Meet 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sarkar gets paralysis attack.

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Manmeet expresses gratitude to Hoshiyar for helping him and allowing them to stay at the Alhawat Mansion. He mentions that he will soon find another place and move his family there. However, Hoshiyar insists that they stay with them instead. He informs Manmeet about Meet organizing a naming ceremony for Cheeku. Meanwhile, Sumeet prepares an ice pack for Vani, who has a fever, following Jasodha’s advice. Manmeet misses Jasodha, and Cheeku notices it, asking Manmeet about his feelings. Jasodha returns her mangalsutra to Sarkar, firmly standing by her decision.

Jasodha reveals her intention to go and live with Manmeet. She also mentions that it’s an auspicious day because Manmeet’s son is having his naming ceremony. Masoom, being the aunt, thinks she should suggest a name, but Meet surprises everyone by naming Cheeku after her ex-father-in-law, Raj Vardhan, who accepted her as his daughter. Jasodha is about to leave Sarkar Mahal, and Sarkar reminds her of Manmeet’s words. This triggers an attack, and Sarkar collapses on the floor, causing Jasodha to panic.

Mahendra and Gunwanti plan to take over the household if something happens to Sarkar. Meet playfully teases her father for crying and explains that they are tears of happiness. Sumeet calls Cheeku “Raj Bhaiya” and presents him with a family portrait featuring Meet, Manmeet, Sumeet, and Raj. Mahendra arrives and informs them that Sarkar is in the hospital. The portrait falls from Raj’s hand and breaks. Manmeet cries upon seeing Sarkar’s condition. Sarkar has facial paralysis and cannot speak. Jasodha talks to Meet, expressing her desire for Sarkar to change and accept Manmeet and Meet, but she didn’t expect all these events to unfold. Meet consoles her and assures her that Sarkar will recover.

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Sarkar is alone in a wheelchair when an emergency fire alarm sounds. Manmeet sees it and rushes to prevent him from falling. The doctor arrives and explains that it was a false alarm and there is no need to worry. Sarkar asks Manmeet if he has forgiven him. Manmeet acknowledges that Sarkar loves him deeply but doesn’t want to share that love. Manmeet reveals that he has been hurt by his own people and now he has a family to take care of. He assures Sarkar that he will return whenever needed but he must leave.

Manmeet entrusts the responsibility of taking care of Sarkar to Mahendra. Meet leaves with Manmeet. Mahendra plans to do something significant to gain a share in Meet’s factory. Manmeet and Meet argue about his decision to leave Sarkar Mahal. Meet tells him that it’s not wrong to be concerned about Sarkar. Manmeet explains that he cannot go back to Sarkarpur. Ladies arrive to plead with Sarkar not to allow the old rituals to start again. Jasodha asks about the ritual they are referring to. Some men reveal that it involves wives getting their husbands’ names tattooed on their hands or else becoming the wives of the entire village. Jasodha questions who is responsible for reinstating these rituals.

The villagers claim that it is being done by the new Sarkar. Mahendra appears and declares himself as the new Sarkar. Meet trying to convince Manmeet to return to Sarkarpur.

Mahender declares himself as new Sarkar. Sarkar says I didn’t give you right to sit on my position.
Mahender with Sarkar Infront of villagers says today you have to announce that I’ll be the next Sarkar of Sarkarpur. Sarkar says next Sarkar of the Sarkarpur will be Meet Hooda