Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sajeeri gets accused

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Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 24th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Mandira saying Aaji has hidden the necklace, you can’t expose her. She asks where are the pics. Sajeeri says there isn’t any proof, I just did this to catch you, why did Aaji do this, I have to talk to her. She goes. Mandira holds her hand. Anjali asks Sajeeri to spray mosquito repellent in Aaji’s room, Aaji isn’t at home. Sajeeri sprays the mosquito repellent in Aaji’s room. Aaji screams and comes out from beneath the bed. Sajeeri worries. Aaji says I was finding my ring, what did you put in my eyes. Shivam, Vikram and everyone come, and attend Aaji. Vikram calls the doctor. Shivam asks what did you say. Sajeeri says I was spraying the repellent.

Doctor checks Aaji’s eyes. He makes her wear blind glasses. He says sorry, your Aaji has lost her eyesight. Shivam is shocked. Aaji asks what, I can see everything. She asks Vikram to tell him, she can see everything. Doctor says she is aged, insect spray is dangerous for the eyes. Vikram asks how can you declare her blind, give us some solution. Doctor says fine, I will write an eye drop for her, if she gets fine, then good, else she can never see. Aaji says no, I can see everything. She angrily pushes Sajeeri and cries. She says you made me blind. Vikram and Shivam get angry. Shivam scolds Sajeeri. She says I went to spray, Anjali said Aaji isn’t in the room. Anjali says enough, don’t blame me, you should have checked well. Sajeeri says I didn’t know Aaji is finding the ring under the bed, why would I harm her. Aaji says you took revenge on me, you made me blind, why. Sajeeri says I didn’t spray much. Aaji asks am I lying. Sajeeri says we will talk to the other doctor. Vikram scolds her and asks her to shut up.

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He asks Anjali and Mandira to pack Sajeeri’s bags and leave her in her locality. He says I told you, this girl doesn’t deserve to stay in our family. Nalini comes in between. Vikram scolds her. Nalini says Sajeeri will leave the house right away. Sajeeri says Aai… Nalini says forgive me, it was my mistake to get you here, I will drop you home today. Supriya comes and says no need, I will take my daughter with me, I have heard everything. She hugs Sajeeri.

She says I have raised my daughter with much love, I hoped that you all give her love, but no one likes her stay here, I trust my upbringing, my daughter will never do wrong with anyone’s life and eyesight, I trust her. She asks Sajeeri to come with her. Sajeeri says no, I can’t come with this blame, I have to take care of Aaji, I will prove my truth. Supriya says they will get Aaji treated, come with me, I can’t lose you. She taunts them. Shivam gets restless and stops Sajeeri from leaving. He says if you want a chance to prove yourself… Supriya says she won’t stay here, she will come with me. She takes Sajeeri.

Supriya says you will never go in that family. Shivam comes to meet Sajeeri.