Meet 6th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Raunak tells the truth.


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Sumeet being furious and confronts Raunak. She warns him that it’s time for all his wrongdoings to come to an end. Just as Shagun is about to approach the judge, Shlok intervenes and stops her. Shagun is surprised to see him and he questions her about having evidence, as the law requires proof. Sumeet makes Raunak lie down and stands over him, holding a trident towards him. Shlok shows Shagun that Priya is already with Raj. This panics Shagun, and she pleads for Shlok to let her go. However, Shlok holds her hands, seats her in a chair, and Raj ties her hands and gags her.

Sumeet shouts that Raunak has tampered with a sacred bond like marriage, and she’s going to show him the consequences of a woman fighting for her husband. A judge arrives, and Raunak declares that he doesn’t want to face death by hanging. He agrees to admit everything that occurred on the night of the marriage. Shlok’s family arrives with Bitti as well. Raunak confesses that he did not have relations with Sumeet that night. He explains that he reached the wedding, but later the police arrested him for drug-related charges. Shagun tries to stop Raunak, but he continues to speak the truth.

Raunak reveals that he didn’t want to ruin his career, so Shagun covered up the truth by having Shlok wear the same sherwani and take his place at the altar. Sumeet questions Raunak about why Shlok has no memory of that night. Raunak confesses that Shlok was drugged, causing him to forget what happened during those two hours. He also states that he didn’t kill Priya since he was in jail during the time of the marriage. He claims that Shlok was responsible. Sumeet reveals that Priya is alive, and the whole setup was orchestrated by Raj and Shlok.

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Raunak’s confession is broadcasted live for everyone to hear. People call him a loser and admit that Sumeet was right all along. The judge declares that both Raunak and Shagun will be punished. Poonam is in shock as she processes the truth. Shlok’s grandmother praises Sumeet’s determination. Sumeet hugs Raj, and Shlok informs Poonam that he already informed her he’s married to Sumeet. He states that he can’t marry Bitti and that Sumeet is his wife. As Shlok and Sumeet hold hands, they reminisce about their past moments. Raunak becomes frantic and grabs a gun, threatening that if he goes to jail, he won’t spare Sumeet.

Shlok fiercely confronts Raunak and ends up injured as well. Sumeet urges Shlok to release Raunak and uses a piece of her veil to tend to Shlok’s wound. Raunak tells Shagun that she’s no longer his mother and is now an orphan. Shagun breaks down upon seeing his condition but still warns Sumeet that she’ll return. Sumeet picks up colored powder (gulaal) and approaches Shlok. She explains that on the night of their marriage, she knew it was him and had accepted him wholeheartedly, despite his intoxication. Sumeet asks Shlok if he still considers their marriage valid. Shlok applies vermilion (sindoor) to Sumeet’s forehead and confirms their marriage, leaving Bitti heartbroken. Raj proposes that they re-marry with proper rituals. Sumeet receives blessings from Poonam.

PreCap: Sumeet and Shlok together on bike.
Sumeet about to do kalash ceremony to enter Shlok’s house, Poonam stops her and says this girl is not proper fit for you and our family and asks them to sign divorce papers.