Mera pyaar… Part 35 (Flashes of Past)

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hello friends…here is the next episode.

3 months have passed..

The Goenkas and singhania’s were living sadly since naira’s death and akshara ‘s coma stage while in mumbai Keerthi and naksh were trying to prove naira is dead but kartik doesn’t agree and he lives in the hope of naira’s return and he changed himself to an angry person as he couldn’t find naira and also he became drunkard as he couldn’t bear living without naira..
And naira who is living as Tina have recovered from injuries except her memories…


At morning kartik gets ready neatly to go to college while Keerthi prepares him food..

Kartik:Keerthi..i am telling you for past 3 months that please don’t make me food in morning..i don’t want to eat breakfast.

Keerthi:bhai..since naira died you are like this. I know naira used to feed foor before you go to college but that doesn’t mean you should skip breakfast if she isn’t there to feed you..

Kartik gets angry and shouts..

Kartik: keerthi.. don’t tell again that my naira is dead. My heart saw naira that day..i will find and bring her soon. I go college only to earn savings for my naira..orelse i would have searched whole day for my naira. And i skip breakfast because I get reminded of naira and my it’s better if i skip it to avoid emotional breakdown of myself…

Kartik goes to college without eating while Keerthi and naksh worries seeing him..

Keerthi sadly:we tried our best to convey him that his naira is no more..but still he hasn’t changed even a bit.

Naksh:infact he has gone worse by drinking alcohol and getting angry for no reason…

Keerthi: only lord can do wonders to bring back kartik bhai to normal state..i hope it happens so..

Naksh:we won’t give up our efforts till kartik comes to reality..

Keerthi:yes.. you go and stitch clothes and continue the online business..

Keerthi:i will and thank you for motivating me to complete my dream..

Naksh:we are helping a friend to achieve the dream is also a friend’s duty. So don’t be formal..

Keerthi smiles and goes and stitches clothes while naksh goes to his room..


Kartik enters college and walks on the corridor to the class he takes and the students runs inside the class seeing him..

John:thank god..we came on right time orelse kartik sir would have bashed us.

Priya:yes..yes..from the day kartik sir bashed me..i started to come earlier to college as i can’t bear kartik sir’s punishment.

Jeev:i don’t know why kartik sir is like angry lava always. When I asked our seniors they told that kartik sir was so friendly and humble..but why is he behaving like that to our batch?

Suddenly Kartik enters and everyone gets silent and they wish him..

Students:good morning sir..

Kartik:good morning..sir down.

A girl named Tanvi runs to class and gets shocked seeing kartik already there..

Tanvi in mind:now iam gone for being late..

Tanvi:excuse me sir..

Kartik sees her angrily..

Kartik:it will be nice if you go back home yourself before i send you out..


Kartik shouts scaring everyone..

Kartik:did you hear me or not? Should I send you out or will you go yourself?

Tanvi goes away immediately getting scared while others listen to his class very silently as they know how kartik will get angry..


Naira gets ready beautifully..

Sirat and maudi compliments her..

Maudi:my granddaughter is looking like a fairy..i think some guy will surely propose her.

Sirat: No guy will propose my sister as they will die seeing her beauty before proposing…

Naira smiles..

Naira:stop teasing me..iam going out of house after 3 months as i recovered completely so i want to go out beautifully to look my sister’s match afresh.

Maudi smiles and blesses both of the girls..

Maudi:both my granddaughter’s look beautiful. Let no evil eye catch on you both and let lord bless you both with successful life ahead..

Ranveer and Rohan comes to sirat’s house and..

Rohan:sirat.. only 15 minutes is left for your match. So come soon..


Sirat gets ready and goes along with Rohan Ranveer and naira in Ranveer’s car to the scheduled place..

Sirat:this match is very important for me..if i win it..then I’ll get selected for playing nationals. I hope i will do it..

Ranveer holds sirat’s hands and..

Ranveer:before you enter the ring..look at my face and go then you will surely win.

Rohan and naira smiles while sirat hits Ranveer playfully..

Sirat:iam talking seriously but you are joking around..idiot.

Naira: sirat..but his words are right. When you see him then you will get your lost energy back as you see him cheering for you continuously..

Rohan:yes..Tina is right.

Sirat smiles..

Sirat:i guess Tina is right.. i can see my lover’s face to boost my energy.

Ranveer jokes: that’s why i did haircuts and shaved my beared accordingly to look handsome in front of that she will win seeing my handsome face.

Sirat makes an irritating anger face and..

