Mehndi Wala Ghar 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Rahul plans his marriage

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Mehndi Wala Ghar 24th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with everyone ignoring Mauli. Manoj asks Mauli to start her medical practice at home. She likes the idea and sets the room to make it her clinic. Rahul says I know you will never agree to elope and marry. He gets a saree for her and makes her try it. He compliments her beauty. He says I dreamed of you and I feel you will look the best in red colour. She says I have to set the clinic now. He requests her to wear the saree for him. She agrees. Manoj says I don’t think Mauli will agree, she is sharp. Rohit says don’t worry, Rahul is also smart, he will convince her. He goes and collides with Vaibhav. Vaibhav’s phone falls and breaks. He scolds Rohit. Rohit says its fine, you don’t get angry, sorry. He goes murmuring. Vaibhav asks what plan, what is he doing.

Mauli wears the red saree and comes. Rahul gets mesmerized. Berangey….plays… He messages and compliments her. She says I m going to change now. He says I will make you ready now. He makes her wear the jewellery. He compliments her. She smiles and says you are kiddish, you get excited for small things. Rahul pulls her in arms. She says please, no. He says I didn’t do anything. She says don’t even think of anything. He says you said I don’t think and just do it, I m not scared. She asks him to go. He stops her and says sit here, I m going to fulfill our dream. He gets the drink and asks her to have it. She gets dizzy and says my head is spinning. Rahul recalls Rohit giving him the medicine to faint her. He makes her wear skates. Manoj comes. He says Rohit has gone to divert everyone’s attention. Jyoti comes to Swara and asks how can you do so bad with Mauli, she supported you when Vaibhav was leaving. Swara says I m indebted to Tanvi, she gave Vaibhav to me, I will support Tanvi. Jyoti taunts her and goes. Tanvi comes and asks what happened to Jyoti. Swara says nothing, you cut the veggies. Rohit says I can do anything… He goes downstairs and sees Janki, Rati and others. He collides with Tanvi. He messages Rahul. He keeps a remote controlled rat and shouts. Everyone comes. They all go to the kitchen to catch the rat. Janki says the rat will spoil the grains. Rohit messages Rahul.

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Rahul and Manoj take Mauli on the skates. They hide from Vijay. Rahul says there is a big rat. Vijay also goes to see. Vaibhav sees Rahul and Manoj taking Mauli in the car. He says where are they going, Mauli is decked up. Ajay catches the rat. Vijay says it looks strange. Rohit worries. Vaibhav says you got fooled by this battery-powered rat. Hari asks what are you saying. Vaibhav asks Rohit to tell them about Rahul and Mauli’s cheap drama. Pandit says the bride is unconscious, are you forcing her. Manoj says no, she is my daughter, see the pics, she kept a fast, so she got dizzy, she will get conscious. Pandit asks where is the groom. Rahul comes and says groom is ready. He says sorry, we will convince the family as you say, once we get married. Manoj gives the mehendi leaf and says think everyone attended your marriage. Akshay and Nanhe come. Rohit asks why are you blaming me. Vaibhav says you helped them, they have run away to marry, they took Manoj along to take his blessings. Rati asks how do you know. Vaibhav says I have seen this myself, Mauli got decked up and went in the car. Janki says no, Mauli can’t do this, she promised me, she won’t elope and marry. Vaibhav asks her to ask Rohit about them. Tanvi asks Rohit to answer Vaibhav, where are they. Swara says they aren’t at home. Vijay asks where did they go. Rohit says I don’t know. Rahul and Mauli are in the mandap. Tanvi says swear on me, tell me the truth, where did they go. Rohit says temple, they have gone to marry.

Mauli sees Rahul and cries. Pandit asks them to stand for the rounds. Everyone comes. Janki scolds Mauli.