Meet 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Poonam scared that Shagun will reveal the truth


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Poonam in the kitchen, picks up her husband’s photo and remembers her husband lying in a hospital bed, making her promise not to reveal the truth about his death to Shlok. Sumeet empathizes with her pain. Poonam shares her concern about not being able to perform the Shradh puja by her son for her husband. Sumeet suggests that even though Shlok can’t do the puja, just touching the puja plate could bring peace to his father’s soul, Dadi said if a person touches the thali he also becomes the part of puja

Shlok’s mother worries that if Shlok sees the puja plate, he’ll understand it’s for a memorial. Sumeet reassures her that she’ll handle it. Shlok is busy preparing for Janmashtami with Raj and his uncle when Sumeet enters and asks Shlok to hold a covered plate.

Shlok is about to open it, but his mother interjects and asks Sumeet to fetch the puja thali. Sumeet tells Shlok to pass her the thali, emphasizing that this time, their son will have a role in his father’s memorial. Raj accidentally drops a flower basket and apologizes to Priyanka, who in turn apologizes for misunderstanding him. Raj assures Priyanka that he considers her family as his own and supports Sumeet and her brother. Priyanka expresses her desire to win the task to protect Shlok.

Poonam worries about what will happen if Shagun reveals the truth about Shlok’s father’s death. Shagun and Raunak wonder why the place is so silent and where everyone else is. Drums start beating, and people in masks enter. Shagun gets irritated and believes this is Sumeet’s attempt to keep her away from Shlok, but she’s determined to tell him the truth today. Shagun orders everyone to remove their masks. Sumeet steps forward, removes her mask, and the drummers prevent Shagun from approaching Shlok.

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Shagun is determined to reveal the truth to Shlok today, believing he will lose his mind, and she’ll relish watching him go mad. Shlok becomes impatient, wondering why his father doesn’t care about him and the family. Sumeet encourages Shlok to focus on completing the task, feeling guilty about not being able to tell him the truth. As they start forming a human pyramid to break the handi, Shagun can’t get close to Shlok due to the crowd. They work together to reach the top of the pyramid.

However, Raunak bribes the priest to call Poonam and change the location of the puja. As Sumeet and Shlok reach the top of the pyramid, Raunak and Shagun use flashlights to make Shlok look toward his mother, who is performing his father’s shradh puja. Realizing that his father is no longer with them, Shlok loses his composure, falls from the human pyramid, and lies unconscious on the floor.

Precap: Dadi asks Poonam why are you wearing white Saree. Ashko tells everyone about Anand being dead.
Shagun puts the weight on weighing machine and says you all will loose your sixth task and will become my slave forever.