Sirat:you..wait i will make your face into burger once i finish the match for self praising. Now don’t irritate me with silly jokes.. just go soon.

Then they reach the venue and go inside and once sirat’s name is called she goes inside the ring while Rohan naira and ranveer cheers for her..

The match starts and sirat performs well by punching the opponent..

Suddenly she is overpowered by the opponent and she falls down weak and closes her eyes in pain..

Ranveer Rohan and naira gets shocked and shouts her to get up but she doesn’t and suddenly naira gets a flashes of her past..


Naira was practicing for dancing competition ..

But she feels weak and falls down and cries while akshara comes and hugs her..

Akshara:beta.. what happened..why are you crying?

Naira:maa..i can’t win the competition. I couldn’t dance properly..i can’t participate in competition like this..iam a loser..

Akshara caress her face and..

Akshara:naira are wrong. The losers are not the one who doesn’t get prizes but they are the one who gives up their dream.. their abilities. Every humans won’t achieve everything and every humans won’t lose everything. The real winners are the one who achieves their dream even though if they don’t have any abilities to achieve..they complete it by not giving up. So don’t give up and lose your dream..iam sure you can do it. So get up and dance..

Naira then practices dance continuously remembering akshara ‘s words and she dances beautifully in the competition..

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main

Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main…)

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Naira wins the competition and credits akshara by hugging her..

Naira:thank you mumma for your advice. Today I won only because of your words..

Flash ends while naira gets shocked..

Naira in mind: what happened to me suddenly? I saw some weird dream running in my did it happened? In that..i was calling some lady as mumma..why did I see like that? I can’t remember her face but i remember what she advised..i will tell this to that she can get up and win.

Naira goes near sirat and asks her to get up..

Sirat:no..i..Tina..i can’t do it..i am going to lose..

Naira tells what akshara advised her in flashes while sirat gets suprised and encouraged and she gets up slowly..

Sirat:you are right Tina..i won’t give up my dreams and my abilities..

She fights back bravely and finally wins the match…

Everyone claps hands sirat while sirat runs and hugs Tina emotionally..

Sirat:today i got nominated for the selection for’s all because of you..thank you so much giving such an encouraging advice.

Naira: i just encouraged’s you who fighted hard and won..

Sirat in mind : i started to feel the real bond with Tina. It will be nice if she doesn’t recover her memory and leave me..but i can’t be selfish too.

Sirat gets teary while naira notices it and wipes her tears..

Naira: You should not shed tears have to shed happy tears when you get medal for our country..

Sirat smiles and nods her head while Ranveer comes there..

Ranveer:did sister’s emotional moment over?

Sirat and naira moves away and..

Sirat: it’s time for celebrating my victory..

Ranveer:lets go to our usual restaurant..

Suddenly Rohan comes there running and..

Rohan:sirat…coach asked you to wait..he wants to talk to you something it seems..

Ranveer:then we will wait here till coach comes..

Naira:you guys wait here and come after talking with coach..I’ll just go walking outside till you all come.

They agree and naira goes out and walks…


Once the time ends for college kartik takes hi car and comes to usual bar(near boxing match Venue) and drinks alcohol and vents his grief out losing his senses..

Kartik:nairaaa..for how long will..will you..make me search you..why..why are you hiding from me.. just come in front of me..i know you are not dead..please come ..come back to me..

The other men’s gossip seeing kartik..

Aarav: for past 3 months..this man just blabbers this. I guess he is in some kind of pain where he lost his love..

Nishant: we drink for happiness but poor guy is drinking due to pain..hope he comes out of it.

Kartik goes out of bar in drunken state and he walks on road murmuring naira’s name..

Kartik and naira come across through opposite roads and suddenly kartik falls down due to weakness and naira sees him and runs to him and holds him..

Naira:excuse me..are you ok?

(yeh rishta kya kehlata hai song plays in the background…)

Kartik sees her and gets shocked as he saw naira after 3 long months and he couldn’t believe that his belief was true and gets so emotional and gets up and hugs her tightly and cries…

Kartik:nairaaa..i know you will be alive for me..i had hope that we will meet soon. Though everyone tried to make me believe that you are died but i dint believe them..i know you are alive..

Naira gets shocked as she doesn’t remember him and also she is shocked hearing naira’s name..

