Meet 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj greets Shlok as his brother in law


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Raj and Sumeet are together. Raj expresses his dream of sending Sumeet to her husband’s house with all the love he has for her. He shares how he saw the strength of Meet in her during the tough times and how he’s proud that there’s “Meet” in “Sumeet.” He hugs her warmly. Then, he calls a servant and instructs him to pack Sumeet’s belongings into the car.

Shlok is excited because he plans to confess his love to Sumeet today. He also intends to gift her a saree. He enters Sumeet’s room and is surprised to see numerous gifts and clothes being arranged for her. He hides the gift he bought and Raj warmly embraces Shlok, officially welcoming him as part of the family.

Poonam confides in Anju about her disbelief in Shagun’s actions. Dadi praises Sumeet’s honesty and encourages everyone to start anew. Meanwhile, Ashok, Shlok’s uncle, gets drunk after seeing his wife in the market, who had abandoned him earlier. Poonam receives a call from Shagun. Raj expresses to Shlok that although he didn’t welcome him before, he genuinely wants to do it now. Sumeet notices the gift brought by Shlok and opens it, finding the saree inside. Sumeet tells Raj that she’s already received a lot of love from him, and now her responsibilities lie with Shlok. Thus, they won’t accept anything more from Raj.

Raj hugs both Shlok and Sumeet. Shagun continues to emotionally manipulate Poonam and Sumeet, reminding Poonam of Ashok’s wife who left due to poverty. Shagun insists that Sumeet won’t be able to sustain herself with Shlok’s limited income and warns that eventually, she’ll leave them and break Shlok’s heart. On a bike ride, Sumeet and Shlok reminisce about the moments they’ve shared. Sumeet wonders why Shlok hasn’t confessed his love yet, given that they’ve already accepted their relationship. Shlok, on the other hand, is eager to proclaim his love to the world.

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Despite Poonam’s reluctance, Shagun persistently cites examples of Ashok and Rani to instigate her. She tries to convince Poonam that Shlok might turn to bad habits like drinking and drugs to cope with heartbreak. Fearing this, Poonam decides not to let it happen. When Shlok arrives home with Sumeet, they encounter Bitti in the lane. Shlok apologizes to Bitti for everything that transpired. Bitti brushes it off, reminding him that they’ve been friends since childhood. She smiles warmly at them but later displays her disappointment.

Dadi suggests performing the grah pravesh (entry into the new home) ritual for Sumeet, but Poonam stops her, stating that Sumeet can’t enter the house. Poonam emphasizes that marriage involves two families, and the difference between their wealth and poverty is vast. Shlok informs Poonam about how Raj wanted to give Sumeet luxuries, but she declined. He assures Poonam that Sumeet will adjust over time. Poonam brings up Rani’s departure due to poverty and suggests it might be better for him and Sumeet to separate. She shocks everyone by producing divorce papers and demands that they sign them. Despite the emotional turmoil, Sumeet takes the divorce papers and then tears them apart.

Precap: Sumeet questions Poonam’s demeanor after allowing her to stay in the house. Poonam explains that as a mother, she feels uneasy knowing how much her son is giving up for his love. Confused, Sumeet asks for clarification. Poonam offers Sumeet a plane ticket, suggesting that if she doesn’t want her husband to make sacrifices, she should leave his life and never return. Intrigued, Sumeet inquires about the sacrifices. Poonam is about to reveal the truth, but she notices Shlok signaling her to stay silent.