Mera Balam Thanedaar 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Bulbul apologises to Veer

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Mera Balam Thanedaar 10th July 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sudha asking Commissioner about the third round. He says he doesn’t know and praises Bulbul for winning the rounds. Bulbul says we will win all the rounds. Announcement is made for the third round. Dhristi asks Vani to say statue over. Vani says statue over. The anchor asks all the husbands to make their wives eat the three things, placed in the plate. Bulbul says they can have them themselves. The Anchor says the husbands shall pick it with their mouths and shall make their wives eat it. Veer picks chocolate and make Bulbul eat, and then jalebi. Commissioner and his wife loses. Veer then picks the clove and gets near Bulbul to make her eat. Vayu asks Vyom to close his eyes. He asks Dhristi to open her eyes and sees. Varnika says burning smell is coming, though food is not made. Veer drops the clove and tells Bulbul that he knows how she feels when he comes closer to her, and he don’t do the same mistake again. Chameli and Champa tell that they have lost it. Bulbul is in tears.

The Anchor announces Dhruv and his wife Aarti as the winner of Tarang event. Dhruv and Aarti gets happy. The Anchor announces Veer and Bulbul as runner up. Dhristi thinks Veer’s jodi is her. Bulbul congratulates Dhruv and Aarti and says you people are also my family. Veer tells Bulbul that their relation is incomplete, until our relation is incomplete, our dreams can’t be fulfilled and you are the reason for it, and our relation is incomplete because of you. He says if the relation is weak and then the relation can’t withstand for long. Bulbul cries.

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Dhristi gets up, but Vayu, Vani and others ask her to sit. Bulbul sings song, depicting what she feels for him. Varnika says Chachi is singing so well. Everyone claps for her. Varnika tells Dhristi that Bulbul and Veer are perfect for each other and it is best, if you understand this soon. Dhristi thinks Veer lost the competition intentionally and gave me new strength today.

Later Bulbul takes off bad sight from Veer in the night, while being disguised as the tantrik. Veer wakes up and aims gun at her. She asks who sleeps keeping gun. Veer says a police officer does. Bulbul says she got scared. He says seeing you in this avatar, anyone can get scared. Bulbul apologizes to him. He says his wound will not be healed so easily and asks her to stop her childish dramas. He goes from there. Bulbul cries, and says my thanedar sa is not agreeing seeing my tears, hearing the song and asks the sofa what to do, so that thanedar sa agrees and understands my heart feelings. She sees Dhristi’s message and warns her. Dhristi asks her to be beware of the big blast. Bulbul thinks I shall do something before she does anything and she gets an idea. Next day, Bulbul tells that there is a good news and that’s why she made this. Gita and Dhristi come there. Bulbul hugs Gita. She goes inside and brings the shagun, telling Sulakshana that she deserves to be the bahu of the house, after whatever happened with her, I am responsible for her. She says my mother has brought Dhristi’s alliance for Vishesh Bhai sa.

Episode ends.