitting on his chair..

Kartik in mind: today is the best day in my life.. finally i hugged my naira back. I will soon make naira fall for me again even if she doesn’t remember me. Thank you mr.ranveer for helping me..



PRECAP:- Naira (Tina) jokes on kartik. Ram and Bani’s act..veer feels restless. Abir gets more jealous.