Naira in mind: who is this man? Why is he claiming me to be naira? Is it because he is drunk that he is seeing naira’s face in me? But even in the dream which run on my mind.. that lady called me as naira.. what relationship do i have with naira’s name? Sirat and me are twins and she told me that my name is Tina..then why do i get dreams of myself as naira and even he is calling me as naira? Ohh goddd.. please solve this problem..

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Kartik holds naira’s face and..

Kartik:why..why are you not..not talking naira? Please tell that you are back for me..and tell me that you love me so that my heart with her peaceful..

Naira gets worried..

Naira:i don’t know who are you..iam not naira mister. My name is Tina shekhawat..i guess you are misunderstanding me.

Kartik gets shocked and holds her face closely and looks at her eyes..

Kartik: don’t lie naira..are you upset on me as i got upset on that day for Chopra’s matter? If so..then iam sorry as you dint do that mistake..but don’t hurt me by going away from me naira please..i can’t live without you. If you aren’t naira then just look at my eyes and tell..

Naira looks at his eyes deeply and she gets flashes of her and kartik’s moments..

Naira holds her head shockingly..

Naira in mind: what’s happening with me? Why did i see dreams of me and this guy together when I looked at his i have any relations with him? No..i don’t remember anything..

She leaves him and gets up and runs crying..

Naira in mind: i can’t understand what’s happening with me..i don’t want this weird dreams again. Iam living happily now..i don’t want to get these dreams again as it’s disturbing my mind and confusing myself..

Kartik runs behind her shouting..

Kartik:nairaaa..stop.. don’t go away from me…

A speeding truck comes towards kartik and naira stops and sees it and screams..

Naira: kaaartikkkk..

She runs and pulls him and saves him but kartik falls unconscious on her..

Naira in mind:why i called him as kartik? Is his name really kartik? If it is..then iam sure that i had some relation with him in past..i should ask Ranveer jiju about this problem so that i can learn about myself. Now i will take this guy to my house as i can’t leave him just like that..

Naira hires an auto and she takes kartik to her house and makes him lie down on the bed and covers him with blanket and stares him..

Naira in mind: now iam confused about myself because of you..why did we meet? I was living happily but you made my mind i can’t be peaceful till i get my answers..

Naira goes and sits in verandah and recalls how she dreamt about her and akshara and then how she get flashes of kartik and her and how she called him as kartik unknowning to herself..

Naira in mind:there is definitely some connection with the name naira..i have to find out.


Abir mishti veer and bani are standing at temple..

Veer:now we have met after 3 looks like we became odd after naira’s death.

Bani:yes..we should not continue to be like this. We should stop being like this as everything is getting ruined. Even naira won’t wish to be like this..she will also be happy if everyone is happy..

Abir:then we should bring our old family back. We have to make them understand to move on from past..

Mishti gets upset and silently goes from there while veer bani and Abir discusses..

Bani:by making everything normal..we can bring Akshara aunt out of coma stage too..

Veer:yes..ok..come first let’s pray first to start our mission.

Veer bani and Abir goes and they gets shocked seeing mishti crying before go and Abir immediately rushes to mishti..


Mishti shouts:you all don’t beltieve that naira is alive and you all consider kartik jiju is traumatised but i believe kartik jiju because traumatised person doesn’t search for the lost one..they only hallucinate them ..kartik jiju is searching for naira di as his heart saw naira di and no one of you is understanding him.. but i believe him. And will continue to pray for return of my naira di.

Mishti goes from there angrily while veer bani and Abir worries..

Bani: more than any of us..Mishti is very closely bonded with naira after kartik. So she doesn’t want to believe naira’s death..hope she understands the situation soon.

Veer: When we are very close..then we need more time to come out of the shock. So mishti still needs time..

Abir:ok..I’ll go and console her. You both go and pray..

Veer and bani agrees and Abir goes to mishti who was sitting in a bench seeing her and naira’s childhood photo emotionally..

Mishti in mind: iam waiting for you to give you the birthday gift which i prepared.. please come sooner naira di. I won’t believe that you left me..i know god won’t do injustice with you. And please come sooner so that Akshara aunt will also become fine..


Mishti: if you think my naira di dead..then please don’t come to me..i don’t want to talk to you.

Abir :acha..iam sorry..

Mishti: naira di will surely i right?

Abir in mind:if i tell truth..then she will get angry again..I’ll better lie to make her heart get some peace.

Abir:yeah..she will surely return.. don’t worry.

Mishti lies on abir’s shoulders and shares about her and naira’s sister moments..

Mishti:i really miss her..i want god to send her soon.

Abir: don’t worry..he will send her soon to us..

Few minutes later mishti falls asleep on abir’s shoulders and Abir sees her and gets mesmerized..

Few minutes later he too falls asleep resting his head on mishti ‘s head..

Veer and bani prays before god..

Veer: Krishnaji..we still trust you even after you gave us pain… please return our family’s happiness back and please give our Akshara aunt’s life back..

Bani: You snatched our happiness and now it’s your time to return our happiness back.. please return our family’s happiness back.

They ring the bell and then they turn to go but bani’s leg gets sprained and was about to fall but veer holds her and they meet with an eye lock..

Veer slowly makes her stand and..

Veer:are you okay?

Bani:yeah..just a little sprain..

Veer immediately lifts her shocking bani..

Bani: what are you doing?

Veer: ofcourse helping you…if you walk with sprained leg then you have to bear the pain so iam helping you..

Bani smiles and veer takes her to a bench and he makes her sit and then he massages bani’s leg to make it fine while bani admires him..

Bani in mind: iam lucky to have veer in my life..

Suddenly the clouds become darker and the drop of rain falls on them and they get shocked..

Veer:ohh’s going to rain..we should leave sooner.

Bani:where is Abir and mishti? We should take them..

Veer:they will be sitting that side..come lets go and call them and go..

They rush to Abir and mishti and sees them sleeping and veer jokes..

Veer: see them..they are sleeping like love birds..

Bani laughs and she wakes them up..

Bani:guys come soon..rain is going to come..

They all get up and go and suddenly Mishti slips and she rolls down while Abir gets shocked and recalls naira’s fall and he shouts..


He runs and holds her hand tightly recalling how naira’s hands slipped away..

Abir: don’t worry mishti..I’ll help you.. just hold my hand tight.
Mishti looks him and holds his hands..

Abir slowly lifts her up and he hugs her tightly..

Abir:thank god you are fine..i got scared for a second. When you fell….i recalled how naira fell from cliff and how her hands slipped i don’t want that mistake to happen..and moreover i can’t lose you..

Mishti moves away and they look each other..

Mishti::why cant you lose me?

Abir: because…i..i mean you are my..lo..close friend more than other’s that’s why.

Abir in mind: i felt as if my heart was sinking when mishti fell..and what was i thinking about her?my mind became clueless nowadays….

Mishti in mind: i know he loves me unknowingly but still he is not understanding it..idiot.

Then bani and veer rushes near them worriedly..

Bani:mishti..are you fine?

Mishti :yes..iam ok. Don’t worry..

Veer:thank god..ok..lets go from here immediately as rain is going to come heavily.

They all leave immediately..


Ranveer and sirat comes to the house and sees naira sitting in verandah engaged in deep thoughts..

Ranveer:Tina..we were searching for you as you told that you will be walking outside till we come out of that venue. But why did you come alone to house leaving us suddenly?

Naira gets up and..

Naira: i was walking only. But suddenly i saw some man collapsing and thought to help him..but unfortunately he was drunk.

Ranveer and sirat gets shocked and worried..

Sirat: did he harm you? Then what happened?

Naira: he dint harm me..but..i felt some strange connection with him. I got some images of him and me together when I saw his eyes. And also he called me as naira and i feel that i have some relation with the name naira..

Ranveer and sirat gets hell shocked..

Ranveer in mind: that means..her memory has started to recover. And I guess that guy has some relation with her..i will find out.

Sirat:but why do you feel that you have relation with name naira?

Naira: because even before i met that guy..i saw a dream of some lady and me in which that lady was calling me as naira when you were fighting with opponent. And the advaise which i gave you was also told by that lady in that dream..

Ranveer in mind:i guess she is getting flashes of her’s a good sign. But she shouldn’t stress her mind to find it may harm her health. But i will help her finding her past.. you will be confused of why you got like that right?

Naira:yes..i want to know the reason..

Ranveer:i will tell you soon but now don’t take stress thinking about it. just tell where the guy is?

Naira: i brought him here as he fall unconscious and he is sleeping in my room.. shall i show him?


Naira takes sirat and ranveer to her room and shows kartik and they both gets shocked seeing him..

Ranveer in mind:he is the guy who advaised me before 3 months..

Sirat in mind:he is the same guy who saved me from goons before 6 months when I went to udaipur for my friend’s wedding on janmashtami day..


PRECAP:- Naira (Tina) to join kartik’s college. Ranveer searches for kartik. Sirat gets humiliated by Chauhan. Abir feels jealous seeing Rohit with Mishti. 

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